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Eaglemoss Delivers on the Starship Enterprise


Never a more decorated vessel in Starfleet’s history…and now just in time for its 50th Anniversary, the “USS Enterprise” comes home.

Perhaps it couldn’t be anymore appropriate that this week’s shipment from Eaglemoss Collections of Star Trek The Official Starships Collection featured the one that started it all. Issue 50 in the line of vessels from the longline of spacefaring ships to map out Federation space and beyond, is none other than the one that started it all: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.

Beautifully die cast an measuring approximately 5 inches in length, Captain Kirk’s fabled Constitution class ship has been expertly reproduced; all her delicate lines captured in great detail. Considering the size of the model, the weigh it significantly ideal and hefty along the saucer section of the ship, which holds the nerve-center of the ship.

Eaglemoss Collections’ USS Enterprise is one of the best releases yet from the die-cast series of collectibles.

The nacelles and lower engineering hull appear to be in perfect proportions to the original designs inspired by the tv ship’s designer Matt Jeffries. This model of the Enterprise also matches many of the details that were introduced when the ship was upgraded for the high-resolution BLu-ray release of Star Trek: The Original Series Remastered.

Of all the ships that have been released by Eaglemoss and carry the name Enterprise (including the larger scale “special issue” from the reboot) this is by far one of the best models, and is sure to please any starship collector. It wouldn’t be a fleet without one of the Federation’s finest! The model also comes with a 20-page magazine with background info.


DC Comic’s “Convergence” Re-Converged


Part II. Writer Jeff King took on mission impossible revisiting highlights in DC Comics multiverse for the event series “Convergence”

Tasked with marking the 30th Anniversary of DC Comic’s milestone, the classic Crisis on Infinite Earths writer Jeff King had several years of the publishing giant’s history to comb through, but it would all begin with its most iconic champion. At the core of King’s epic is none other than the Man of Steel. Superman is caught in a game of wills with his arch nemesis Brainiac…and the winner takes all!

But what’s at stake? Only the fate of the multiverse. It started with “FlashPoint” — the events that followed reshaped the DC Universe, “The New 52” relaunched every major character in the DC pantheon. The contemporary Superman, after finding himself cured of a Doomsday virus,  is whisked away to a null space in time and confronts a version of Brainiac he has never faced before.

Brainiac subjugates the Man of Steel easily. The contemporary version of Superman is still very young and inexperienced in using his superpowers, but that does not mean that he’s not still a formidable force. Buying time to learn everything he can about Brainiac’s plan, Superman learns how throughout the multiverse every version of himself is purposefully linked to a “crisis” event.

In essence, Brainiac has been gathering bits of “history” throughout the multiverse and incapsulating “moments”. Each one an effort to learn more properly find a weakness in the Man of Steel, but each time he fails. Brainiac’s efforts, a generation’s worth of work, is killing him — causing a cancer that is ripping him apart all throughout the multiverse.

Seeking the information he needs to guarantee his survival, Brainiac has harvested doomed civilizations from throughout the timeline and brought them to a planet…a living planet named Telos. There was no question to series writer King, the scope and magnitude of the work he was about to undertake. “The stories we are doing in Convergence come from everybody who’s contributed to the stories that have come from [DC Comics] Crisis on Infinite Earths to Zero Hour to Kingdom Come — all of those events,” said King, adding: “I’m working with a laths of characters, and we’re going to be answering some very important questions.”

By the time King came to Convergence many of the thematic details had been graphed for him. “A lot of the groundwork had already been laid,” King revealed. “I inherited a lot of the work.” Events within the then established DC continuity were also in upheaval due to the weekly series Future’s End which placed our favorite characters five-years into a future that appeared particularly hopeless. How would our heroes prevail?

“The beauty of it all is that it will culminate in a big change for all of them.” King promised that by the end of his Convergence the heroes would all be irrevocably altered, and the DC multiverse would also be forever changed. On the planet “Telos” the heroes (and villains) found themselves in a bizarre “contest of champions” with the fate of their cities hanging in the balance.

At the end of Convergence, in order to save the entirety of the timeline, FlashSupergirl and Hal Jordan — all casualties of previous “crisis” events must travel to pivotal points in history — specifically the collapse of the multiverse. Again they face sacrificing themselves to save all of existence!

Convergence written by Jeff King is now collected in a single hardcover edition that includes Issues #0 – #8 of the now classic event.

Excepts from this feature first appeared in an Alter-EDGE Interview featuring Jeff King.

DC Comics ICONS Get Articulated!


Just in time for the holidays DC Comics releases the most ambitious line of action figures worthy of the multiverse that they hail from. These are ICONS!

The action figure collectible has become huge for fans in the market to not only partake of their favorite adventures whether they be television favorites or comic book hero, now DC Collectibles adds to their increasing line of variants with the DC Comics ICONS Action Figure line.

Crossing all spectrums of the multiverse and celebrating the near centennial history of the comics publisher the ICONS line will feature the most highly detailed sculpts, multiple points of articulation and accessorized features of any previously released model.

The DC Comics ICONS line of collectible action figures will feature the most articulation of any line competitively on the market for a 6″ figure line.

