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iReview | BATWOMAN Season 2 Premieres

There’s a new Caped Crusader on the beat protecting Gotham City from a dangerously growing corruption, but who’s going to stand with her? Everyone is gunning for Batwoman but with … Continue Reading iReview | BATWOMAN Season 2 Premieres

STAR TREK’s Strange New Worlds…

The voyages of the Starship Enterprise are about to chart all new territory in the newest spin-off series as Captain Pike returns to the bridge and journeys to Strange New … Continue Reading STAR TREK’s Strange New Worlds…


But not like that! Ruby Rose is out, but so is Kate Kane…literally! As it appears the move has been made to introduce an entirely new character to step into the … Continue Reading ICYMI | BATWOMAN Gets RECAST?!

iReview | THE FLASH (Classic Series) – Episode 16 “Deadly Nightshade”

It’s a brave and the bold team-up “classic” style, as The Flash works with a former Central City crimefighter to bring down a new threat!

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