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ICYMI | The Latest ELSEWORLDS Image Revealed!

On the latest image released from The CW’s upcoming “Elseworlds” crossover event, the prime time Trinity are front and center…with a little help from a friend.

With only weeks until the highly anticipated “Elseworlds” crossover takes over The CW’s primetime landscape, the folks behind the DC series have shared another image, this one putting the network’s “trinity” of leads front and center and joined by one of the surprise guest stars that have been announced will be part of this year’s event. Supergirl Melissa Benoist, Arrow star Stephen Amell (cast as the Scarlet Speedster) and The Flash lead Grant Gustin in the archer’s hood, stand at the ready alongside John Wesley Shipp wearing a redo of his “Flash” suit from 1990.

The image mirrors the behind-the-scene still that was released several works ago which revealed guest star Shipp suited up as The Flash when he starred in the CBS 1990 series. Many fans attribute that series with reigniting the genre fandom as superheroes began to take a more mainstream take in popular culture largely due to the success of director Tim Burton’s Batman. There’s still plenty about this season’s “Elseworlds” story arc that is still much of a mystery including the introduction of Ruby Rose as Gotham City’s own Batwoman and the return of Superman.

What is being promised is a more streamlined storyline that puts the focus squarely on the Arrowverse primetime leads, the “trinity” of characters so to speak. In the past the crossover had ballooned to include the casts of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which would often bring the total number of the ensemble to well over 25 heroes taking on that week’s threat of the week. Last year’s “Crisis on Earth-X” truly reached a  blockbuster level of production. This year the series’ show-runners decided to scale it down if just a bit, but the stakes are just as high as ever!

Towing The Line

Entertainment Weekly had the honor of releasing the first “official” image from one of the upcoming crossover episodes that reveals the lead stars all front and center, joined by guest star Shipp. Though much of the storyline is still a secret — and cudos to the production staff for keeping it hidden from fans — the “Elseworlds” storyline as often illustrated in the comics presents adventures in “alternate realities”. With Oliver (Amell) and Barry (Gustin) obviously swapping roles, and the intrusion of DC Comics world-watching Monitor also part of the arc, the multiverse may be facing a new crisis.

The primetime trinity assembles with the help of a Flash from the past in the latest image reveal from the upcoming “Elseworlds” crossover event featured in Entertainment Weekly [ew.com].
Our three heroes strike a familiar pose preparing to take on whatever challenge “Elseworlds” presents. The 3-part event will take them out of their usual haunts as they all converge on Gotham City joining forces with Batwoman and even getting some help from the Man of Steel.

The series stars have noted that though the script has been toned down to just 3-parts, the scope of the story is bigger than ever! The crossover event’s production scheduled also afforded the team the luxury to coincide with the series hiatus, closing out the first half of most of the primetime line-up. The shows will take a break returning in January, with the exception of DC’s Legends which will return to wrap-up its season in April; it’s Monday night time slot will be temporarily taken over by Black Lightning moving over from its usual time on Tuesday night following The Flash.


This Season | The CW 3-Night Event Crossover Goes Batty!

The CW is promising to raise the capes promoting its 3-Night DCTV crossover event bringing together the most iconic characters! Just follow the signal!

The Arrowverse is about to get much bigger this season! When our DCTV heroes return from their summer hiatus to reclaim The CW primetime, they’re going to be bustling with all kinds of new adversaries and challenges to face! On The Flash after facing off against The Thinker, Barry and Iris (Grant Gustin and Candice Patton) will have to deal with the mysterious arrival of their daughter — from the future! On Arrow Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) finds himself in prison, and on Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) there’s a doppelgänger loose!

Although many of the details surfacing about the upcoming series appear to suggest that this season the stakes have never been higher, Arrow is entering into uncharted territory with its Seventh Season. After one of the most perilous attacks on his family and friends, the Green Arrow has had to fend off against attacks from all sides, but even Oliver (Amell) couldn’t escape the feds and at the conclusion of last season, our hero found himself incarcerated for his activities as Star City’s hooded vigilante, so how will the Arrow fair against the Bat?

The CW DCTV crossover events have become the most highly anticipated spectacles of the year, and every season the writing team has found themselves delivering on bigger, blockbuster storylines. The first big crossover event featured an “Invasion!” the second a “Crisis on Earth-X” and now it looks like our heroes will be heading into uncharted territory when the find themselves in Gotham City. The epic 3-night event will introduce Batwoman, the costumed alter-ego of Kate Kane who has been cast by Ruby Rose.

