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iTunedIN | MADONNA Introduces MADAME X

The Queen of Pop comes back from vacation and is poised to once again reinvent herself on her latest album project. Meet Madame X.


iTuneIN | Sean Finn & Corona THE RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT

With the weather warming up dance floor enthusiasts are searching for that next club anthem that will get them going on the scene.

iTunedIN | ELECTRICITY (Rip City Boys Remix) by Dua Lipa & Silk City

Check out this new remix from Rip City Boys of the fave dance floor hit from Dua Lipa and Silk City that is truly electric!

iTuneIN | BUTCH QUEEN (POSE) by Dwayne Minard

From the 80s underground and into the mainstream, thanks to a primetime hit everyone is ready to “strike a pose” and carry on to Dwayne Minard’s new single! You can’t keep a good dance revolution down! From the ballrooms of New York City’s urban underground club scene, striking […]

inTUNE :: Justin Timberlake “Filthy” New Single

Pop-Music is getting “Filthy” again and Justin Timberlake is leading the revolution on the first single off his new album. With all-eyes focused on the pop-music stratosphere as Justin Timberlake prepares to return to the world’s largest stage, the entertainment-impresario has been seemingly pardoned and been invited to […]

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