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The Best of DC Comics 2016!

With a year that’s seen the end of “the new”, the rattling a “convergence” and the sudden return to “rebirth” DC COMICS announces its “Best of 2016” with an unprecedented … Continue Reading The Best of DC Comics 2016!

DC Comics ICONS Get Articulated!

Just in time for the holidays DC Comics releases the most ambitious line of action figures worthy of the multiverse that they hail from. These are ICONS! The action figure … Continue Reading DC Comics ICONS Get Articulated!

Sieze the Knight – The Dark Knight on Sale!

It was the seminal moment in comic book history… the minute that graphic novelist and artist Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns hit specialty shops the prestige format release revolutionized the industry, and impacted the way creatives would tell stories from that moment on…and now Miller is back with Part III!

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