Arrow Crossover
Credit: The CW

Caped Crusaders

This season’s 3-night event begins on Sunday, Dec 9 with The Flash on a special date and time, and continues on Monday, Dec 10 on Arrow and will conclude on Supergirl also airing on a special date and time, Tuesday, Dec 11. Noticeably missing from the line-up the additional CW DCTV shows DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning. The team series will be experiencing several shake-ups when it returns in the fall, including a shuffling of its roster which will now include the demonologist John Constantine (Matt Ryan).

As to how the story will unfold when the three titular heroes venture into the underworld of Gotham City, is still under speculation. The stomping grounds of DC Comics’ Dark Knight Detective have been mentioned in relation to their relevance in the Arrowverse on several occasions, including Bruce Wayne, though this will be the first time that characters connected to Batman will be appearing inline with The CW series. Gotham which is now entering into its fifth and final season on FOX has not necessarily suggested to exist inside the same continuity.

Whether Ruby Rose will be following suit (similarly to how Grant Gustin spun out of Arrow into headlining The Flash) and reprise the role of Batwoman in her own series is still being negotiated by the network, but the expectation is that Batwoman will be joining the line-up as a mid-season replacement. The actress has received mixed reactions to her casting as the openly gay character; Ruby Rose is herself part of the LGBTQ community, and among only a handful of actors working in Hollywood who identify as “gay”. Regardless she will undoubtedly slip beautifully into the role.

Among the heroes and guest stars that have been confirmed to join the cast and properly welcome Rose into the primetime family are Tyler Hoechlin who will be reprising his role as the Man of Steel, Superman first introduced on Supergirl. It has also been reported that Lois Lane will also be appearing in the crossover, though the actress to play the part has yet to be cast.

ICYMY | Crisis on Earth-X

While we sit and wait for December to roll around, the current Blu-ray releases of the latest releases of Arrow | The Complete Sixth Season and The Flash | The Complete Fourth Season feature all four-parts of the epic crossover “Crisis on Earth-X” from last season. The four-night event traversed all-four of The CW primetime series and featured the largest gathering yet of costumed heroes on television. The year will certainly prove to be something special. As to whether the additional series DC’s Legends or Black Lightning will connect is yet to be seen.

The CW DCTV primetime takeover debuts in October.

Season Pass | ARROW Season 6 “Brothers in Arms”

Oliver Queen’s job as Star City’s defender just got more complicated, especially as tensions rise among his long-time partnerships including John Diggle who appears ready to wrestle him for the title of Green Arrow!

Stephen Amell in “Arrow” as the city’s ardent vigilante faces new challenges.

Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) problems continue to mount as the latest episode of Arrow in Season 6 “Brothers in Arms” continues to see the world of Star City’s Emerald Archer collapsing in on itself. Though the threat of computer hacker Caydon James was irrevocably deleted, the real danger has emerged among one of James’ associates. The underworld leader Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) known as “The Dragon” has all but rendered the city immobile as he and the Russian, Anatoly (David Nykl) are pulling things apart brick by brick.

Inside the Bunker, the Green Arrow finds himself a man alone and a mayor without a support system. The DA and Chief of Police are both under the thumb of Diaz and the duo life that Oliver leads as the city’s mayor and its hooded vigilante are closing in on themselves; in order to take down “The Dragon” the Green Arrow has to cut the dealer’s financial links to “vertigo” the synthetic drug being manufactured and distributed throughout Star City. In the midsts of this tactical crisis John Diggle (David Ramsey) is conflicted over Oliver’s leadership style.

Spartan had assumed the mantle of the Green Arrow for a short period of time, while Oliver mended his relationship with his son and deflected by the federal investigation into his role as the Green Arrow. Although the forged evidence that had revealed the Green Arrow as Queen was discovered to be fake, during his time as the Green Arrow, Diggle lead the team that consisted of the new Black Canary, Wild Dog, and Mr. Terrific, but the group has since disbanded after learning that Queen had them all under surveillance.

Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) and Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) continue to cooperate with Oliver, especially coordinating strategies to bring down Diaz, but unaware to the team they are being subverted by the Black Siren, Lauren Lance (Katie Cassidy) who has convinced her father Quentin (Paul Blackthorne) that she has turned a new leaf. Now Oliver finds himself in a very unique position, as his identity as the Green Arrow once again is in danger of becoming public knowledge and Diaz control over Star City becomes absolute.

