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DC’s STARGIRL Reveals “Golden Age” Flash in Season 2

John Wesley Shipp will be coming onto DC’s STARGIRL in Season 2 reprising his role as the “Golden Age” Flash, Jay Garrick, and founding member of the Justice Society of … Continue Reading DC’s STARGIRL Reveals “Golden Age” Flash in Season 2

UnBoxing | Icon Heroes THE FLASH (Earth-90) Collectible Statue

The hero as he re-emerged on The CW “Elseworlds” crossover is immortalized by Icon Heroes in this Limited Edition collectible statue!

iReview | THE FLASH (Classic Series) – Episode 16 “Deadly Nightshade”

It’s a brave and the bold team-up “classic” style, as The Flash works with a former Central City crimefighter to bring down a new threat!

iFeature | JOHN WESLEY SHIPP A Flash of Infinite Possibilities

Much to the delight of fans everywhere the actor reprised his role as the “OG” Scarlet Speedster that first stole our hearts!

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