Aguilera makes a move on “Accelerate” to reclaim her spot on the pop-music charts with a catchy, groovy (and gooey) sexy new track!

It’s been a while since pop songstress Christina Aguilera has delivered on a full-length album project. In 2012 her fans were treated to Lotus which returned the artist to the pop-standards of dance inspired tracks and ballads that put her on the radar as a one-time emerging pop-princess of the 1990s proliferation of the music market. Since then her audience has had to settle for the occasional one-off single or duet, most notably Aguilera’s collaboration on Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want” which paired the two powerhouse vocalists for the first time on The Voice live!

Now Aguilera is back with a new album she’s entitled Liberation set for release in June, and the premiere single “Accelerate” features a perfectly produced symphonic concoction of drum beats, percussion and electro-synth which places Aguilera front and center vocally and sensually packs a punch. Appearing alongside her on the track Hip-Hop leaders Ty Dolla $ign & 2 Chainz lend their presence solidifying XTina’s much vaunted street cred. It’s been a while sine The Voice coach appeared on the televised competition series, but perhaps this liberation has been long coming.

Check out the sexy video to “Accelerate” here…

…preorder Liberation now on iTunes.


Posted by JC Alvarez

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