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iReview |DC’s STARGIRL

The next generation of superheroes is making planetfall! Enter…the newest star, DC’s STARGIRL has landed! Inspired by the Golden Age of Heroes, high-schooler Courtney Whitmore is about to inherit the … Continue Reading iReview |DC’s STARGIRL

ICYMI | DC’s STARGIRL Set to Launch

The latest DC primetime live-action adventure is coming soon! DC’s STARGIRL will be hitting airwaves this May and will be tapping into the Golden Age of Heroes to introduce the … Continue Reading ICYMI | DC’s STARGIRL Set to Launch

iReview | JUSTICE LEAGUE: Throne Of Atlantis (Commemorative Edition)

The origin of the King of the Seas is explored in the animated feature retelling the tale of how Aquaman joins the greatest heroes on earth!

Trailer | TITANS on DC Universe

As the DC Universe (subscription service) prepares to launch the premiere trailer to the site’s first “Original Series” TITANS brings to life the comics heroes in an unprecedented explosion to … Continue Reading Trailer | TITANS on DC Universe

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