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SUPERMAN REBORN:: It’s a Whole “New World”

A year into the DC Comics “Rebirth” SUPERMAN is “Reborn” and for the Man of Steel the aftermath is about to yield a “New World” as the Earth’s Greatest champion reacquaints himself with his own historic legacy.

With a history that has spanned more than 75 years, it is safe to say that Superman has seen it all! The Man of Steel has survived numerous crisis, reboots and even returned from a fatal confrontation with doomsday — the most recent “FlashPoint” event rendered him nearly powerless, and when that event played itself out, it introduced a new “Superman”. This younger, rawer version of the Metropolis Marvel single-handedly took on the underworld and courted Wonder Woman.

But it would appear that from the onset, this Superman’s fate was sealed, and after discovering a whole super-power — the ability to cause a near cataclysmic super nova that would render him human and powerless for 24 hours — and facing several other challenges, “The New 52” Superman soon learned that he was dying. Perhaps it was the exposure to the fire pits on Apokolips during “The Darkseid War”, or the kryptonite crypt beneath ARGUS, or the power struggle with Rao that did him in, but Clark soon learned his body wasn’t made of steel.

Fortunately for him and the ever-faithful reader, there was already another Superman already waiting in the wings, and by the time “The Final Days of Superman” (collected in one hardback volume) ran their course, the “original” Superman — the one that existed prior to the “FlashPoint” incursion — had been in hiding. That Superman was a victim of Brainiac’s “Convergence” experiment which had preserved and imprisoned portions of chronicled history and dropped them all onto the surface of a living planet named Telos.

It’s a long and rather complicated story, but in the end, Superman was dead — but not really! As we recently learned in the aftermath of the recent “Superman Reborn” four-part arc, Superman had been split into two beings — one “The New 52” Superman; the other “pre-FlashPoint” Superman! When Superman’s son Jon was threatened with being written out of history, the combined energies of Superman and Lois Lane reasserted themselves and it sent out a wave throughout the continuum that began to fix the timeline.

Though there is still a presence out there in the multiverse that has tampered with the continuity on “Earth-0” (or “Earth Prime”) — the mystery is about to unravel in the pages of Batman and The Flash in the much publicized arc entitled “The Button” Superman is left to put back together the pieces of “The New World” that he’s now a part of. The storyline begins in Action Comics #977 on sale now and written by legendary Superman scribe Dan Jurgens. And if you’ve been nostalgic for the return of everyone’s favorite hero, this is the perfect launching point!

Clark and his wife Lois Lane are busily putting their lives back together in Metropolis after their recent misadventure battling Mxyzptlk — the fifth dimensional imp may have been looking to tear apart the Super-Family, but in the wake of his dastardly plan, he instead brought them all much closer together and restored Lois and Clark to their former glory, but not all is entirely right. Now Clark is determined to get to the bottom of his “missing time” and hopefully solve this latest mystery surrounding our heroes “Rebirth”.

Superman in Action Comics #977 — “The New World” Part One written by Dan Jurgens with art by Ian Churchill is on sale now from DCComics.


Check this out:

The title may cause you a moments pause but really The Final Days of Superman written by Peter J. Tomasi is a fascinating account of “The New 52” Superman’s ultimate sacrifice. The entire saga is now collected in one-volume and is in the perfect lead into “Road to Rebirth”. Concerned about his continuing legacy, the Man of Steel recruits his best ally Batman to help him track down Supergirl, but when a mysterious energy source appears and claims to be the real Superman, it’ll take the combined might of the DC Universe Trinity to prevent this imposter from destroying everything — and in the end a startling revelation calls to question who or what Superman really is.


Teaser Poster :: STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII – The Last Jedi Revealed

Evoking much of the feel of the original trilogy, the teaser poster for the next installment of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi features the film’s heroine Rey in a striking homage to Luke Skywalker with the Jedi Master himself looking as if from above and the menacing visage of Kylo Ren, Skywalker’s nephew turned disciple of the Dark Side.

