iTunedIN | JAKK FYNN – The New EP

LatinX Transmasculine artist Jakk Fynn releases new EP Cancelled and shares all-new music resonating with honest reflections on life, love, and living. It’s the artist’s own cathartic expression and personal release through music.

Music as a divine experience and self-expression has always been a popular means for artists to share personal stories with their fans. It’s never been more important than in today’s society where so many of us are searching for something or someone that we can connect with and understand our common trials and tribulations. For Jakk Fynn the Latinx Transmasculine artist (who identifies with the pronouns he/him) the journey to him’s latest EP is especially profound and relevant.

The 5-song setlist featured on Cancelled is a pop/dance assembling of contemporary synth-pop that also harkens to 80s electronica and benefits from Fynn’s vocal presence. The artist allowed feelings to flow easily on a journey analyzing the rise and pitfalls and complications associated with relationships. “Everyone has trauma,” Jakk admitted, “but I think it’s super important, especially for people within the queer community, to really understand how their past experiences have shaped their coping mechanism.”

It’s an experience that will resonate with many today; with the calamitous distractions and toxic persecution plaguing many who feel ostracized, Jakk Fynn is providing an avenue by which we can address these issues and especially grasp the reality that we’re not alone; we all in this fight together. The artist’s single for “Fire” (2019) is also featured on the new EP and is “an artistic statement on how society imposes gender constructs and sexual identities on its members.” It’s not just about accepting someone’s own personal choices; tolerance is just not enough.

The key is to find like-minded individuals and feeling uplifted. Gender identity and the exploration of trans-individuality is not a fad to be exploited by mainstream culture. Jakk Fynn shares and authenticity on Cancelled that transcends.

Check out the music video to “Special” here:

Jakk Fynn | Canelled | EP available for Digital Download on iTunes | $4.95


ICYMI | THE BATMAN Gets a Camera Test

From out of the shadows a new Dark Knight emerges. Director Matt Reeves temps the torment of Internet trolls and gives fans a “First Look” at Robert Pattinson as THE BATMAN in this camera test of the actor in his cape and cowl.

It’s now a Hollywood tradition. Every generation will mark their ascension into the pop-culture landscape landing a leading role in a high-stakes franchise property. Actor Robert Pattinson is no stranger to the scrutiny. He’s appeared in undoubtedly the modern era’s biggest bankroll at the box-office, as a secondary character in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. That lead to a lead role in the teen-angst vampire movies based on best-selling novels; The Twilight Saga raised his profile and made him a heartthrob.

Pattinson has proven his mettle in cinema, carefully picking and selecting parts since wrapping up The Twilight Saga film series that have kept him apart from the glare of the paparazzi, but that’s all about the end. Production has begun on The Batman director Matt Reeves reinterpretation and perpetuation of the franchise centered on the DC Comics character that has proven blockbuster gold since emerging at the multiplex in 1989 with Tim Burton’s Batman starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

Since then, there has been a proper sequel Batman Returns and two additional follow-ups, an entirely new prestige reset by Christopher Nolan that put Christian Bale in the role of Gotham City’s shadowy vigilante, and Zack Snyder’s attempt to challenge the success of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe with his brawlingly bombastic Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice which put Ben Affleck in the kevlar suit. Affleck appeared prepared to step into the coveted cape and cowl, reprising the role in Justice League and making a cameo in Suicide Squad.

Unfortunately, Reeves and the star couldn’t decide on the direction the Dark Knight would take, and the studio, Warner Bros. (after the considerable debate) allowed Affleck to walk away from his multi-million, multi-picture deal. This opened the flood gates and gave Reeves complete control of his movie. The Batman would now skew back to the vigilante’s early career, demanding the director find a new, younger and leaner leading man. Enter Robert Pattinson, who has generated a great deal of buzz for the high-profile role, which is expected to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

In The Suit

Since the announcement of Pattinson’s casting, Reeves has been assembling his cast and has impressively tapped Colin Farrell as The Penguin, with Paul Dano stepping into the role of The Riddler. Zoë Kravitz is co-starring opposite Pattinson, as Bruce Wayne’s feline paramour Selina Kyle, the Catwoman. If those big names weren’t enough to whet the appetite of the rabid fanbase, Reeves almost broke the Internet when he revealed Pattinson in his Camera Test revealing the actor in his own Bat-suit.

