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iTunedIN | MADONNA’s “Human Nature” 25 Years Later

The Queen of Pop has no regrets and 25 years later, this highlight from her sixth studio album Bedtime Stories is still appealing to all of better “Human Nature”. The … Continue Reading iTunedIN | MADONNA’s “Human Nature” 25 Years Later


Given a second viewing with fresh eyes the 2006 movie doesn’t fly as high as expected but one thing is certain, its star made us believe that a man can … Continue Reading ICYMI | SUPERMAN RETURNS

iEditorial | Does STAR WARS The Rise of Skywalker Matter?

The final chapter in “The Skywalker Saga” is meant to bookend 40-years of a legacy that began on a galaxy far, far away and at the center was a farm … Continue Reading iEditorial | Does STAR WARS The Rise of Skywalker Matter?

iReview | BATWOMAN – “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part 2

Facing impending doom and mourning the loss of one of their own, our heroes are introduced to the concept of the “paragons” among them. Seven heroes from across the multiverse … Continue Reading iReview | BATWOMAN – “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part 2

iReview | STAR WARS The Rise of Skywalker

After navigating an asteroid field of criticism over the last installment of the franchise, George Lucas’ tale from a galaxy far, far away appears to have course corrected and felt the force!

iEditorial | Will The CW’s Upcoming “Crisis” Crossover Prove the Network’s Primetime Version of an “Endgame”?

Next Season’s CW primetime spectacle is all in…but how will this crossover match up to fan’s expectations?

iEditorial | LIKE A PRAYER 30th Anniversary

Madonna’s most definite work of art is turning 30 years old. The album is considered by Rolling Stone Magazine one of “the best pop albums of all time”.


The second most recent casuality in the DC cinematic line-up, leaves the future of the expanded universe a bit up in the air with no place to land!

iFeature | JOHN WESLEY SHIPP A Flash of Infinite Possibilities

Much to the delight of fans everywhere the actor reprised his role as the “OG” Scarlet Speedster that first stole our hearts!

iReview | HALLOWEEN (2018)

Set 40 years after the events of the original, the masked serial killer returns on the fateful night to the scene of the crime, in search of Jamie Lee Curtis’ … Continue Reading iReview | HALLOWEEN (2018)

State Of The Cape | WB Vague on Cavill’s Departure After All

Did WB shoot themselves in the foot by announcing Henry Cavill would not return as “Superman” in any future franchise films? Fans (and the actor) have reacted!

iEditorial | JUSTICE LEAGUE Vol. 2: The Villain’s Journey

Missing time, missed opportunities? There’s an entire piece of backstory from the case files of the World’s Greatest Heroes that is yet to be explored!


At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con fans will have an opportunity to ask the cast of The CW’s THE FLASH questions about the upcoming new season which will expand upon … Continue Reading SDCC | Ask THE FLASH

STAR TREK | A New Five Year Mission

With STAR TREK: DISCOVERY a certified hit on CBS All Access the network pens a deal with Alex Kurtzman for further exploration of the Final Frontier! Some seasons ago, it … Continue Reading STAR TREK | A New Five Year Mission

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