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But not like that! Ruby Rose is out, but so is Kate Kane…literally! As it appears the move has been made to introduce an entirely new character to step into the … Continue Reading ICYMI | BATWOMAN Gets RECAST?!

iReview |DC’s STARGIRL

The next generation of superheroes is making planetfall! Enter…the newest star, DC’s STARGIRL has landed! Inspired by the Golden Age of Heroes, high-schooler Courtney Whitmore is about to inherit the … Continue Reading iReview |DC’s STARGIRL

iReview | BATWOMAN “A Narrow Escape”

A terrorist mad bomber has his sites set on Gotham City’s heroes and innocent lives hang in the balance unless Batwoman can come to terms with her own demons before … Continue Reading iReview | BATWOMAN “A Narrow Escape”

iReview | THE FLASH “So Long and Goodnight”

If he could only keep up! The fate of one of the Scarlet Speedster’s longtime allies hangs in the balance and if Barry can’t prevent his enemies from carrying out … Continue Reading iReview | THE FLASH “So Long and Goodnight”

ICYMI | DC’s STARGIRL Set to Launch

The latest DC primetime live-action adventure is coming soon! DC’s STARGIRL will be hitting airwaves this May and will be tapping into the Golden Age of Heroes to introduce the … Continue Reading ICYMI | DC’s STARGIRL Set to Launch

iEditorial | Will The CW’s Upcoming “Crisis” Crossover Prove the Network’s Primetime Version of an “Endgame”?

Next Season’s CW primetime spectacle is all in…but how will this crossover match up to fan’s expectations?

Season Pass | GOTHAM Season 5 Arrives on iTunes

The prequel series enters into its final season and will drive the action to the introduction of the mythic Dark Knight himself!

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