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Trailer | STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 2

Journey back to the Final Frontier as the second season of STAR TREK: Discovery promises the inclusion of some familiar (and not so familiar) faces when the crew ventures aboard Starfleet’s most famous ship!

At the conclusion of the incredible premiere season of the CBS All Access original series Star Trek: Discovery the crew of the Federation’s experimental ship found themselves traversing the Mirror Universe, preventing an enemy incursion by their extra-dimensional adversaries and returned to a Federation that has been largely invaded by the Klingon Empire. It appears that while the Discovery was away the war has been waged! Just as the ship was preparing to go to warp, the find themselves in the crosshairs of the Enterprise!

Now audiences have gotten a first look as the crews of both ships finally come together. The Enterprise is captained by Christopher Pike (played by Anson Mount, Marvel’s Inhumans) who has decidedly taken control of Discovery and is preparing to warp the ship into its next mission. Sonequa Martin-Green who stars as Discovery’s special attache Michael Burnham, also has an interesting connection to the Enterprise: her foster brother is Mr. Spock, Pike’s science officer and the third in command of the Enterprise.

Although it is apparent that the role of Spock has not yet been cast for Star Trek: Discovery it is inevitable that the famous Vulcan will ultimately play a signifiant role in this season’s arc of the series. Series creator and show runner Alex Kurtzman is promising this season of the subscription-only series will be more light-hearted and return to the space exploration fundamentals of the original, though fans hope it maintains the edge that made it one of the most hyped and exhilarating new series of 2018.

Premiering the first look trailer at San Diego Comic-Con left fans excited for more who cheered the cast on which included cast members confirmed to be returning for another go around of discovery!

The new season of Star Trek: Discovery is set to premiere in January 2019.



The Final Frontier proved it still has a lot of space that has been left unchartered as the latest dip to the well STAR TREK: DISCOVERY overflows with enthusiasm and an entirely refreshing perspective of popular culture’s longest running space epic.

When CBS announced that it would launch a subscriber based streaming network and that its very cornerstone there would be a brand new Star Trek series, many doubted the relevancy of such a move. Many speculated that the fandom had all but burned out on the vision of the future inspired by Gene Roddenberry and introduced in 1966. Star Trek: The Original Series was cancelled after three seasons, but went on to achieve an entirely new level of success in syndication…the rest is — literally — the history of the future.

The most recent full-length feature film Star Trek Beyond continued the adventures of the crew of the Starship Enterprise from an alternate timeline running concurrently to the adventures of the heroes first introduced in The Original Series. With their sights set on establishing themselves in the subscriber market, CBS turned to the enduring franchise once again and Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller to executive produce the new iteration of the series. With these powerhouse creatives attached many anticipated that the new series would be set outside of established continuity.

Instead Star Trek: Discovery would be clearly foraging its own path, but would venture forth from very familiar territory.

Set 10-years prior to historic first 5-year mission of the Starship Enterprise the new series would depict an era often discussed in Trek lore but hardly illustrated: the Federation/Klingon War has finally come to the small screen. Star Trek: Discovery would trump nearly every trope of its predecessors, introducing not one but two new hero ships to elaborate its narrative and their crew, but also altered the centrifugal view of the storyline from the perspective of its captain, but from a particularly significant crew member.

A New Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery is told from the perspective of the uniquely gifted crewman Michael Burnham (portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green) who serves as the First Officer of the exploratory vessel the USS Shenzhou under the command of Captain Philippa Georgiou. When their ship comes across a clandestine Klingon ship on the edge of the galaxy, Burnham takes measures that put the Shenzhou and everyone aboard in the crosshairs of the Klingon Empire. It isn’t long before her actions plunge the Federation int a war with the greatest adversaries!

The first three episodes of the premiere season define and set the tempo for the rest of its First Season. “The Vulcan Hello”, “Battle at the Binary Stars”, and “Context Is For Kings” setting a pace that is completely of its own design. Given the circumstances that Burnham finds herself in, Starfleet’s first mutineer, is recruited by captain of the experimental warship USS Discovery Captain Gabriel Lorca to serve aboard the Discovery. Though many are at odds with Burnham and what she represents, it isn’t very long before she proves herself essential to their mission.

For the casual viewer who hasn’t been inducted into Star Trek: Discovery it is worthy of its legacy. The first truly serialized storyline, each episode stands alone, but is interconnected with an overall arc that ultimately leads to one of the most incredible reveals of its initial launch. Star Trek: Discovery did not set about to reinvent the wheel, but it did find a new way of taking its audience on an entirely inspired ride, that is as exploratory as the spirit of Star Trek itself. For those who are still unconvinced, before diving in too deep digest for the first three episodes in the series.

There is much discovery to be had!

Star Trek: Discovery The First Season is available though CBS All Access.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY :: What We Know So Far…

CBS is preparing to take audiences back to the Final Frontier with an all-new and enlightened original journey with STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. The latest installment of the franchise has already hit some turbulent space and it hasn’t even launched the airwaves, but set your phasers for stun and prepare to engage!

When CBS first announced that it wanted to bring Star Trek back to television, many imagined that the network was caught up in the celebratory sensations linked to the long-enduring franchise which is still in the midst of its 50th Anniversary. The Original Series which took popular culture by storm and introduced us to Gene Roddenberry’s crew of the now legendary USS Enterprise created a phenomenon that has lead to four proper spin-off series, an animated Saturday morning TV show, thirteen motion pictures and countless hours of fan adulation!

With the growing advent of original subscriber base content CBS is hoping to lure a larger audience into its clutches on CBS All Access with Star Trek: Discovery the first new series hitting the television market in 12 years. The last of course being the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise which starred Scot Bakula. Since then Star Trek was rebooted on the big screen thanks to J.J. Abrams who with his genius engineered an entirely refreshing take on the original recasting all the major roles and turning the Enterprise into a luxury-sized space Lexus!

There have been three films to follow, Abrams dictum, the last released in 2016 Star Trek Beyond doing well enough at the box office to stimulate interest in the studio to pursue a follow-up that may will bridge the generations. In the meantime, there is more than enough Star Trek to go around and CBS is hoping to pique audiences enough with the latest journey which promises to be a very different voyage in to the far reaches of space, with a focus not necessarily on the individual sitting in the captain’s chair, but on a crew member embarking on their greatest adventure yet.

Actor Jason Isaacs in the role of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Capt. Gabriel Lorca in an image first released by Entertainment Weekly.

Of Discovery

This much we already know about the new Trek series, it won’t be about the captains at the center of the seat. There will be captains along this journey, the captain of the Starship Discovery will be played by Jason Isaacs of Harry Potter fame. He plays Captain Gabriel Lorca, a master tactician who will find himself in the crosshairs of the Federation’s oldest adversaries, the Klingons. The series is set before Captain James T. Kirk’s historic mission, making Star Trek: Discovery another prequel series.

And although their will be some familiar faces popping into the narrative, it’s not necessary centered on the enduring legacy of a certain Starship Enterprise. It follows the life trials of a first officer played by Sonequa Martin-Green who left from one franchise hit (The Walking Dead) and into the spotlight of another. Martin-Green will be playing First Officer Michael Burnhum of the USS Shenzhou and her life is about to open up when she sets foot aboard Discovery. This will be the first time that a Trek series will be seen through the eyes of someone outside the captaincy.

Martin-Green has commented that it hasn’t escaped her, the enormity of what she’s about to step into and the legacy that is Star Trek. Though there has been certain controversies surrounding the production, first the obvious delays in production, the fact that it will be a serialized story that will run the length of the season, but strangely some have commented on the diversity among its cast, which is truly shocking! Considering Roddenberry’s mission of inclusivity of all cultures, races and religions that have at the core of Star Trek’s eddic, Discovery is a reflection of the times.

Her character, Michael Burnhum (deliberately a name that is most commonly associated for a man’s name) is on a very unique trajectory, one that audiences of Star Trek have never experienced before. Burnhum is a student of the Vulcan Learning Center and the Vulcan Science Academy — in fact the first human to emerge from these academies, hence her unique relation to Sarek, Spock’s father (played by James Frain). Show-runners Aaron Harberts and Grethen J. Berg are promising it will be very different, following the path of this one character to discovery.

Fans won’t have much longer to wait! Star Trek Discovery is set to premiere on CBS on Sept. 24 before transporting on the CBS All Access streaming service, with distribution on Netflix across the world.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sept. 24th on CBS with First Season episodes streaming on CBS All Access.

Star Trek 50 Years Later…More to Discovery

As one of the greatest science fiction franchises celebrates a landmark, more details surface about the latest installment.


That’s one small step… The words are legendary. Spoken by astronaut Neil Armstrong upon his famous lunar march across the landscape of our very own moon. It was one of America’s and our space programs proudest moments and would herald in the “Space Age”. The Apollo 11 mission would inspire generations of us to look to the stars and imagine all sorts of possibilities. Among them most — what more is out there.

That spirit of exploration was the clear foundation for an aspiring and ambition screenplay writer Gene Roddenberry envisioned a future — a wagon train to the stars — where mankind has taken to the stars to seek out new life, and new civilizations. Roddenberry gave birth to a new kind of television series, a phenomenon really and 50 years later Star Trek would still endure.

After the syndication success of The Original Series the franchise would continue in films, before returning to television for The Next Generation and so on. The original cast was reimagined in 2009 continuing the voyages of perhaps the most famous starship in popular culture. The Starship Enterprise would become one of the most iconic images in television history.

50 years later the franchise welcomes a new motion picture. Star Trek Beyond the third to feature the rebooted crew patterned after The Original Series and soon Star Trek will return to television when CBS prepares to launch an entirely new adventure and fans eagerly anticipate the launch of Star Trek Discovery the fifth spin-off series and the first in more than a decade.

The project is in the capable hands of Bryan Fuller who was handed the reigns to head the new Star Trek for CBS and will be exclusively airing on the network’s “All Access” pay service (as well as Netflix) after the first episode premieres on the network in 2017. An enticing “first look” teaser trailer was unveiled at SDCC this year, and just recently Fuller has given out some additional details about Discovery and its mission.

The series will be set chronologically 10 years before The Original Series which would insinuate that the events of Star Trek (2009) the reboot may not “obviously” play into the plot, although it has been suggested that original cast characters may appear on Discovery. The show will also have a 13 episode first season run and the stories will be serialized, and not necessarily stand alone episodes.


Fuller has said that the entire series will play a novel and each episode an encapsulated chapter, with a beginning, middle and an end, that connects to the overall thread. The main character of the show will be female, but not the captain of the ship. The story will focus on her journey and growth, supported from her perspective and not the captain’s seat.

Elements of the established Trek mythology will weave their way into Discovery including Section 31, the clandestine shadow organization that is part of the Federation. There will be a centrifugal event from Trek history that will be revisited and will serve as the backdrop for the drama. Expect for some other familiar faces from Trek lore to show their faces and be a significant part of the story.

The ship herself is based on a design by legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie who had introduced designs when Paramount first decided to resurrect Star Trek for its Phase II which eventually evolved into Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Fuller describes the ship’s design as something that is still in development, so the version seen in the teaser may not be the final that will eventually appear when the show premieres in January 2017.

The cast is currently being cast and will also feature a gay regular character, as well as more dramatic alien races than ever seen before, although some established favorites will be integrated into the story.

We’ll be closely following more details about Star Trek Discovery as they come to light.