Check it out here:

Though Reeves has promised The Batman is not a retooling of the origin story, which has been narrated on screen several times already, he is suggesting the this is the Caped Crusader in his early years as Gotham City’s protector and will give a far more forensic look into Batman’s skills as a clue-master and investigator, rather than a backstreet urban brawler. Although with several of his greatest nemesis already in the mix, there will be plenty of action, no doubt, as Batman confronts the criminal underworld plaguing his city.

The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves is currently in production and arrives in theaters on June 25, 2021.

iTunedIN | DUA LIPA – “Physical” (AJAR vs. Dirty Disco Remix) Music Video

Dua Lipa is back with new tracks and a highly anticipated brand new album Future Nostalgia that is already firing up the dance charts. Among the hits already to emerge from the album’s setlist is her latest single “Physical”.

Check out the music video to Dua Lipa – “Physical” (AJAR vs. Dirty Disco Remix) here:

Dua Lipa | Future Nostalgia is available for pre-order from iTunes.

Cover2Cover | EW features The Return of WONDER WOMAN

DC’s got a lot riding on its blockbuster WONDER WOMAN 1984 and on this month’s issue of Entertainment Weekly the film’s star GAL GADOT is golden and ready to spread her wings and win big at the box office!

It would appear that for the Amazing Amazon’s big-screen return to the multiplex this summer Gal Gadot will be taking the heroine back to the future, or at least going retro. Wonder Woman 1984 is the fourth time that Gadot is suiting up as the DC comic book icon, proving that the studio holding the reigns on the properties (Warner Bros.) can do something right. Start with lassoing Patty Jenkins the director that inherited the solo film franchise and delivered a world-wide hit in 2017 that proved a woman could fly!

With the sequel greenlit practically a week after the first week’s numbers started coming, Jenkins and Gadot were determined to raise the stakes, but also stay very true to the 80 years of established canon that has solidified Wonder Woman’s place as one of the publishing imprint’s central trinity of viable headliners. The Batman with Robert Pattinson assuming the role from Ben Affleck is already in production, and the Man of Steel is still recovering from the kryptonite forced on audiences in Justice League, Wonder Woman is proving golden — literally.

This month Entertainment Weekly has put Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman 1984 on the cover and the iconic golden eagle armor that was first introduced as part of Diana’s arsenal in 1996 in Elseworlds; Kingdom Come. The winged armor has only presented itself in her darkest hours, and with not one but two adversaries, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva (The Cheetah) and Pedro Pascal as the megalomaniac Maxwell Lord lurking in the shadows, the Reagan-era proxy of “Me! Me! Me!” is going to prove a test for the princess of Paradise Island.

Cover Story

The on-set interviews reveal the excitement of the cast and crew to bring Wonder Woman 1984 to life and hopefully revel in another historic blockbuster moment, especially with Chris Pine returning as Diana’s love interest, Steve Trevor — you’ll remember, he stole her heart and sacrificed himself preventing a terrible Nazi scourge from engulfing the world. So how is Trevor back from the past? Fans will have to stay tuned! Wonder Woman 1984 is going to hit theaters in June and restore the hope and faith that audiences are putting in Warner Bros.

Entertainment Weekly March 2020 featuring Gal Gadot as WONDER WOMAN on newsstands now!

UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery LANDING POD | Starship Collection

The one-man auxiliary Landing Pod made its daring debut in the Second Season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery and immediately fired the imagination of fans across the quadrant. Eaglemoss captures the spirit of the space adventure with this newest model.

When Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) comes aboard the exploratory starship USS Discovery it isn’t very long before the almost-already legendary hero gets the opportunity to jump right into the action, leaving an indelible impression on Commander Michael Burnham and the rest of the crew. The famous Starfleet captain of the USS Enterprise may have sat out most of the previous season’s war with the Klingons, but now Pike has been ordered to take command of Discovery and embark on a secret mission into space.

Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) doesn’t know immediately what to make about their new commanding officer, but when the USS Discovery intercepts a derelict Starfleet hospital ship, the USS Hiawatha trapped in the gravimetric clutches of an asteroid field, Pike is determined to board the ship and bring back any survivors. In order to navigate the treacherous asteroid field, Burnham suggests they use the Landing Pod a one-man all-purpose utility craft that can spin the away team through the mine-field and onto the surface of the ship.

The Landing Pod is a fast-moving gyroscopic shuttlecraft, that makes an impressive introductory appearance in Star Trek: Discovery. The nimble ships are put into service once again towards the end of the season when the USS Discovery and the USS Enterprise find themselves in the crosshairs of a new enemy fleet. Burnham is able to expertly pilot the craft and even successfully initiates a rescue of her new captain when Pike’s own pod is compromised. The Landing Pod no doubt has demonstrated itself a welcome asset in USS Discovery’s auxiliary ship complement.