Beautifully crafted in its simplistically overpowering splendor, fan expectation for the continuing saga and the dramatic turn it will undoubtedly take with some all-new revelations has built to a fever-pitch this weekend thanks in large part to the release of the film’s first teaser trailer.

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi opens in theaters across the world in December.

And Now…STAR WARS REBELS Season 4 Trailer

The celebration continues! With ROGUE ONE now out on Blu-ray, the stand-alone STAR WARS Story has linked with the popular animated adventures STAR WARS REBELS and the latest sneak peek at the upcoming new Season 4 trailer is setting things up for a final battle!

The STAR WARS animated adventures including Clone Wars and its follow-up Star Wars Rebels have done a brilliant job of extending the narrative and continuing the escapades, often filling out the gaps in major arcs that the feature films only have a minute to touch upon, or as in the case of Rebels help flesh out the origins of the rising resistance that eventually leads to the downfall of the Galactic Empire.


The animated Star Wars Rebels introduced such a band of fighters, the first of a growing number that begin to organize to fight the tightening grip the Emperor exerts through his military forces and threatens to the freedoms of all sentient people across the galaxy. Under the leadership of Captain Hera Syndulla and her crew aboard the Ghost the group discovers the force-sensitive Ezr Bridger and the Jedi Kanan Jarras finds a renewed purpose.

The crew of the Ghost eventually fall in with the larger, more organized rebel force known as the Phoenix Squadron, the battle really begins! Set between the events of Episode III and Episode IV and elaborating on events that lead up to Rogue One (the Ghost even makes an appearance amid the ships parked in the hanger of the Rebel Base on Yavin IV) the plot is thickening and is leading to a mighty crescendo!

Check out the Trailer for the upcoming Season 4 (and perhaps the final arc) of Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars Rebels returns for its Season 4 on Disney X D in September.

Breaking Down the STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII – The Last Jedi Trailer

The Skywalker Saga continues and the helm is being passed down, but at what cost if the galaxy cannot repel the advancing forces of the First Order? How much is hanging in the balance?

Now that the glorious day has arrived, the trailer for the next chapter in the greatest space opera ever told, this first look at Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi raises more questions than answers them. The first images reintroduce Rey — the hero from Episode VII – The Force Awakens played by relative newcomer Daisy Ridley — as she undergoes what looks like the trials to become a Jedi who have been all but lost especially since the last of the order Luke Skywalker went into hiding.

The Last Jedi promises to pick up right from where we left off, with Rey arriving at the top of a lonely mountain after recovering the last piece of a map leading to a secluded location where Luke has been hiding. Fans of the original trilogy were in complete awe when Mark Hamill was finally revealed. The actor was the focus of the mystery that leads us up to this moment, and as the evil First Order presses on, the Resistance led by Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) may need all the help that they can get.

As the trailer relates the Resistance will find itself in several battles with the First Order and Resistance fighter Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) may not make it to his X-Wing in time to fight off the advancing fleet. Even his astromech BB-8 can outrun the firestorm. The one-time First Order stormtrooper Finn (John Boyega) appears to still be recovering from his injuries sustained in the climatic confrontation with the menacing Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) who appears to be descending further into the darkness.

It may be all up to the Chosen One — the Jedi meant to bring balance to the Force. Over the course of the saga that mantle has been passed from one Skywalker to another, but perhaps there is still hope, especially if Luke is all too ready to put aside all he’s learned and allow nature to take its course. The trailer ends with Luke’s ominous declaration: “Its time for the Jedi…to end.”

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi opens in theaters everywhere in December.

Trailer :: STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII – The Last Jedi

The wait is over and the saga continues! STAR WARS “The Last Jedi” Trailer is something to celebrate!

Oh glorious fans! Orlando is currently hosting the biggest and most profound fan convention of any genre with Star Wars Celebration 2017 taking over the greatest tourist destination in the world. Expectations have been high and only escalating since Disney purchased Lucasfilms, Ltd. and promised an entire new generation of stories from a galaxy far, far away!

The Star Wars saga reignited interest with the announcement that the original saga would continue with a third trilogy. 2016’s Star Wars: Episode VI — The Force Awakens brought back old favorites first introduced in the original trilogy continuing the adventures of the Skywalker family, and launched the new heroes that would eventually carry the torch forward.

