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UnBoxing | Star Trek ROMULAN WARBIRD XL Edition

The crown jewel of the Star Empire the Romulan Warbird has never looked more impressive — or menacing — than in this beautifully crafted model part of Eaglemoss Collections special XL Edition releases. At the conclusion of the inaugural season of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the now-classic episode entitled “The Neutral Zone” Captain Picard and his crew of

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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery SECTION 31 Starship Armada

The Federation’s clandestine shadow agency Section 31 has had a storied history in the Star Trek mythology and plays a significant role in the Second Season of Star Trek Discovery when it becomes an unwitting conspirator in the plans of a sinister AI. Its mission has always been to seek out new life and new civilizations, but even the Federation

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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery KLINGON DASPU’ CLASSS| Starship Collection

The latest issue released in the model collection of starships realizing the vessels from the latest Star Trek series is a menacing design of the KLINGON DASPU’ CLASS from the arsenal of the Federation’s adversary early in the 23rd Century. Don’t be fooled. It may not look as threatening as a bird of prey, the Klingon Daspu’ Class is still

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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery LANDING POD | Starship Collection

The deep-space explorer that distinguishes itself among Star Trek fans as the vessel meant to replace USS Enterprise is beautifully represented in this high-end collectible to add to your collection of starships and build your own starfleet.

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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery ISS CHARON | Special Issue

It’s a reflection of the strength of its empress and in the Mirror Universe, power is everything! The ISS Charon is now brought to life and is a startling addition to the Official Starship Collection and is the second “Special Issue” release in the series.

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UnBoxing | Star Trek Starships USS EXCELSIOR | XL Edition

The classic hero ship gets super-sized by Eaglemoss for their line of XL Editions and the model captures the majestic spirit of the vessel that shares in the final adventure of the Original Series crew as captained by Hikaru Sulu. There are but a handful of ships that stand out in the minds of fans of Star Trek and among

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