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iReview | THE FLASH “So Long and Goodnight”

If he could only keep up! The fate of one of the Scarlet Speedster’s longtime allies hangs in the balance and if Barry can’t prevent his enemies from carrying out … Continue Reading iReview | THE FLASH “So Long and Goodnight”

Trailer | The CW’s THE FLASH Season 6 Sizzle Reel

With a “crisis” looming on the horizon, Central City’s heroes are going to come face-to-face with a threat that will get under their skin!

This Season | THE FLASH Season Five Family Values

What unexpected dangers might the dawn of Nora West-Allen bring when Season 5 of the hit series launches in the fall and exactly how will it affect the life of the Fastest Man Alive?

This Season | The CW 3-Night Event Crossover Goes Batty!

The CW is promising to raise the capes promoting its 3-Night DCTV crossover event bringing together the most iconic characters! Just follow the signal!

Trailer | THE FLASH Season 5

Daddy’s Mystery Girl has been revealed but with the emergence of their future-daughter in the midst comes an entirely new wave of problems including a “big bag” that may be … Continue Reading Trailer | THE FLASH Season 5

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