By the end of The Force Awakens audiences of all ages, dedicated and inspired by the world of George Lucas, or entirely uninitiated had come to the realization — the Force is strong! No doubt among all the highlights of the weekend long celebration in Orlando, which included a reunion of some of the original cast 40 later returning to remember and honor Carrie Fisher who recently passed away, everyone was waiting with bated breath for the first glimpse from the next installment…and here it is finally — the trailer to Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi.

Though there is very little to draw on as far as large themes or narrative goes, one thing is for sure Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker will be playing a pivotal role in training the Force sensitive Rey played by Daisy Ridley as the mystery continues to unfold around who this young woman is and what her role in the coming battle between good and evil! The remnant of the evil Empire, the First Order is launching an attack against the Resistance armies but are they shifting balance in their favor? In the end, does Luke Skywalker have it in him to restore balance once and for all?

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi opens in theaters everywhere in December.

MARVEL :: Year For Year

The Mighty MARVEL Universe has never been so well visited in this latest “Updated and Expanded” Edition of MARVEL: YEAR BY YEAR A Visual History just released by DK Book Publishing.

Looking at the world of comic book publishing, it’s hard to imagine at time when Marvel Comics wasn’t innovating and changing the way readers digested these fantastic stories, with heroes and villains engaged in combat and bestowed with incredible powers! There’s an entire generation that has never known that before their larger than life, blockbuster film versions were killing it on the big screen, the Marvel Super Heroes were even far more as engaging in the two-dimensional realm as monthly books collectors and enthusiast fawned over with undying devotion.

Marvel Comics has had (and continues to evolve) one of the greatest histories and is worth diving into and visiting especially given that it’s been well chronicled in a sleeve-cased, hardback “Updated and Expanded” and released by DK Publishing. Perhaps the most definitive guide to the Marvel Saga Marvel: Year By Year – A Visual History is now available and is a must-have for fans, and a sure-fire hit for the uninitiated soon-to-be devotee who is just familiarizing themselves with the Marvel Universe.

Literally breaking down the historical narrative of Marvel Comics by year beginning with 1939 the year that marked the appearance of the publishing giant’s first super-powered heroes. Marvel Comics #1 hit newsstands in October and debuted the original Human Torch, the first mutant Namor, the Submariner and the first Angel. All appeared in the anthology produced by then Timely Publications, which would morph into Marvel Comics. Even then with the introductions of the Torch and Namor, a narrative was developing of the superhero as the “outsider”.

The cover art for the latest edition of MARVEL YEAR BY YEAR is an homage to the imprint’s diversity in character development of the years.

The encyclopedic tome details the rise of the “Marvel Age” which introduced many of Stan Lee’s most innovative creations including the Fantastic Four and the various members of what would become the founding members of the Avengers including Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the eventual modern era appearance of Captain America. The 1960s also saw the introduction of Spider-Man. This marked the beginning of what would become the most popular characters, and best selling, for Marvel Comics.

The eventual introduction and rise of additional characters including the X-Men is detailed from the mighty mutants inception, to their rise as the best-selling book, and the deconstruction of Xavier’s dream, as the X-Men fracture and evolve further into the New Mutants, X-Factor and Wolverine as the break-out hero of the line. Year By Year gives unprecedented detail to all the major storylines throughout Marvel’s history, and marks the debut of titular characters like Cloak and Dagger (in 1982) and the more obscure like Beta Ray Bill (in 1983).

Sidebar bullet points also detail the comparable “real life” events in history that may have also impacted the overall direction of major storylines. Even the cover art by Dan Panosian brilliantly breaks down the various eras of Marvel Comics history, spotlighting the diversifying headliners that have defined each era from the publishing giant’s “Golden Age” (1939 – 1948) to it’s defining “Modern Age” to the twenty-first century evolution that has brought us to Marvel NOW and Beyond! 

Marvel: Year By Year — A Visual History Updated and Expanded with a foreword by Stan Lee and published by DK Publishing.