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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery SECTION 31 Starship Armada

The Federation’s clandestine shadow agency Section 31 has had a storied history in the Star Trek mythology and plays a significant role in the Second Season of Star Trek Discovery when it becomes an unwitting conspirator in the plans of a sinister AI. Its mission has always been to seek out new life and new civilizations, but even the Federation

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iTunedIN | MALIA CIVETZ – “Broke Boy”

Now hear this! Rising songstress MALIA CIVETZ makes an indelible impression on her Warner Records debut with the new single “Broke Boy”! An anthem dedicated to her true love, proving she’s no material girl! The weather is warming up. In just a few short weeks, the official first day of spring will be upon us, but the temperature across the

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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery KLINGON DASPU’ CLASSS| Starship Collection

The latest issue released in the model collection of starships realizing the vessels from the latest Star Trek series is a menacing design of the KLINGON DASPU’ CLASS from the arsenal of the Federation’s adversary early in the 23rd Century. Don’t be fooled. It may not look as threatening as a bird of prey, the Klingon Daspu’ Class is still

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iTunedIN | LADY GAGA – “Stupid Love” The New Single

It feels like it’s been forever but the wait is now over! Returning to her pop-dance roots LADY GAGA returns with a new single “Stupid Love” and we’re already in love! A star is born…again! Lady Gaga has been reaching higher in her personal life as well as her career. She landed herself a role opposite Bradley Cooper in the

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iTunedIN | JAKK FYNN – The New EP

LatinX Transmasculine artist Jakk Fynn releases new EP Cancelled and shares all-new music resonating with honest reflections on life, love, and living. It’s the artist’s own cathartic expression and personal release through music. Music as a divine experience and self-expression has always been a popular means for artists to share personal stories with their fans. It’s never been more important

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ICYMI | THE BATMAN Gets a Camera Test

The Internet gets its first taste of the brooding new Bat-Suit at the center of 2021 blockbuster and continuing the legacy of actors that have stepped into the Bat-cave. Fans have their opinions and saddled up to size-up the new Caped Crusader!

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