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News – The latest chapter in the Star Trek saga has its premiere date — with the 15-episode season set to be released in two chapters. Read below for specifics.

Source: Star Trek Star Trek: Discovery Sets Premiere Date


DC Comics :: TITANS #12 Reveals an Omen

One among them will betray them! Ever since Wally West returned from “elsewhere” the TITANS have had a hard time pulling it all together and now some searing revelations reveal there may be a wolf in the fold.

The Teen Titans have come to mean a great deal to fans over the course of their long history since first appearing as an official team-up when the group of teenage “sidekicks” first banded together in The Brave and the Bold #54 published in July of 1964. For most comic book readers, these characters including the Boy Wonder Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, Aqualad and Wonder Girl resonated the most with its audience because in essence, the Teen Titans represented “us” — eager, young and  imaginative do-gooders who wanted to swing into adventure!

Well into the Silver Age and then into the Modern Age of comics, by the time Marv Wolfman returned to writing The New Teens Titans he’d recruited then still-emerging fan-favorite George Pérez to relaunch the title with an all-new, all-different line-up. The 1980’s reboot easily became the most popular monthly book and a ratings hit for DC Comics. Still to this day, those stories mark a major shift in the narrative and changed the way superheroes would be looked at.

When the recent “FlashPoint” event all-but erased the original Titans from history, there was a major outcry from fans and it wasn’t long before the creatives responded. The “Road to Rebirth” the more recent, publishing-wide reboot of the comics line began with writer Dan Abnett taking a look at some missing time in Titans Hunt which brought back the original founding members alongside Lilith Clay an obscure member from the Bronze Age of the Teen Titans storyline that has since assumed full status as a member of the reformed Titans as the telepath Omen.

History Lesson

After the recent return of Wally West the one-time, original Kid Flash who assumed the mantle of the Flash after his mentor Barry Allen was lost during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, fans rejoiced imagining that the time stream would now begin to reassert itself and things will get set right! Unfortunately what we learned is that there have been some major manipulations to the current continuity (Watchmen anyone?) and nothing is exactly where it should be! If that wasn’t enough — 10 years have apparently just been erased! Poof!

In the crossover event “The Lazarus Contract” which impacted the Titans, its companion title Teen Titans and centered on the mercenary Deathstroke several revelations were made, including the fact that Slade Wilson’s son the Ravager’s death, an early adversary of the reformed Teen Titans who faced the H.I.V.E. and the mercenaries in the now classic The New Teen Titans #2 published in 1980. Though this crossover team-up was the first event that brought members of the two Titans teams together, current history sees these past events differently.

Following a recent revelation fans are still left asking “Who is Donna Troy”? Will the Titans have to confront the truth sooner rather than later?

Following “The Lazarus Contract” there are some significant consequences on all sides, but especially among the Titans roster. Most obviously is the return Wally West’s heart condition which was miraculously healed at the conclusion of Crisis after he assumed the identity of Flash. It is also revealed that Nightwing had made a pact with Deathstroke that has compromised his standing with the rest of the Titans. There are also several other mysteries surrounding new revelations about Donna Troy’s origins and the “other” Wally West and current Kid Flash!


Psimon Says

In order to learn more about their existing predicament, Omen decides to pay a visit to the recently apprehended villain known as Psimon. The mentalist and his Fearsome Five recently battled the Titans and in the process stole the memories of Karen Duncan who is also a metahuman and one-time Teen Titan known as Bumblebee. It is Omen’s goal to be able to extract some information from Psimon in the hope that he will shed some light on how they can help Karen. The interview unearths several other secrets!

Among those secrets that one among them isn’t who they appear to be, and that still another will betray the Titans! Given that for all intents these Titans are still learning the ropes and piecing their lives together, it’s anyone’s guess exactly how these events will play out. It’s encourage to see that Tempest the now grown-up Aqualad is moving into a potentially more prominent place among the group. In the past Garth had been relegated to background, or the forefront of any “water related” cases, but never really stuck around.

