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iReview :: DC Collectibles – DC ICONS Action Figures

The latest release from the DC Collectibles DC Comics ICONS line of action figures introduce a milestone with STATIC leading the charge!

Of any action figures currently on the market, DC Collectibles have taken great care to insure that if they’re going to own their brand and design and release product to this audience, it’s going to make certain that with every new addition, they’ve got something interesting to offer fans.

The high-end line of DC Comics ICONS figures promised from its launch that with every cycle they would explore “iconic” versions of the heroes and villains inside the DC publishing continuity, though they’ve just ventured further into the multiverse and crossing imprints with the issue of a Milestone Comics favorite – Static!

The Static action figure comes with a man hole cover for transportation and lightning array!

The electrically charged metahuman protects the city of Dakota while attending high school in his true identity of Virgil Hawkins. The figure is styled in the skin-tight body suit that the character wears in his later issues, including the baseball cap. At 6″ Static looks quite dynamic and can be posed wildly upon his favorite mode of transportation: a man hole cover.

Of most contemporary “Modern Age” superheroes Static has always been a fan favorite that has transcended mediums and even appeared in his cartoon series that worked itself into the Justice League Unlimited continuity. Static survived the “FlashPoint” reboot and appeared as a provisional member of Red Robin’s Teen Titans.

There are two versions of the DC ICONS Static action figure (#17 in the line) the “standard” release and a “deluxe” with alternate hands and his signature yellow trench coat.

The Swamp Thing leaps from the pages in this action figure incarnation of the classic DC Comics monster!

Also hitting shelves is the most famous elemental in the DC Universe, Swamp Thing joins the ranks of the DC ICONS line as #18 and is sculpted as he appeared in the Swamp Thing comics arc “Dark Genesis”. The figure appropriately stands a head above most of the other figures and is expertly detailed, and comes packed with Un-Man.

These latest additions to the DC Collectibles DC Comics ICONS action figures have been released in tandem with the Justice League “Rebirth” 7-figure set, and are available in specialty shops everywhere.


MARVEL :: Year For Year

The Mighty MARVEL Universe has never been so well visited in this latest “Updated and Expanded” Edition of MARVEL: YEAR BY YEAR A Visual History just released by DK Book Publishing.

Looking at the world of comic book publishing, it’s hard to imagine at time when Marvel Comics wasn’t innovating and changing the way readers digested these fantastic stories, with heroes and villains engaged in combat and bestowed with incredible powers! There’s an entire generation that has never known that before their larger than life, blockbuster film versions were killing it on the big screen, the Marvel Super Heroes were even far more as engaging in the two-dimensional realm as monthly books collectors and enthusiast fawned over with undying devotion.

Marvel Comics has had (and continues to evolve) one of the greatest histories and is worth diving into and visiting especially given that it’s been well chronicled in a sleeve-cased, hardback “Updated and Expanded” and released by DK Publishing. Perhaps the most definitive guide to the Marvel Saga Marvel: Year By Year – A Visual History is now available and is a must-have for fans, and a sure-fire hit for the uninitiated soon-to-be devotee who is just familiarizing themselves with the Marvel Universe.

Literally breaking down the historical narrative of Marvel Comics by year beginning with 1939 the year that marked the appearance of the publishing giant’s first super-powered heroes. Marvel Comics #1 hit newsstands in October and debuted the original Human Torch, the first mutant Namor, the Submariner and the first Angel. All appeared in the anthology produced by then Timely Publications, which would morph into Marvel Comics. Even then with the introductions of the Torch and Namor, a narrative was developing of the superhero as the “outsider”.

The cover art for the latest edition of MARVEL YEAR BY YEAR is an homage to the imprint’s diversity in character development of the years.

The encyclopedic tome details the rise of the “Marvel Age” which introduced many of Stan Lee’s most innovative creations including the Fantastic Four and the various members of what would become the founding members of the Avengers including Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the eventual modern era appearance of Captain America. The 1960s also saw the introduction of Spider-Man. This marked the beginning of what would become the most popular characters, and best selling, for Marvel Comics.

The eventual introduction and rise of additional characters including the X-Men is detailed from the mighty mutants inception, to their rise as the best-selling book, and the deconstruction of Xavier’s dream, as the X-Men fracture and evolve further into the New Mutants, X-Factor and Wolverine as the break-out hero of the line. Year By Year gives unprecedented detail to all the major storylines throughout Marvel’s history, and marks the debut of titular characters like Cloak and Dagger (in 1982) and the more obscure like Beta Ray Bill (in 1983).

