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This Season | The CW 3-Night Event Crossover Goes Batty!

The CW is promising to raise the capes promoting its 3-Night DCTV crossover event bringing together the most iconic characters! Just follow the signal!

The Arrowverse is about to get much bigger this season! When our DCTV heroes return from their summer hiatus to reclaim The CW primetime, they’re going to be bustling with all kinds of new adversaries and challenges to face! On The Flash after facing off against The Thinker, Barry and Iris (Grant Gustin and Candice Patton) will have to deal with the mysterious arrival of their daughter — from the future! On Arrow Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) finds himself in prison, and on Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) there’s a doppelgänger loose!

Although many of the details surfacing about the upcoming series appear to suggest that this season the stakes have never been higher, Arrow is entering into uncharted territory with its Seventh Season. After one of the most perilous attacks on his family and friends, the Green Arrow has had to fend off against attacks from all sides, but even Oliver (Amell) couldn’t escape the feds and at the conclusion of last season, our hero found himself incarcerated for his activities as Star City’s hooded vigilante, so how will the Arrow fair against the Bat?

The CW DCTV crossover events have become the most highly anticipated spectacles of the year, and every season the writing team has found themselves delivering on bigger, blockbuster storylines. The first big crossover event featured an “Invasion!” the second a “Crisis on Earth-X” and now it looks like our heroes will be heading into uncharted territory when the find themselves in Gotham City. The epic 3-night event will introduce Batwoman, the costumed alter-ego of Kate Kane who has been cast by Ruby Rose.

Arrow Crossover
Credit: The CW

Caped Crusaders

This season’s 3-night event begins on Sunday, Dec 9 with The Flash on a special date and time, and continues on Monday, Dec 10 on Arrow and will conclude on Supergirl also airing on a special date and time, Tuesday, Dec 11. Noticeably missing from the line-up the additional CW DCTV shows DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning. The team series will be experiencing several shake-ups when it returns in the fall, including a shuffling of its roster which will now include the demonologist John Constantine (Matt Ryan).

As to how the story will unfold when the three titular heroes venture into the underworld of Gotham City, is still under speculation. The stomping grounds of DC Comics’ Dark Knight Detective have been mentioned in relation to their relevance in the Arrowverse on several occasions, including Bruce Wayne, though this will be the first time that characters connected to Batman will be appearing inline with The CW series. Gotham which is now entering into its fifth and final season on FOX has not necessarily suggested to exist inside the same continuity.

Whether Ruby Rose will be following suit (similarly to how Grant Gustin spun out of Arrow into headlining The Flash) and reprise the role of Batwoman in her own series is still being negotiated by the network, but the expectation is that Batwoman will be joining the line-up as a mid-season replacement. The actress has received mixed reactions to her casting as the openly gay character; Ruby Rose is herself part of the LGBTQ community, and among only a handful of actors working in Hollywood who identify as “gay”. Regardless she will undoubtedly slip beautifully into the role.

Among the heroes and guest stars that have been confirmed to join the cast and properly welcome Rose into the primetime family are Tyler Hoechlin who will be reprising his role as the Man of Steel, Superman first introduced on Supergirl. It has also been reported that Lois Lane will also be appearing in the crossover, though the actress to play the part has yet to be cast.

ICYMY | Crisis on Earth-X

While we sit and wait for December to roll around, the current Blu-ray releases of the latest releases of Arrow | The Complete Sixth Season and The Flash | The Complete Fourth Season feature all four-parts of the epic crossover “Crisis on Earth-X” from last season. The four-night event traversed all-four of The CW primetime series and featured the largest gathering yet of costumed heroes on television. The year will certainly prove to be something special. As to whether the additional series DC’s Legends or Black Lightning will connect is yet to be seen.

The CW DCTV primetime takeover debuts in October.


ConCircuit | Meet John Wesley Shipp!

The star of “the classic” The Flash who also appears on The CW hit as the “Golden Age” hero John Wesley Shipp will be appearing at Geek’dCon in Shreveport, LA the weekend of Friday, Aug 17 – Sunday, Aug 19 signing autographs and meeting fans! Get your picture taken with John who also appeared on Dawson’s Creek and is also beloved for his roles in Daytime dramas! For tickets pricing and event info go to Geek’dCon.

Trailer | THE FLASH Season 5

Daddy’s Mystery Girl has been revealed but with the emergence of their future-daughter in the midst comes an entirely new wave of problems including a “big bag” that may be looking to carve the heart out of Team Flash in the trailer for the upcoming new season!

Among the most anticipated moments at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was the appearance of the now more robust cast of The Flash which has expanded to include new series regulars Hartley Sawyer who plays Ralph Dibny / The Elongated Man and Jessica Parker Kennedy who was revealed to be none-other than Nora West-Allen, the daughter of Grant Gustin and Candice Patton’s Barry Allen / The Flash and Iris West-Allen. If the series has proven anything it’s that time-travel can be problematic!

So does the arrival of the pair’s future-daughter mean that something is amiss with the future? There must be because Nora admits that she’s made a “terrible mistake” and is now trapped here in the present. The cast were gathered at SDCC to reveal some of the upcoming Season 5’s biggest twists and turns, including the confirmation that the “big bad” will be portrayed by Chris Klein and will be the cult leader Cicada. A merciless murder who steals from the Speed Force with the use of a mystical dagger.

Though the villain was originally intended as a tease in Season 4’s cliffhanger finale, the episode was packed with wrapping up the arc and setting in motion the introduction of Nora, who Barry fears may “Marty McFly herself out of existence” unless they can find a way of getting Nora back to where she’s supposed to be. The trailer also includes Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West / Kid Flash although it was confirmed that the actor declined to return to the show or join the cast of the spin-off DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as was first reported.

Among some of the highlights to be spotlighted in the new trailer, is the fan-favorite Flash ring, which has been hinted would be handed over to Barry (Gustin) ever since it was first revealed in Season 1 as the Reverse-Flash’s favorite mode for concealing his dual-identity. The Flash also stars Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes; Panabaker’s frosty alter-ego Killer Frost will also be further explored next season, as the actress makes her directorial debut decidedly adding to her impressive resume and helming an episode in Season 5.

Check out the Season 5 trailer to The Flash here in this Entertainment Tonight SDCC “Exclusive”:

The Flash returns with new episodes to The CW in October and will air Tuesday @ 8/7c.


At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con fans will have an opportunity to ask the cast of The CW’s THE FLASH questions about the upcoming new season which will expand upon the Flash Family legacy.

In just a week, thousands of fans will descend upon San Diego for the biggest fan convention in the world! San Diego Comic-Con has evolved into the most coveted event of the season, a celebration of all-things in “Geek-dom” that have inspired the popular rise of the comic book, science-fiction and fantasy genre. This year DC will be holding court unveiling its brand new subscription service DC Universe though fans will be gathering to hear about what will be coming up in the fall for their favorite returning CW series including The Flash.

The series starring Grant Gustin and Candice Patton ended its Season 4 with the shocking revelation that the Flash Family have a new addition to the family in the form of a daughter, Nora Allen-West (played by new series regular Jessica Parker Kennedy). After preventing The Thinker from enacting his master plan, the “mystery girl” that had been hiding in plain sight all year long, revealed her identity in the cliffhanger, opening the door to five-months of speculation as to what exactly she may have meant by “made a big mistake”.

Besides time-travel which we know has never proven a good idea in “Flash World” the next season is shaping up to be the first in the long-running adventure series’ run to really dive deep into much of the speedster’s legacy. The announcement that Keiynan Lonsdale will not be returning to either The Flash or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as a regular character in his coveted role as Wally West/Kid Flash has left may fans wondering about the fate of that significant character given Season’s five potential storyline.

Audiences attending The Flash panel at SDCC on Saturday, June 21 will be treated to the first, full gathering of Season Five’s growing cast which has extended to recruit Harley Sawyer who will be joining the team once again as Ralph Dibny/The Elongation Man and rumors have begun to circulate that next year, Iris (Candice Patton) will be introducing Ralph to a colleague, a young woman named “Sue”. Of course igniting great anticipation for another of the DC Comic’s universe greatest love stories between Ralph and Sue.

Can’t get to SDCC this year? The CW is making easy to ask the cast questions via social networking using the hashtag #askCWSDCC all fans have to do is post a question as a video for a chance to be featured on Facebook Live! The Flash returns for a new season in October, along with the entire DC primetime line-up on The CW. #StayTuned

Coming to a Town Near You | JOHN WESLEY SHIPP

Fans from around the world continue to find inspiration when meeting JOHN WESLEY SHIPP the only actor to have traversed the Golden Age and Silver Age of THE FLASH and still keeping step with the journey of the hero!

With a career that began with a stint in Daytime Dramas (and landed him two consecutive Emmy Award wins) and morphed into roles in the most critically acclaimed primetime series of their time, actor John Wesley Shipp has traveled the world and is still most well known for originating the role of CSI investigator Barry Allen on the 1990 CBS adventure The Flashbased on the DC Comics character.

He recently traveled to Peru as a guest to celebrate Día del Comic Festival 2018, the capital city of Lima’s own version of Comic-Con and received an overwhelming rock star reception, as more than 100,000 guests attended the event all eager to meet their hero and get a selfie with John. Among the multitude of events there were several Q&A sessions, one in particular was hosted outdoors. Over the weekend, John shook hands and answered questions about his time on The Flash.

Lightning struck twice for Shipp when in 2014 he was invited to join the cast of The CW’s The Flash a proper spin-off to the network’s other hit Arrow that introduced a primetime inundation of genre shows capitalizing on the DC universe of superheroes. John has had the unique experience of res-establishing himself within the mythology in the role of Henry Allen, the father of Barry Allen opposite Grant Gustin who has assumed the title role of the Scarlet Speedster.

At the conclusion of the Second Season, in a turn of events no one (including Shipp himself) had seen coming, Henry became the latest victim of the villainous Zoom who exacts his vendetta against Barry by hurting the ones he loves most, but the prisoner held captive in Zoom’s Earth-2 retreat was another speedster and a hero from Earth-3. That earth’s “Flash” in fact — Jay Garrick, and Henry Allen’s doppelgänger!

Shipp recently recurred again as Jay Garrick for Season Four’s speedster-heavy team-up episode “Enter Flashtime” written by series writer Sterling Gates which had Flash enlist the help of both Earth-2’s Jesse Quick (guest star Violett Beane) and Jay Garrick in order to keep a nuclear device from destroying Central City. The episode introduced a new super-power for our heroes and featured another glimpse into the enduring legacy of this iconic character.

Now in the running shoes of the veteran speedster, John Wesley Shipp is in the unique position of having portrayed the Golden Age version of The Flash, and his Silver Age counterpart, as well as the modern interpretation of the hero’s father Henry, and passing the baton not only into the worthy hands of Gustin, but also tipping his hat to the cinematic Flash played by Ezra Miller in the Justice League motion picture. It’s a legacy that Shipp is very proud to be a part of.

John Wesley Shipp will be making additional appearances through the summer and will be appearing Birmingham, UK for Showmasters Film & Comic ConJune 2 – 3 (filmandcomicconbirmingham.com) and the Greater Austin Comic-Conin Cedar Park, Texas, June 16 – 17 (greateraustincomiccon.com). Visit website for convention and ticket information.

This Week | THE FLASH Runs Full-Speed into a Season Finale!

THINK FAST! The Flash is going to have to if he plans to finally defeat an enemy that has proven ten steps ahead of the Fastest Man Alive!

It’s been an extraordinary season for all the DC inspired television series! Defying expectations show-runners dug deeper into their main characters backgrounds and brought out adversaries that were far more inclined to push the boundaries of the directions that long-running series had established! On FOX’s Gotham the prequel series tackled the decisively complicated origins of one of the Dark Knight’s most nefarious villains, while the SYFY’s new series Krypton revealed the complicities of the Man of Steel’s home world as a conspiracy takes shape to rewrite history.

On The CW, the network that dominate’s the primetime landscape with the most DC TV series this season journeyed into the multiverse for the most exciting crossover event with the epic “Crisis on Earth X” that brought together all the heroes from all four super powered series while introducing a new freedom fighter with The Ray. The CW also welcomed a new hero into its ranks with Black Lightning which follows the journey of a veteran vigilante who has come out of retirement to take down the urban corruption in his city and defend his family.

Arguably Arrow has had its most narratively complex storyline as it begun Season Six in the aftermath of a seismic explosion shaking up the world of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his allies as their city fell to an underworld gang leader. The recent season finale ended with the heart-stopping moment as Oliver after saying goodbye to one of his oldest friends, was taken off to prison after revealing his identity as the Green Arrow. Fans now have an entire summer to wonder just how he’ll get out of this latest predicament and what it means for the future of Star City.

Decidedly taking the approach to ground Oliver’s story is a much more “real world” situation, the street-fighting warfare that was most prevalent when the series premiered six years ago resonated with audiences and benefitted from not revisiting the “flashback” trope that was a vital component of its previous storylines. With the exception of the crossover event which brought metahumans, enhanced warriors and technological wonders together for the first time on the bridge of a time-travel starship, Arrow remained true to its baseline reality.

The villainy of The Thinker as portrayed by Neil Sandilands has proven himself among one The Flash’s most diabolical adversaries. This enemy has left a trail of bodies that no one could trace, because he assumes the identity of his victims!

The Fastest Mind Alive

Over in Central City, the home of The Flash Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was rescued from a self-imposed exile into the Speed Force but not without consequence. After defeating the Speed God, Savitar at the end of conclusion of Season Three, Barry’s world was torn up sunder and he was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to restore the natural balance or watch Central City get decimated by the Speed Force. His allies in S.T.A.R. Labs devised a plan to get Barry out of the Speed Force but unwittingly set in motion a series of events that would set up a new threat!

With the rise of The Thinker (played by guest star Neil Sandilands) this season, The Flash has seen his metal tested in a way most unfamiliar to him. In the past, the Scarlet Speedster and his friends were mostly challenged by adversarial speedsters which included the Reverse-Flash, Zoom and an arsenal from his classic Rogues Gallery. The Thinker presented our hero with a counterpart who was prepared to out-wit, not out race, The Flash and trip him up at every corner, engaging him in a dangerous plot to “enlighten” the world’s population.

This week’s Season Finale of The Flash finds our heroes in a startling predicament as The Thinker enacts his endgame, launching a series of satellites into orbit that will nullify the population and de-evolve them into a more docile state leaving everyone to the mercy of The Thinker’s superior intellect. With time running out “Team Flash” will have to pull-out all the stops to bring their enemy to his knees, though at what cost? Series show-runner Todd Helbing is promising that this final act of The Thinker’s will be full of surprises and perhaps might give viewers an idea of what’s to come! 

The Flash Season Finale “We Are the Flash” airs Tuesday, May 22 @ 8pm on The CW. Tune-in for my Season Four “Wrap-Up” Reporting coming this week!