The premiere set of the line just launched and features Batman from “Last Rites”Deadman from “Brightest Day”Green Arrow from “The Long Bow Hunters”, and Mister Miracle from “Earth 2” with a deluxe version of Green Lantern with Emerald Armor and coming up soon The Flash with Cosmic Treadmill.

Several other figures will be released in future lines including a classic take on Superman, his arch nemesis Lex Luthor and the villainous Joker. With the current focus of creatives at DC taking readers through all points and parts and of the multiverse and the publishing house’s history, the ICONS line will certainly feature prominently on fan’s holiday lists.

The DC Comics ICONS is meant to appeal not only to the die-hard collector but also those that enjoy a design with a degree of playability, which the multi-jointed and accessorized 6″ figures have in spades. The proportions of each are also quite realistic and the detail is much more accurate as compared perhaps to Hasbro’s line of Marvel LEGENDS.

Similar to that line of figures, ICONS will transcend to include versions of characters from post “The New 52” continuity as well. Additionally DC Collectibles will also be expanding on its line of television based action figures, as it adds Black Canary from “Arrow” and the highly anticipated release of the Reverse-Flash from “The Flash”.

The DC Comics ICONS line of collectible action figures will feature the most articulation of any line competitively on the market for a 6″ figure line.
Superman and from “Forever Evil” Atomic with a legacy of Atoms.

On Blu-ray: Justice League Unlimited


Coming home in full HD are the remaining episodes in the popular “Justice League Unlimited” series…and the league has never looked better!

When Batman: The Animated Series debuted in syndication it brought with it all the gravitas of the 1990 Tim Burton feature film, and it single-handedly elevated the animated series to a new level. The story arcs were darker, plenty more sophisticated and the artwork — though stylishly simple — set the tone perfectly. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini had created a phenomenon.

It wasn’t long before audiences wanted to explore more beyond the streets of Gotham and the production team introduced the proper spin-off Superman: The Animated Series which brought the Man of Steel into the animated continuity. After several Emmy® Winning seasons of both series, it was time for the roster to expand, and Justice League was introduced into primetime.


Loosely basing its origins on the more contemporary team of heroes that included both Batman and Superman, as well as properly rounding out the pantheon with the inclusion of Wonder Woman, the “modern day” Flash (Wally West), the aliens Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl who all operated out of an orbiting Watchtower. The series in this incarnation had a very healthy run.

With the trinity in place all the heroes of the world rally behind the create the Justice League Unlimited available now on Blu-ray.

At the end of the series run, the writers decided to end things with a band and delivered the feature film length “Star-crossed” arc that raised the threat level for our heroes. With the earth on the brink of joining the universal community, the Justice League decide that the time has come to expand their reach.

From a newly designed Watchtower all of earth’s heroes gather and more effectively deploy to deal with any threat that comes their way. No longer dependent on their core group, not with an unlimited membership roster, the final season of the series, renamed Justice League Unlimited took on a more anthology tone with a revolving cast .

Able to incapsulate story arcs to two to three episodes, Unlimited spanned the entirety of the DC Universe and changed animated adventures for an entire generation. What followed were the full-length DC Animated Adventures that continue to adapt graphic novel series as well as present original stories featuring all our favorite characters.

The 3-disc Blu-ray set of Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series is available now from the DC Comics Shop.

Star Trek Voyager Starship…Armors Up!

Eaglemoss Collections latest release from its Star Trek Starships line brings home the USS Voyager in its Ablative Armor mode.

“Tough little ship.” It’s the phrase that Cmdr. William Riker uses to describe one of the fleets other iconic vessels the USS Defiant in their monuments stand-off facing the nefarious Borg in the now-classic feature film Star Trek First ContactRiker hadn’t yet met or heard the full story behind the course charted by another ship lost to the final frontier.

Captain Kathryn Janeway promised her crew that whatever it took she would bring them home, after the USS Voyager was lost to the winds and far away from home in the Delta Quadrant. Keeping her crew intact by any means, Janeway kept to task and the Voyager’s mission of deep space exploration continued.

The USS Voyager in its ablative armor is now available as part of the Eaglemoss Collection of starships celebrating Star Trek.

Along the way, the crew made some friends and several enemies. Most notably among them were the Borg — first encountered by the crew of the USS Enterprise these techno-organic beings sought to conquer other species and force them into their “collective”. Resistance was futile, but Janeway and her crew fought against to avoid this enemy relentlessly.

Ultimately the stakes were too high and compromises had to be made. A Janeway from the future traveled back in time with the intention of bringing the crew of the USS Voyager home, but to do so they’d have to travel through an area of space heavily populated by their Borg enemy. With technology she’d acquired from the future, Janeway tipped the scales in their favor.

The introduction of the ablative armor plating kept the Borg at a distance from the ship and helped the crew navigate the treacherous void to make their final leap back to the Alpha Quadrant and back home.

The solidly constructed miniature gives the collector an unprecedented view of the armored up USS Voyager and is based on the CGI model constructed to appear in the final episode of the seventh season of Star Trek Voyager “Endgame”. It would mark the final appearance of the hero ship on television or film, and also ablative armor technology.

The “Armored” USS Voyager is available now in die cast resin model measuring about 5″ in length. It is Issue #48 in the Eaglemoss Collection of Star Trek The Official Starships Collection.