Sidebar bullet points also detail the comparable “real life” events in history that may have also impacted the overall direction of major storylines. Even the cover art by Dan Panosian brilliantly breaks down the various eras of Marvel Comics history, spotlighting the diversifying headliners that have defined each era from the publishing giant’s “Golden Age” (1939 – 1948) to it’s defining “Modern Age” to the twenty-first century evolution that has brought us to Marvel NOW and Beyond! 

Marvel: Year By Year — A Visual History Updated and Expanded with a foreword by Stan Lee and published by DK Publishing.

In Collectibles :: Eaglemoss Collections USS ENTERPRISE “Oversized” Edition

The Star Trek universe gets a “super-size” with Eaglemoss Collections new line of ships that give you more Enterprise to love!

Eaglemoss Collections is adding to their already expansive and much celebrated line of high-end models with a new, limited edition variant of the legendary Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 from the Original Star Trek television series. This latest die-cast model for the Star Trek Starships Collection measures a stunning 11″ and is beautifully detailed, recapturing the look of the shooting model recently restored to her full glory and hanging in the Smithsonian.

Take a look at the video gallery and order your own!


Coming This Week: iReview COLLECTIBLES!

This week expect some interesting looks at some new collectibles from some of my own favorite brands including Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Starships Collection and some new additions to the DC Comics line of DC Collectibles based on characters appearing on The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with a look at a recent major villain and one of the comic imprint’s greatest heroes!

Also this week a FlashBack Look at the one that started it all! The Marvel Comics cinematic universe exploded onto the big screen and dominated at the box office largely due to the success of its premiere adaptation, starring Robert Downey, Jr. as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark Iron Man launched an entirely new way of making films and especially promoting superhero franchises. Stay Tuned! 👍🏼

iReview :: Star Trek Starships Collection – SPOCK’S JELLYFISH

Eaglemoss Collections releases its latest “special issue” model in their Star Trek Starships line of perhaps one of the more obscure designs to ever be featured in the extensive cinematic mythology.

When film director J.J. Abrams was given the duty of rebooting one of the longest-running science fiction franchises in popular culture, fans were more than a little nervous about how the visionary filmmaker would approach Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry’s “wagon train to the stars” inspired generations, and 50 years later it’s thriving beyond anyone’s expectations. Abrams then elevated the brand by creating an “alternate timeline”.

In his 2009 film Star Trek a Romulan ship from the future travels back to the 22nd Century and effectively shifts reality with its incursion. Another vessel from the future is also caught in the temporal wake, that craft is piloted by a legend and is among one of the most unusual designs ever seen in the Trek universe. Spock’s Jellyfish Ship is recreated by the folks at Eaglemoss Collection as part of their “Special Issue” releases of the Star Trek Starships Collections.

Solidly constructed and slightly larger than the regular line of starships Spock’s Jellyfish measures nearly 6” in length and diameter. Highly detailed and well-textured to evoke the vessel’s uniquely organic looking design. The gyroscopic spokes are on full display, but are not articulated to mimic the movement as seen in the film, but that hardly diminishes the overall attractiveness of this model. The coloring does dull its shine, though amplifies its authenticity.

In the script for the film the vessel is literally described as a “jellyfish” (as revealed in Mark Cotta Vaz’s book Star Trek: The Art of the Film) and was further developed from an original idea by comic book artist/illustrator Bryan Hitch, so it should come as no surprise that the ship itself is one of the most peculiar in recent cinematic mythology, but still maintains a continuity of Vulcan ships. Hitch insists that he wanted “something not like conventional Federation ships,” and with its gyroscopic design, the “Jellyfish” certainly lives up to that dictum.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of all the recent releases from Eaglemoss Collections this “special issue” is a bit lackluster. The model builders have been dedicated to producing a high-end subscription line with their Star Trek Starships Collections, but “Spock’s Jellyfish” is simply just a large-sized mock up. Perhaps it would have been asking too much to construct a model that also featured the gyroscope components — which could have been accomplished with just three parts — the Jellyfish is just not as interesting as a solid, non-moving, prop.

The model is also mostly constructed of plastic. Though it feels like it sports some heft, the die-cast may be relegated to a portion at the forefront of the model, which pulls it slightly down on its stand. A seam along the front hull is slightly off and should be something that Eaglemoss should carefully monitor in their quality control. This is often than not an issue with their models.

Given that the modelers have kept the price of their “Special Issues” at about $40 – $45 on the mainland (mostly because of the limited factory release of these larger-sized offerings) it is a bit pricey especially for those of us that mostly display these finds. Eaglemoss Collections can be depended upon for a unique collectible experience, but the sculptors need to be delivering a more sophisticated product, especially with competitors appearing on the market.

Recently they’ve announced the production of larger scale releases, an 11” Classic Series Enterprise NCC 1701 is the first in this new line, fetching nearly $80 for the avid collector. I would suggest that if they are looking to keep or court more fans to their subscription based products, they need to be more less careless. A little precision goes a long way.

Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek The Official Starships Collection – Spock’s Jellyfish Ship “Special Issue”  is available now stateside or by visiting Eaglemoss Collections online.

Unboxing…The BATMAN

The action figure collectibles market is again booming thanks to toy makers eager to latch onto the adult collector!

The collectible action figure market has exceedingly grown up with its market, and never more so than in the last decade. Everyone from Hasbro, Mattel to competitively invested Japanese toy makers have invested in the fabrication of sculpting multi-articulated and artfully crafted figures that outweigh their appeal to capture adult collectors, and similarly attract younger investors. The DC Comics universe and all its brand expansion has generated some high-collectible interest especially in the last year.

Medicom Toy manufacturers Batman action figure based on the film design appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is among one of the best on the market for a 6″ line.

With several movie and television licenses, and a limitless volume of publication imprints to their name, DC Comics must lead the charge on several toy lines that have grabbed collectors attention and garnered major excitement. Among one of the most anticipated films of the year, Warner Bros. launched the blockbuster season with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which expanded on the DC Comics Cinematic Universe and brought together on the big screen for the first time the “big three” including the film’s headliners and Wonder Woman.

The action figure roll out featured for all audiences a selection of 1:18 (3.75”), 1:12 (5”- 6”) and 1:10  (7”) scale at several different price levels. The DC Comics Multiverse line released prior to the BvS film’s premiere in theaters gave fans the first look at the characters distinct looks for the big screen with durably strong, variably articulated and heavily accessorized action figures for general play. The release was also accompanied by figures for the DC TV personalities including The Flash and Green Arrow as they appear in their respective television series.


Though the likeness of these figures, the detailing and craftsmanship is admirable, for the adult collector, more recent releases will be far more attractive especially in the form of the action figure line from Japanese toy maker Medicom Toy. No. 017 in the line is part of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice series. Let’s examine the Batman action figure now available on the collectible market. I picked up my figure here in New York City’s Midtown Comics Grand Central Station location, and I was skeptical at first of picking up the figure.

The last Medicom figure I purchased was their version of Batman (V.1) as he appeared in The Dark Knight Rises and although the figure was highly-detailed, beautifully crafted and well articulated, it was extremely delicate in construction. The right arm on the initially purchased figure fell out of its socket when it was raised to shoulder height. I exchanged that figure, and the second also suffered from a similar limitation. I resorted to never moving the right arm to keep it in place. Already from the looks of the much sturdier BvS version, that isn’t a problem.

The detail alone on the 6″ figure is astounding. The figure is accurately sculpted to resemble actor Ben Affleck in the kevlar armor suit he dons for most of the film. The proportions are among the best ever for a figure of this size and appear to have been made from a laser scan of the actor in the suit itself. The brass-fitted detailing on the Batsuit, including the utility belt, gauntlet and steel-tipped boots are appropriately worn from battle. The cape is properly fitted under the cowl through to the shoulders and is wired to allow for dramatic poses.


The figure is packed with movie-accurate accessories including a perfectly sized batarang, Batman’s signature grappling gun and the kryptonite grenade launcher the character uses in the film in defense against the Man of Steel. The action figure is hyper-articulated for an unimaginable number of positions and comes with a transparent stand to solidly pose the figure for display. By comparison to the similarly scaled DC Comics Multiverse figure from Mattel of about the same size, the Medicom figure is far superior and a much better buy for the price point.

The Mattel line, which is meant to appeal to a younger audience, and is manufactured for practical play, is a hunk of a 6″ figure, and for what it lacks in detail it makes up for in articulation, but the Medicom figure is in a class all of its own. Ideal for the serious collector, great for play and posing, this Batman v Superman Batman action figure is a delight. The first in a series that will also feature Superman and Wonder Woman in their movie accurate costume, Medicom is also releases a companion set of figures based on the cast of Suicide Squad to position alongside the expanding DC Comics cinematic universe.

A high-end line of action figures based on BvS from DC Collectibles will also be hitting the market under the brand title of “DC Films” and promises to deliver on the level of the Medicom Toy line, but in the meantime this series is a must have, and at a price mark of just under $50 they are well worth picking up.