Roy Harper the archer known as Arsenal who emerged on the scene as the original Titan Speedy had recently worked alongside the renegade Red Hood as one of his Outlaws, but seeing as how Donna Troy and Flash are getting closer, Arsenal’s unrequited attraction to Troy may play a significant role in upcoming issues. As for Nightwing, it’s clear that he’s assumed his place as the proper leader of the group, but there is still a lot to unpack as the Titans and the Teen Titans try to make sense of missing time and still-unwritten history that is unraveling the Titans legacy!

Titans #12 “Bad Omen” is written by Dan Abnett with art by Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown and is published by DC Comics.

The City of Angels to Honor a Bat Man :: Adam West

The Bat-Signal will fly high tonight over Los Angeles as the city comes out to honor the memory of actor and icon Adam West of BATMAN: The Television Series fame.

(Los Angeles) There will hardly be a dry eye as patrons under the skies of the City of Angels in Los Angeles, CA pay tribute to actor Adam West who passed away on Friday, June 9 at the age of 88. Best known for his work on the classic Batman television series which aired from 1966-68, West paved a path for genre enthusiast (and every camp-phile) paved the way for the modern era’s adaptation of DC Comics characters to live action on television and film.

In a press release announced yesterday a fitting tribute to the pop culture icon will be taking place on Thursday, June 15 @ 9pm PST at Los Angeles City Hall. Mayor Eric Garrett and Police Department Chief Charlie Beck will join surprise Batman guests for a ceremonial lighting of the Bat-Signal at City Hall which will projected onto the tower of at Spring Street. Fans are encouraged to attend!

The family of Adam West encourage attendees and fans all around the nation to make a donation to the Adam West Memorial Fund to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and other charities for children diagnosed with cancer and their families including Camp Rainbow Gold.

Unboxing :: USS FRANKLIN from Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection

Literally making a splash of an introduction in Star Trek Beyond the hero ship the USS Franklin was considered lost in deep space, but now has come home as the latest Special Issue in the line of Star Trek Starships Collection from Eaglemoss

Who could have seen that coming! In its first act of the last franchise installment of the space epic Star Trek Beyond directed by Justin Lin, Captain Kirk (Wonder Woman’s Chris Pine) leads his crew of the USS Starship Enterprise into the heart of uncharted territory where suddenly their legendary vessel (in the midst of its first five-year mission) is spreading to bits by an unknown assailant. Leaving Kirk and company no other choice but to launch in their escape pods onto the surface of a nearby planet.

There they learn the truth: the crew was lured in an attempt to launch a genocidal attack upon the Federation by one of their own! A one-time major in the Earth’s military MACO army, Balthazar Edison (Idris Elba) has festered in hate and is seeking a vendetta that will — he hopes — bring down Starfleet once and for all. Fortunately, the ever resourceful crew of the Enterprise have uncovered a means to manage their escape and prevent Edison from exacting his revenge. Their salvation is delivered to them in the form of the USS Franklin NX-326 Edison’s original command.

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It’s ironic that Edison’s own ship, unbridledly powerful, is used against him in the climax of Star Trek Beyond. The vessel’s background is meant to evoke the grand history of Starfleet and its bid to push mankind into uncharted space. An early 22nd Century vessel of the “Starship Class” the USS Franklin is among the first ships in space to reach Warp 4 and predates Captain Jonathon Archer’s own NX-01 by a decade. Originally designed and designated as a “scout vessel” in the script, its designer Sean Hargreaves had the unique experience of creating the hero ship.

The Eaglemoss model, its latest in the line of “Special Issue” releases which stand apart from the regularly sized and packaged subscription offerings, is perhaps the best in the recent models to be produced and delivers on its promise to provide Star Trek collectors with a unprecedented collecting experience. The very well-crafted and sturdy model measures approximately 8 inches long, and is accurately detailed. From the heft of the model, most of its die-cast parts are properly weighed on the saucer section which is intricately detailed with the ship’s registry engraved.

From holding the model, it’s clear to imagine that such a ship would have withstood the rigors of planetary reentry and launching back into space to prevent the invasion of the nearby Yorktown space station. The magazine included with the model lends great detail to the artist’s design approach, which was well-rooted in the original designs of Matt Jeffries who designed the first USS Enterprise featured in the Original Series. The USS Franklin gives a whole new meaning to “tough little ship” and undoubtedly make a handsome piece to any starship collection.