Ship of the Line

Obviously it made a significant enough impression with fans that Eaglemoss Collections decided the Landing Pod merited a model replica of its own. Joining the series of ships in the Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection the Landing Pod is spectacularly recreated in a sculpted replica made of a mix of die-cast metal and ABS plastic, meticulously hand-painted to recapture every detail. It is, for a one-man seated craft, impressively scaled and measures approximately 9” in length.

With the stabilizing vanes extended, the Landing Pod looks ready for action and expertly sits upon its display stand prepared for proper deployment into the most hostile arenas. Eaglemoss has gone to great lengths to recreate the ship and gives collectors a look into inside — the transparent bubbled cockpit houses the pilot’s chair and the control hub of this nibble little flight craft. I would recommend gently handling the model as the stabilizing vanes are particularly delicate looking and fragile to the touch, as to avoid snapping them off.

For the price, this officially licensed model should be articulated and replicate the gyroscopic movements, or in the least, retract the vanes into the aft section, but Eaglemoss Collections are not known for such intricacies and instead deliver a highly detailed sculpture suitable for display. This model of the Landing Pod easily enhances any fans collection and delves further into the 23rd Century technology of Star Trek: Discovery. The model is packaged in a protective blister box and includes a 16-page magazine detailing the design of the little ship.

Check out the model of the Landing Pod here:

Landing Pod | Star Trek Discovery: The Official Starships Collection | Issue 23 | Eaglemoss Collections | $54.95 available from Eaglemoss Collections here.

UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery ISS CHARON | Special Issue

The ultimate weapon of mass destruction now in the palm of every collector’s hands! Eaglemoss adds one of the most impressive ship models created for the first season of Star Trek Discovery to life with the Special Issue of the ISS CHARON.

Trapped in an alternate mirror reality as part of a scheme coordinated by Captain Gabriel Lorca, the Federation exploratory vessel USS Discovery finds itself in the crosshairs of that universe’s Terran Empire and its Emperor, the mirror universe’s Philippa Georgiou. In order to spread her reign of tyranny throughout the known galaxy, the emperor rules with an iron fist from her flagship the ISS Charon a city-ship with extraordinary firepower and a sun-like super-mycelial reactor at its core.

Measuring over 13″ the impressive model also comes with a light-up feature replicating the mini-sun that powers its core.

The ship which measures 9.6 km in length dwarfed any ship in the quadrant and had the capability to destroy a planet while serving as both the emperor’s own roving staging platform and prison from where she tortured her enemies to her heart’s content. In 2256, the crew of the “prime” universe’s USS Discovery found themselves the pawns of a plan lead by the mirror universe’s Lorca. Determined to overthrow the Terran Empire and seat himself as to its new emperor. The duplicitous Lorca tricked everyone including Michael Burnhum of his true intentions.

Before long, the “mirror” Lorca was able to recruit his followers and lead a coup aboard the ISS Charon which proved futile. Once he was apprehended by Burnhum, Emperor Georgiou murdered the treacherous mutineer along with his crew and dropped into the mycelial reactor that powered the ISS Charon. The crew of the USS Discovery determined to return to their prime universe, used the untethered power of the small sun to plot their course back home, and destroyed the ISS Charon in the event, effectively compromising the Terran Empire’s rule.

Ship of the Line

Part of the Eaglemoss Collection of Star Trek: Discovery: The Official Starships Collection the ISS Charon is spectacularly presented and will make a wonderful addition to any true fan’s collection. Coming in at an impressive 13-inches, this model is made of a mix of die-cast and quality ABS materials, with a light feature that replicates the fiery mini-sun at its core that powers the ship. The surface detail of the model is intricate and captures the fierceness of the vessel’s design, which is meant to strike fear.

The model is able to perch solidly on its display stand and appears poised to descend on its target ready to reign terror on an unsuspecting enemy. Collectors will be very pleased with the dimensions of the ship; slightly larger (though not to scale) as compared to the other ships in the line, it is still worth noting that is among one of the largest models in the official collection. The magazine included gives insight to the concept behind the ship’s design by John Eaves, who theorized that the vessel combined the technology of countless races serving the Empire.

ISS Charon | Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection Special Issue | Eaglemoss Collections | $79.95 available from Eaglemoss Collections here.

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