After a rather shaky Season 5, Arrow which was already renewed for another new season in the fall, has hit a definitely more interesting stride in Season 6. Having one of the larger casts among all the series in The CW DCTV universe, a proper balance has been achieved especially as “Team Arrow” was deconstructed over the year. Oliver’s entire world and dynamic have been altered since assuming responsibility as Star City’s mayor (a story arc lifted right from the comic books) as well as becoming a father and husband this year, marrying Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).

The writing team had successfully found a way of differentiating Arrow from its meta-humanly casted spin-offs, and brought the series back down to a more grounded and far more threatening reality. With the news that Arrow will be returning in the fall for Season 7, fans are speculating exactly how this arc will play out. For a hot minute audiences had assumed this might be Stephen Amell’s final year, and that the archer would be moving on, but with the departure of his sister Thea (Willa Holland) and Spartan joining ARGUS a successor for the hood is not on target.

New episodes of Arrow air Thursday nights at 9pm on The CW.

iReview: Arrow – “Legends of Yesterday”

Arrow S4 BannerLetting the light in, “Arrow” crossover event does more than just set-up the “Legends” it establishes the legacy of Oliver Queen.

Now that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is no longer the only game in town, it’s not uncommon for Arrow to become a television event worthy of “must see TV” especially when it entails The Flash crossing over into the otherwise dismally dark world of the Green Arrow’s Star City, or Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) welcoming the Emerald Archer into Central City.

With the DC TV Universe expanding, it’s going to take Green Arrow, the Flash and their respective teammates, along with the newly introduced Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée) and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) to take on one of the most sinister villains in DC Comics. Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) is gunning for the reincarnated souls of the Hawks and will stop at nothing to destroy Central City and Star City if he doesn’t get what he wants.

In “Legends of Yesterday” the second part of this season’s first Arrow/The Flash crossover event, Kendra and Carter return to Central City in an attempt to out live Vandal Savage’s attack, but when the Staff of Horus proves more powerful than anyone could have imagined, Savage success in not only killing Hawkgirl and Hawkman and insuring his immortality, he also destroys Central City and everyone in it.

The Flash is able to escape the blast, and “flashes” back in time returning to the instant that he and Green Arrow first plot with Dark Archer (John Barrowman) to stop Savage. Now knowing the outcome of that confrontation, Barry suggests that both he and Oliver come up with another plan to keep the Hawks alive and save Central City from total annihilation.

Barry also reveals to Oliver that he is indeed the father of Samantha’s young son William, and that perhaps keeping this a secret from Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) may not be a very good idea. (In the comics, Oliver has a son named Conner that inherits the mantle of Green Arrow and even ends up a member of the Justice League.) Now that Oliver knows the truth, he decides to tread more carefully and keeps the secret that he’s a father.

The episode also establishes more backstory about Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall, including how Savage is intertwined with them throughout history. Now that Barry has altered the outcome of their unsuccessful melee with their immortal foe, Kendra is able to help devise a new plan to stop Savage and it includes the discovery of “Nth Metal” — an alien element that will help them against the power released from the Staff of Horus.

Kendra (Ciara Renée) shows off her wings as she embraces her new role as Hawkgirl soon to become a part of the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow cast.

The combined might of Green Arrow, The Flash, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, along with “Teams Arrow and Flash” are able to (this time) stop Vandal Savage — exactly just like Dark Archer hoped they would. Certainly now that the foundation has been laid out, it looks like next month’s premiere of DC’s Legend of Tomorrow is shaping up to be one of the more exciting events of the mid-season.

These heroes are ready for their close-up! The Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and The Flash (Grant Gustin) are flanked by a league of legends.

Crossover stunts are usually reserved for television shows that are in ratings peril, but we’re talking about a series of television series taking place in the DC Universe. If these universes didn’t interact as organically as Arrow and The Flash have, comic book fans wouldn’t be as interested in the upcoming Legends which will be a proper “team show” that promises to traverse the DC Multiverse.

With an ensemble cast that is rivaling that of HBO’s epic Game of Thrones so long as The CW doesn’t lose sight of continuing to develop that individual world of its main shows, and doesn’t take too many trips to the well, this could prove exactly what DC Comics fans have known along — superheroes in primetime are very cool!

Flash and Arrow…Take Flight!


In this season’s first crossover event the DC TV Universe spreads its wings and gives flight to more DC Comic’s legends!

Although by now televisions fans of The CW hit series Arrow and its sister series The Flash have been prepared for the upcoming third spin-off – and no… I’m  not talking about that Maid of Might minding over National City on CBS – the assembled DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have started coming together in the premiere crossover episodes of the season…and it’s a pretty brilliant take-off.