USS Frankin NX-326 is part of The Official Starships Collection from Eaglemoss Collections. For more details goto

AMC’s FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Enters into New Frontier

Crossing the border and  back! Things are a little out of control as families are reunited and the worst comes out as the Season 3 of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD premieres on AMC.

AMC’s spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead was promoted always as a “prequel” of sorts to the hit companion series of which it borrows part of its name from. It promised to reveal aspects of the zombie apocalypse, in an almost as they happened fashion, filling in the blanks as the dead begin to take over the world and humanity starts on its downward spiral into ultimate survivalism.

The biggest difference between the two series, aside from its placement chronologically, is that Fear was always directed to focus around one family, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) as they navigate their combined family including Nick (Frank Dillane) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam Carey) through armageddon. It hasn’t gotten easier!

After finally finding one another at the end of last season, Tarvis’ own son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) met his untimely end after eliciting his more psychopathic tendencies, the group find themselves in the hands of a militia and are reunited with Nick, who had been on his own adventure and found some direction in the arms of Luciana (Danay Garcia).

As is the case with all things in The Walking Dead universe, our heroes don’t ever really have a moment to catch their breaths and eventually find themselves if not running from a merciless order of the undead, in the grip of some psychotic evil doers — taking advantage of the changing norms in society — to reap their own brand of chaos!

Sam Underwood as Jake Otto, Lindsay Pulsipher as Charlene – Fear the Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Michael Desmond/AMC

They may have found themselves some bit of comfort in a new family named the Ottos which include sons Jake (Sam Underwood) and Troy (Teen Wolf’s Daniel Sharman). Jake offers to take Madison and the rest of her family with them to their ranch, but only after Madison takes a deadly spoon to Troy and threatens to pull out his eye! The groups become separated evading a herd!

And just as it looks as if they may finally be heading towards some semblance of normalcy, the chopper carrying Travis and Alicia is shot at in the middle of the night, and in a mysterious turn, Travis is fatally wounded. In an effort to spare the rest of the crew, as he bleeds out from his injuries knowing that his fate is inevitable, and to lighten the load of the chopper, Travis jumps!

Becoming the first major character of the season to meet his end, it is unlikely that Travis (Cliff Curtis) will show up again, at least not among the living, leaving Madison now having to make very hard decisions to keep her family together. Now settling into the Otto ranch, who knows what might await our heroes who are only beginning to chart their course in this new world!

For a series that is still working very hard to set itself apart from the more popular and more overwhelming critically well-received powerhouse like The Walking Dead this is a very dramatic turn, especially since the move has now isolated Madison more than ever before. Their fate is brutally now unpredictable as they secure their place in the Otto ranch.

Get a Sneak Peek of Season 3 here:

Fear the Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, June 4 and airs on AMC, Sunday nights @ 9pm.

Here He Comes! First Look at SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Movie Posters

The blockbuster movie season is in full-effect and the just released SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING movie posters premiere a nostalgic look at the web-slinger now incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


Most of us have heading into the multiplex this month as the official start of the blockbuster movie season has taken over, first with the opening of Marvel Films Guardians of the Universe Vol. 2 and most recently with WB Wonder Woman which is heralding the beginning of that studio’s dedicated DC Comics extended cinematic universe. After last year’s hit Captain America: Civil War took audiences by storm, the most exciting take-away was that film’s introduction of the amazing Spider-Man into the connected universe!

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We’re now getting our first look at what the new film is going to look like, a partnership between Marvel Films and Sony Pictures, which has long held proprietary ownership over the Web-Slinger’s movie brand. The film starring Tom Holland, reprising his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, first introduced in Captain America: Civil War will also be joined by Robert Downey, Jr. as the mysterious benefactor behind the wall-crawler, Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

The film will (re)induct Michael Keaton into the genre that he helped launch into the mainstream when the actor starred in 1989s hit Batman as the villainous Vulture — it’ll be the first appearance of the winged antagonist in a motion picture, though he was potential considered as an additional adversary to have appeared in 2007s Spider-Man 3. Check out the new posters below and lining the walls of theaters all across the country in anticipation of Spidey’s return on July 7.

See the trailer here:

Spider-Man Homecoming directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and Zendaya opens on July 7 and is distributed by Sony/Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios.