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UnBoxing | Star Trek ROMULAN WARBIRD XL Edition

The crown jewel of the Star Empire the Romulan Warbird has never looked more impressive — or menacing — than in this beautifully crafted model part of Eaglemoss Collections special XL Edition releases. At the conclusion of the inaugural season of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the now-classic episode entitled “The Neutral Zone” Captain Picard and his crew of

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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery SECTION 31 Starship Armada

The Federation’s clandestine shadow agency Section 31 has had a storied history in the Star Trek mythology and plays a significant role in the Second Season of Star Trek Discovery when it becomes an unwitting conspirator in the plans of a sinister AI. Its mission has always been to seek out new life and new civilizations, but even the Federation

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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery KLINGON DASPU’ CLASSS| Starship Collection

The latest issue released in the model collection of starships realizing the vessels from the latest Star Trek series is a menacing design of the KLINGON DASPU’ CLASS from the arsenal of the Federation’s adversary early in the 23rd Century. Don’t be fooled. It may not look as threatening as a bird of prey, the Klingon Daspu’ Class is still

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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery LANDING POD | Starship Collection

The deep-space explorer that distinguishes itself among Star Trek fans as the vessel meant to replace USS Enterprise is beautifully represented in this high-end collectible to add to your collection of starships and build your own starfleet.

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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery ISS CHARON | Special Issue

It’s a reflection of the strength of its empress and in the Mirror Universe, power is everything! The ISS Charon is now brought to life and is a startling addition to the Official Starship Collection and is the second “Special Issue” release in the series.

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UnBoxing | DC Multiverse GREEN ARROW from McFarlane Toys

The primetime heroes may have just faced a “crisis” of infinite measures, but for the avid collector, the DC Multiverse is getting a whole new opportunity at playability with McFarlane Toys brand new line of highly detailed action figures. It’s an exciting time for collectors! One of the leading high-end manufacturers of desirable collectibles geared toward the adult-collector McFarlane Toys

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