In the DC Comics mythology there are few more formidable opponents than Vandal Savage (played by Casper Crump) the immortal menace was a thorn in the side of the “Golden Age” heroes before plotting to destroy their “Modern Age” counterparts…and because Savage is a dastardly long-lived kind of baddie, he’s proven really hard to kill. Savage is the ideal candidate for the premise introduced to set-up Legends.

But most beautifully, the writing team with includes some of DC Comics most devoted fanboys, and I do mean show runners Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim — both writers have placed at the center of the controversy a character the although once once a “sidekick” of sorts, when Hawkgirl took a pivotal role as a founding member on the Justice League cartoon series, her wingspan peaked!

Hawkman (Falk Henschel) and Hawkgirl (Ciare Renée) join The Flash and Arrow as they prepare to become Legends in the next spin-off set to premiere in early 2016.

Now the reincarnated form of Kendra Saunders has evolved again, and has been brought to life by the dashingly exciting and relatively new talent on the television spectrum Ciara Renée — the veteran of stage has given rise to the latest hero to come to life and borrow the spotlight from the boys, before taking her rightful place on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


When the cast was introduced at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015, the young woman was already showing a ferocious eagerness to jump right into the suit and show everyone what she’s got. With Tuesday night’s first-part crossover on The Flash entitled “Legends of Today” Renée proves she’s no disappointment!

With the growing number of characters become part of a larger mythology — and rumors already circulating that Barry Allen may be popping over to pay Superman’s famous cousin a visit on Supergirl (more on that soon). fans can expect some very exciting stuff to take shape in the time-traveling adventures of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. In the meantime, I think it’s safe to say that Ciara Renée has earned her wings! Take flight! We’ll be watching you soar the friendly skies!

I’ll have my review of this season’s “Legends of Today” after Wednesday’s continuing arc on Arrow. Stay tuned!


The CW’s Heroes United!


On a spearhead trajectory to their midseason finales “Arrow” and “The Flash” prepare to raise the stakes and introduce some “Legends”.

It’s becoming apparently clear that The CW network will someday eventually relaunch as DC Comics TV! It wouldn’t be the first time that the network execs have had to repel the notion that (yes) right now they bolster the major muscle when it comes to action figures coming alive in primetime. This season alone The Flash has easily overtaken its competition by continuously keeping step (or even outmatching) with its counterparts on ABC (those agents who are battling “inhumans).

“Legends” assembled for the upcoming series crossover event that will set-up the next DC Comics TV Universe spin-off!

While Tuesday’s undoubtedly belong to the Scarlet Speedster, the Emerald Archer Arrow easily helps audiences get over the hump into the weekend. Now audiences are getting primed for what is shaping up as the “earth-shattering” event of the season when the two heroes pair off for another crossover event — this one will be promising to be the stuff of legends!

For the epic confrontation with new series villain Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) the “Heroes Join Forces” in a 2-part event that will redefine the way that genre fans have been digesting their superhero shows. Till this point we haven’t had a television series in primetime that is easily poised to position for the first time not 1 or 2 but several members of the Justice League — in the flesh!

Fans of Arrow have had four seasons to watch Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) pull his team of urban street fighters together into one of the most cohesive forces to take on crime in the newly christened Star City. That group now is faced with combating the dangerously elusive H.I.V.E. a notoriously paramilitary organization that is set on corruption at the core.

Over at S.T.A.R. Labs Barry Allen (Grunt Gustin) has been nurtured on his path to heroism by the able Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and the equally crafty Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) but both of these science sidekicks spend most of their time manning the consoles at the HQ, and only until recently has Cisco revealed his metahuman ability to “vibe”. Which came in handy when he met Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renée).

The mild-mannered counter girl who works part-time at Jitters, Central City’s most popular coffee shop, is about to learn she has a greater destiny to face — spreading her wings to become none other than Hawkgirl. In Part 1 of the upcoming crossover event entitled “Legends of Today” a person from Kendra’s past returns and he holds the secret to who this mystery woman really is.

Although the immortal madman Vandal Savage has something of an investment in Kendra and will do whatever it takes to stop her or her new super friends (sorry — had to be said). The long-lead trailer for the upcoming event is super and will be eagerly anticipated especially as it prepares to introduce the next DC TV Universe spin-off DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Don’t miss the two-part event beginning on Dec. 1 on The Flash followed by Arrow on Dec. 2. Take a look at the extended trailer here: