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iFeature | CW’s THE FLASH Gets a New Showrunner

Changes are in full-speed as The Flash welcomes Eric Wallace as the series new showrunner in Season 6, and Todd Helbing moves out of the multiverse he’s navigated for the last two years!

Amidst the recent announcement that Arrow will be culminating its series run with a 10-episode Eighth Season next fall, an all-new showrunner has moved into the reigns of another Arrowverse hit! It appears that next season The Flash starring Grant Gustin in the title role of Central City’s Scarlet Speedster, will be signing off Todd Helbing and elevating Eric Wallace to the new role of the show’s new showrunner. It’s a monumental move as the Fastest Man Alive moves into the lead pole position on The CW primetime play of DC properties.

Todd Helbing came up in the ranks and has helmed The Flash for two seasons, undoubtedly moving the story arc and action on the show to more embody and capitalize on it super-powered centric motifs. Of all the shows on The CW’s line-up, The Flash has most closely followed the comic book story and benefitted from introducing elements like the “multiverse” to the television audience, as well as exploiting menaces like Gorilla Grodd and King Shark, characters that have been realized in full CGI for the series.

No stranger to primetime producing, Helbing is known for his other television credits including Black Sails and Spartacus. Greg Berlanti was quoted in Variety as commenting, “From his first day on The Flash, Todd Helbing has been a leader on the show, beloved by the cast and crew for his exceptional talent, vision and wonderful attitude.” Wallace came onboard in Season 4 as a co-executive producer, most recently working alongside Helbing in Season 5. Wallace is credited with contributing a great deal to the voice of the series in Season 4, and will be shaping its future.

For fans of the show who want to get more familiar with Eric Wallace, he can be seen participating as one of the commentators on the Season 4 bonus feature “Flash Time on Amunet Black with Katee, Eric and Sterling”. The 13-minute featurette took a deep-dive at the backstory of Season 4 villain Amunet Black played by fan-favorite Katee Sackhoff. Wallace and series writer Sterling Gates provide insight into the story arc that pitted this new adversary against Killer Frost (series regular Danielle Panabaker).

The Flash is currently airing in its Fifth Season on The CW | Tuesday nights @ 8pm


iFeature | ARROW Season 8 Will Be Its Last

After 8 Seasons of urban warfare in the streets of Star City, it looks like the Emerald Archer is hanging up his bow and arrow as The CW prepares to retire the premiere series that launched a multiverse.

It was the shot heard round the Arrowverse! Stephen Amell the lead actor of The CW’s hit Arrow announced on Wednesday that the series will be coming to an end after delivering 10 episodes in its Season 8 this fall. The show which has become the anchor of the primetime DC Comics Universe spun-off three additional series The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl (four if you count Black Lightning into the mix) announced that when it returns in the fall it will produce a short season, prompting many to speculate…

With only 10 episodes expected in the fall, the likelihood that the arc will coincide with the highly anticipated annual crossovers event, the fate of Amell’s billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, turned vigilante Green Arrow has been decided, and will possibly emerge as a casualty of the intended upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. After 2018’s “Elseworlds” crossover which introduced the threat of The Monitor (played by LaMonica xx) and set-up the notion that the multiverse was indeed facing a crisis, at the conclusion Oliver makes a deal with the devil to save everyone’s life.

Using his social networking platform, Amell thanked his fans for 8 great seasons and was immediately joined by his cast mates across the platform even as the story started to make its way across the entertainment circuit with many in the industry proclaiming that an “era had come to an end”. The show itself, the initial brainstorm of super-producer Greg Berlanti and his co-producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim wasn’t the first primetime property based on a DC Comics character, but it altered the playing considerably.

Arrow Crossover
Credit: The CW

Super Team-Ups

With the success of Arrow the demand for more adaptations of the genre inevitably surfaced. The introduction of The Flash and the team-series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow opened up a all-new possibilities when the three shows, taking a page from the success of Marvel Studios franchise films established a unified continuity and the “Arrowverse” was born. When CBS cancelled Supergirl (another Berlanti produced DC property), The CW immediately picked it up and the multiverse in primetime started to take shape.

Eight seasons later, on The CW alone there are now nearly 500 hours of DC Comics superhero programming and this fall they may all be coming to a head with the anticipation of the already teased crossover event of 2019. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” based on the maxi-series of the same name, retooled the DC Comics Universe bringing all the various characters across its then 50-year history into one singular and more cohesive continuity. If the show producers intend on going down a similar path with the primetime universe, there will be inevitable casualties.

Though consistently sustaining its audience, especially gaining some momentum in its latest Seventh Season, Arrow — the longest running of The CW series based on DC currently on air — may have arrived at an impasse . It could well be time for Oliver to hand up the kevlar armor and make way for another new legend, perhaps the recently established Batwoman, a pilot starring Ruby Rose is in production. With a 10-episode final season, the shorter offering allows for the writers to ramp up the action, tie up loose ends and bring home the Emerald Archer heroically.

iFeature | JOHN WESLEY SHIPP A Flash of Infinite Possibilities

The Flash star has been across all parts of the multiverse and back, most recently in the “Elseworlds” crossover! Hitting the convention circuit in 2019, the actor is open to all new adventures!

For John Wesley Shipp the idea of stepping back into the suit that immortalized his place in genre-fandom may have been the most surreal moment of his 40 years in entertainment. Nonetheless as Kate Main and the rest of the expert costuming team responsible for suiting up the most popular DC heroes in primetime put the final touches on the suit, when John looked back at the image of himself as the Scarlet Speedster from his 1990 version of The Flash the déjà vu of it all wasn’t lost on him.

He had (almost) made a vow to himself after his 1990 CBS series was cancelled that he’d never get into another superhero suit, and would eventually find himself stepping into the famous boots and tipping the rim of the Golden Age speedster “Jay Garrick” after “Henry Allen” met his fate in the second season of the contemporary reimagining of  The Flash starring Grant Gustin. Shipp has said that after shooting his scene in the final episode “The Trial of the Trickster,” as soon as they yelled “Cut!” he ripped off his cowl and flung the wing-tipped earpieces into the air.

The episode’s guest star Mark Hamill dove headfirst after the now iconic items, adding them to his own extensive collection, preserving a piece of cinematic history. Cut to nearly 30 years later and the earpieces were faithfully reconstructed in order to recapture the look of the original suit so that The Flash of Earth-90 could make a significant appearance in this year’s CW “Elseworlds” crossover event, hinting at an inevitable “crisis” that is threatening our primetime multiverse. Though it appears that Earth-90 is left a wasteland, will its Flash play a part in the sequel next fall?

Anything can happen it would seem now that The CW primetime multiverse has opened the door, and it certainly expanded the possibilities for Shipp to play a significant role in the impending “Crisis on Infinite Earths” expected next fall. For Shipp who climbed onboard the series and proven an integral fan favorite as both Henry and Jay Garrick, the “Golden Age” Flash of Earth-3, adding his Earth-90 Barry Allen into the mix certainly has set-up some intriguing ideas that fans hope the writers will exploit. In the meantime, John Wesley Shipp will be appearing live in a city near you!

John Wesley Shipp appeared as The Flash of Earth-90 (1990 that is) for this season’s epic crossover event. Here he is alongside the headlining trinity in primetime including Melissa Benoist, Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin.

Making the Rounds

The actor has proven among one of the most popular guests on the comic-con circuit and appreciates the opportunity to meet with his fans across the country as well as all over the world. Last year he enjoyed a rock star reception when he appeared in Lima, Peru and will soon be heading to Mexico City, invited by his fans in Mexico to bring them up to speed on what the Scarlet Speedster has been up to. Having fulfilled every fanboy on the planet’s greatest wish, including executive producer Marc Guggenheim’s, with the 1990 Flash now part of the Arrowverse.

Although fans imagined that when Shipp returned to participate in the annual crossover spectacle he would have worn the familiar attire of his Crimson Comet from Earth-3, rebuilding and revisiting the suit from the 1990s series certainly proved one of the long-running series’ greatest moments of the latest season. Propelling even more nostalgia was the appearance of The Kent’s farm from Smallville which also served as the home of Earth-38’s Super Family including Supergirl Melissa Benoist and her famous cousin.

No doubt when Shipp hits the convention scene fans will have numerous questions, especially about the fate of his Earth-90 Flash after the Monitor “folds” him out of the climatic second chapter of the “Elseworlds” event and of course if he’ll return for the promised “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover this fall. One thing that is certain are the infinite possibilities open now for John Wesley Shipp to interact with the Arrowverse whether as Jay Garrick or Earth-90 Flash. Fans are hopeful that the “Barrys of Two-Earths” will cross multiverses before the next crisis event!

Check out the Events Calendar for all of John Wesley Shipp’s upcoming comic-con appearances in 2019.

ICYMI | It’s Official! BATWOMAN Pilot is On!

The streets of Gotham City are about to shudder as the Batwoman starring Ruby Rose gets picked up for a pilot with very high probability that a full-series order is not far away!

With a more than smashing introduction onto the primetime landscape on this season’s Arrowverse crossover event, The CW is preparing to spin-off its latest hero as Batwoman gets green lit and prepped into production. The series would star Ruby Rose in the title role of Kate Kane, a reluctant hero destined to follow in the footsteps of the Dark Knight Detective. The pilot has already been placed in the very capable hands of Emmy Winning director David Nutter who has helmed the premiere launches of Smallville, Arrow and The Flash.

Given the early announcement that the heroine would be joining the line-up of this season’s annually anticipated crossover network stunt, many speculated at the potential for Batwoman to spin-off and whether her introduction was an attempt to take the temperature of fans reaction to welcoming another property into the DC dominated CW primetime schedule. After facing a prison breakout at Arkham Asylum set off by a series events that will lead to a larger crisis, it appears that Kate Kane may have her hands fall when her own show premieres in the spring of 2019.

Series show-runner Caroline Dries has suggested that the solo run of Gotham’s other caped crusader will feature a fiercely challenged Kate Kane, who assumes the costumed identity of Batwoman in the absence of the city’s own infamous Caped Crusader. As audiences learned during the “Elseworlds” episode, Batman has been missing from the scene now for a significant amount of time, leaving Kate with the burden of protecting the city. At the conclusion of their body-swapping escapade, Batwoman reaches out to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) announcing she’s on the job!

The Flash recurring guest star John Wesley Shipp took to social media immediately after Rose’s introduction as Batwoman on the second part of the “Elseworlds” crossover event and proclaimed: “A star is born!” It should also be relevantly noted that Shipp was also featured in the same episode, enlisted to reprise his role as Barry Allen, “The Flash” of Earth-90 which first appeared in the original 1990 CBS series. The internet has since been on fire especially given the stinger at the conclusion of “Elseworlds” announcing the title of next year’s crossover…

In the fall of 2019 audiences will be gearing up for “Crisis on Infinite Earths”!

Although no other casting announcements have been revealed, Rose is confirmed to reprise her title role in Batwoman and given the reception the actress has received from fans, it looks like popular culture and primetime are ready to follow the adventures of DC’s newest leading lady, who is an out and proud member of the LGBTQ community. Batwoman will undoubtedly continue in the tradition of its contemporary series giving voices to gay, lesbian and transgender characters and expanding the narrative of these individuals across the spectrum of entertainment.

Batwoman is expected to premiere on The CW in spring of 2019 and will be written and produced by Caroline Dries known for her work on The Vampire Diaries and Smallville who will also be show-running the launch of the new series.

Trailer | The CW ELSEWORLDS Crossover Trailer is Here!

The countdown has begun! I just a few short weeks, the DCTV Universe finds itself on the brink of a new crisis!

It’s been all that anyone has been able to think about! Since announcing as early as spring that this year’s DCTV crossover event would be unlink any of previous primetime stunts The CW has pulled off in the past, audiences have been eager to learn exactly what’s in store for their favorite heroes. In the latest full-length trailer for the “Elseworlds” 3-night event fans are getting are bigger picture of what The FlashArrow and Supergirl will be facing when the series premieres on Sunday, Dec 9 and concludes on Dec 11.

Check out the full-length “Elseworlds” Trailer here:

Exclusive | GREG BERLANTI Receives the Founders Award from the International EMMYS® at event in NYC

The superstar producer of hit series The Flash, Arrow, Blindspot and surrounded by his closest colleagues and cast members of his shows receives one of the Television Academies highest honors at a gala event in New York City.

Super-producer Greg Berlanti has become synonymous with the televised DC universe. Since launching the hit Arrow based on the Green Arrow comic book hero, seven seasons ago on The CW, Berlanti and his production team have created a multiverse in primetime that have included a reimagining of The Flash and since introduced DC’s Legends of Tomorrow along with giving the Girl of Steel Supergirl an entire new audience to thrill to her adventures! 

The CW’s primetime landscape has since emerged the true blockbuster platform for DC heroes, often overshadowing their cinematic counterparts, consistently proving themselves a ratings hit. The CW primetime line-up has since expanded to include another DC hero Black Lightning now in its Second Season.

Over the course of his two decades in television Greg Berlanti has evolved into one of the industry’s most innovative creators determined to provide storylines that benefitted from realizing true-life examples of diversity and inclusion of all social representations. His DC adaptations have the most culturally diverse casts, given fans LGBTQ super heroes to relate to including the first transgender superhero in primetime, and demonstrated that comic book characters make for great entertainment so long as there is heart, humor to go along with the spectacle of it all.

John Wesley Shipp, star of the 1990 “The Flash” and Dawson’s Creek” returned to the superhero world in the 2014 reboot on The CW produced by Greg Berlanti.

The International Emmys® celebrated Greg Berlanti and honored the entertainment mogul with the Founders Award for his prolific career, that currently includes 14 series in production across multiple platforms including primetime television, subscription services like Netflix and the new DC Universe, and feature films. With his longtime colleague Julie Pleck (Dawson’s Creek and Roswell) presenting Berlanti with the award, the producer thanked his team of producers who not only work on The CW DCTV catalog, but also on hit series Blindside for NBC and Riverdale also on The CW.

Sullivan Stapleton (“Blindspot”) introduced Julie Pleck who presented Greg Berlanti with the Founders Award.

The evening was made all the more special with the presence of many of the casts of Berlanti’s productions who presented awards including John Wesley Shipp (from Dawson’s Creek and The Flash), Violett Beane (The Flash and God Friended Me), Sullivan Stapleton (Blindspot), Brandon Michael Hall and Javicia Leslie (God Friended Me). The 46th International Emmy® Awards Gala were held in New York City, at the Hilton New York in the heart of the city’s Theatre District.