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UnBoxing | Star Trek V’GER Special Edition from Eaglemoss

Counted among one of the strangest and largest starships in the line of vessels that the USS Enterprise has ever confronted, the alien V’Ger is finally recreated by Eaglemoss Collections as a Special Edition release.

A threat so enormous that Admiral James T. Kirk personally undertook the mission, captaining the USS Enterprise which was still in the midst of a refit, to intercept an alien presence on a collision course with Earth, V’Ger the alien spacecraft introduced in Star Trek: The Motion Picture made quite the cinematic impression on the wide screen. The starship was the first ship that faced off against Kirk and his crew when the Star Trek franchise was brought to film in 1979.

The model of V’Ger is expertly detailed to match its onscreen counterpart.

The vessel was making its way across the cosmos on a trajectory towards our solar system. Its final destination? Earth. Although the USS Enterprise met V’Ger head-on, the starship itself was so big that on screen audiences hardly got a good view of it; it wasn’t until the eventual release of the “Director’s Cut” of the film that V’Ger was fully realized. Eaglemoss Collections now features as part of its Star Trek The Official Starships Collection a “Special Edition” of the model — beautifully detailed and sculpted from plastic and die-cast metal parts.

Special Edition

Although Eaglemoss had announced earlier this year that it would be extended its line of models to a total of 160 individual pieces, the “Special Edition” releases which stand outside of the original line and the XL Edition ships may continue beyond the limits of the run. V’Ger comes in at just about 8.5 inches and includes a display stand to pose the model sturdily on your shelf. The package also includes a 16-page magazine that covers the design ideas and approaches behind the ship that would appear in the film.

V’Ger | Speical Edition | Star Trek The Official Starships Collections from Eaglemoss Collections | $44.99  available on the Eaglemoss Collections website or as part of the subscription service.


UnBoxing | Eaglemoss BSG | VIPER MARK II

The iconic one-man fighter revamped for the 2002 reboot of Battlestar Galactica gets the collectible treatment in the newest high-end line of models from Eaglemoss Collections.

There are only a handful of designs in the realm of the science-fiction and fantasy genre that are as readily recognizable as the starships that appeared in Battlestar Galactica. When the series was revamped in the new millennium for the SyFy Original Series, diehard fans kept the expectations low approaching with trepidation fully aware that executive producer Ronald D. Moore was taking a fresher perspective in modernizing the overall feel of the show based on the 1978 run.

Inevitably the series emerged a ratings hit for the network and actually jumpstarted the “reboot” phenomenon. Moore’s team of creatives held close to many of the originals groundbreaking elements, largely inspired by the success of the Star Wars films, and chief among those designs was the primary starfighter enlisted to defend the heroic fleet against the advancing centurion opponents. The ship tasked with that effort was the Colonial Fleet’s space superiority fighter, the Viper.

Eaglemoss Collections through Hero Collector has continued to provide the fandom with high-end merchandise and inaugurated its latest line Battlestar Galactica The Official Ships Collection with the Viper Mark II as it appeared in the 2002 reboot. Keeping with a traditional of excellence, the model itself measures in at nearly 11 inches and is expertly detailed, made of die-cast metal and high quality ABS plastic material. The starfighter sits balanced on a display stand and is significantly weighed to keep it properly settled.

The model measures in at approximately 11″ and is packaged with a detailed 16-page magazine.

Ships In The Line

The Viper Mark II bears the insignia of the Battlestar Galactica and the call signs of Captain Kara Thrace, “Starbuck” the fan-favorite character played by Katee Sackhoff on the series. As audiences recall, the Viper played a significant role in the ultimate climax of the series’ arc. The 16-page magazine that accompanies the model details the backstory of the design team’s inspiration for reimagining design, while staying faithful to the original. Moore was determined, as were the network executives that if any ship would closely resemble the original it was the Viper.

Although the Mark II is ultimately replaced by the more advanced Mark VII as the first line of defense against the Cylons, the Mark II are rapidly deployed into service to defend the colonial fleet and prove themselves as indispensable as ever. Eaglemoss has captured the essence of this iconic ship, the first in the Official Ships Collection that will feature designs from both the 2002 reboot and the 1970s Original Series. Follow the link below to check out the entire line available as part of the subscription service.

For the avid fan who has admired this ship design, this model will make a prize addition to any collection. Expertly styled, beautifully and accurately detailed and built to be proudly displayed it brings the excitement of this most beloved franchise to life.

Battlestar Galactica The Official Ships Collection | Viper Mark II is available through Eaglemoss Collections. Click on the link to subscribe.

UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery Starship USS BURAN from Eaglemoss Collections

The USS Buran has already achieved a legendary status in the era of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY especially since all hands onboard were lost in a Klingon attack with only its captain to tell the tale!

In the world of Star Trek its starships are just as significant as the crews that inhabit them. Only a handful will achieve the near-mythic level of recognition in the annals of Starfleet history. Certainly the USS Enterprise from its NX designation through each generation, has held one of the most storied reputations in the known galaxy, especially because of its captains. In the era of Star Trek: Discovery and in the midst of the Klingon war with the Federation, the USS Buran NCC-1422 played a pivotal role in the early months of the conflict.

The Cardenas-class vessel was approximately the same size as the explorer ship USS Shenzhou but with its distinct quad warp nacelle design, the class appeared immediately more formidable and agile in comparison to other Federation ships in service during the 2250s. The USS Buran was captained by Gabriel Lorca and was engaged by an adversarial Klingon force at the onset of hostility between the two super-powers, and following the events of the Battle at the Binary Stars. Rather than be taken hostage, Lorca destroyed the USS Buran — but he himself escaped.

The USS Buran was lost with all hands onboard, with the exception of its captain and first officer, both of which would be reassigned to the USS Discovery with Lorca placed at the center seat of the experimental science vessel, quickly modified to serve as a Federation warship. Another Cardenas-class ship that was famously lost in battle was the USS Yeager NCC-1437 which was among the initial casualties of the aforementioned Battle at the Binary Stars. That interstellar scrimmage is charged with beginning the decade-long Klingon-Federation War.

Highly Collectible

Issue #7 in the Eaglemoss Collections of models for Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection the USS Buran NCC-1422 is among the most beautifully crafted of the ships featured i the line. The starship model itself measures over 8” in length and is expertly detailed. The striking black and gray color markings on the hull give the Cardenas-class starship a unique flair, and highlight its muscularly impressive profile. The quad warp nacelles also suggest the ship was particularly fast and agile.

Though there have only been a handful of similarly styled ships in the line, the quad warp nacelle has often been deemed redundant since in order for a ship to produce a warp field it only needs to have two fully engaged warp nacelles to propel it forward. The additional two nacelles would serve as a backup in the case that the ship experienced engine failure, or needed to distribute its power more efficiently. Though particularly well-structured the Cardenas-class would not endure past the latter half of the 23rd Century.

USS Buran NCC-1422 | Issue #7 | Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection from Eaglemoss Collections available now and includes a detailed magazine.

Unboxing | Eaglemoss Collections KLINGON WARSHIPS

The Final Frontier’s Klingon armada takes shape in two recent releases from Eaglemoss Collections for the Official Star Trek Starships Collections.

In the Star Trek universe the Federation has nary faced an adversary as unpredictable and cunning as the Klingons. Since the series very beginnings, the plagued the peace loving Federation with war at ever conceivable corner, in fact the Klingons inadvertently had a huge part in Earth’s first journey into the final frontier as explored in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. It’s no surprise the Klingons play a crucial role in the newest series Star Trek: Discovery which takes place during the Federation’s war with the Empire.

With Captain Kirk’s crew behind the controls of Starfleet’s flagship the Enterprise, it only makes perfect sense that the Klingons would themselves charge to the space ways with a vessel that is formidable and impressive as its Constitution-class contemporary. In fact, there’s perhaps no other ships in the Star Trek universe that are more popular or as distinct as the Klingon Battlecruiser or the Klingon Bird-of-Prey. The basics silhouette and shape of which is as recognizable as the Enterprise’s own saucer, engineering section and twin nacelles.

Regardless of which iteration of Star Trek one follows, the Klingons have basically kept their starships to a very similar design since first introduced in The Original Series episode “Elaan of Troyius” although they made their broadcast introduction in the episode “The Enterprise Incident” and were depicted as Romulan ships. This would eventually be corrected in canon explaining that it made perfect sense that the Romulans would be seen using Klingon starships since the two species were in a treaty to share technology. The D7 Battlecruiser was designed by Matt Jeffries.

The Klingons Get a Reboot

When the Star Trek franchise was revitalized for its theatrical release in 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture the familiar Klingon ship would get a much needed overhaul for it’s big screen introduction. When Star Trek was again rebooted in 2009 by filmmaker J.J. Abrams not only was the new vision dependent on giving ships like the Enterprise much more of a muscular presence for the more contemporary and sophisticated audience, Abrams also wanted to reveal that the Klingons also mirrored their adversary’s ambitions.

Although the ships make a less than dramatic appearance on screen as part of Kirk’s infamous training mission to rescue the imperiled Kobayashi Maru the Klingon Battlecruisers that appear in the reboot, have been recreated by the die-cast modelers at Eaglemoss Collections as part of their continuously expanding line of models for Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection. The impressively sturdy 8” model captures much of the spirit of the original fearsome D7 Battlecruiser and reveals the subtle detailing to give that classic a more robust and deadlier profile.

Abram’s design team did not deviate as dramatically from the original Klingon Battlecruiser as they did with the Enterprise, although the Bird-Of-Preys that appeared in the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness did go further to insist upon the predator and carrion-like appearance for that ship design. It’s a very nice nod to the classic that this new model stays true in many ways to the original that has often proven a fan favorite, although many of the distinct shapes that can be connected to the reboot’s Klingons can be seen in the vessel’s bony plates and surface details.

A New Discovery

For the newest series Star Trek: Discovery the Klingons were evolved a little more than any of its previous iterations, and given that the series marks the beginnings of the fabled Federation/Klingon war of the 23rd Century, the series’ designers decided to reintroduce the Klingons as far more alien and unfamiliar to the audience. These Klingons are actually working to reconstitute their various houses, preferring to adhere to a more xenophobic attitude and return the Klingons to their former place as powerful conquerors. Their ships are far more “organic” looking and ceremonial.

Recently released as part of Eaglemoss’ Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collections Issue 4 (re)introduces the Klingon Bird-Of-Prey first seen during the epic Battle at the Binary Stars. The new version, which is in every way a predecessor of the more familiar design that takes out the Enterprise in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is as eerie as it is deadly. The ship promotes the Klingon ethos that lives up to the ship’s name, but is much more ornate and gives the impression that as it glides through space it carves out a bloody path.

Being able to handle the newly designed Bird-Of-Prey and compare it to its other contemporary reimagining is a wonderful gift for fans. Though both represent very divergent interpretations of the Star Trek universe, they both inhabit the path and pride of the Klingon species. Both models are packaged with display stands and detailed magazines featuring never-before-seen designs and reference material detailing the inspirations behind the most feared ships in farthest reaches of the final frontier.

Goto www.startrek-starships.com and star your collection now.

UnBoxing | Eaglemoss Collections STAR TREK Concept Ships

Expanding on the fan-offering and expectations Eaglemoss Collections opens the door to all-new, all-different possibilities in the STAR TREK Starships Collection with its look at the lens of the “Concept Series”.

With the advent popularity of the CBS All Access Original Series Star Trek: Discovery validating into canon and heralding Starfleet’s “experimental age” of warp flight, Eaglemoss Collections has capitalized (somewhat) on the idea of populating its world of the high-end collectible models in the series of the Star Trek Starships Official Collections with an entire offering of starships celebrating “what could have been”. The collection of models is uniquely crafted from die-cast metal parts and plastic with an eye for incredible detail. 

The Starfleet of the 23rd Century is populated with the hot-roddery heft of the Walker-Class and the elegantly styled Crossfield-Class — these ships appearing less tradition than any starship audiences have experienced in the Star Trek franchise’s history. The major components are still most prevalent and familiar: a saucer section, nacelles and engineering component, although most of the ships in the line appearing in Discovery feature more angular lines and longer-length nacelles — the reason of which is still being explored in the series’ narrative.

Now Voyager!

Longtime Trek designer Rick Sternbach was among the senior development team during the 1990s working on the syndicated series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine and when Star Trek: Voyager was going into pre-production there were several approaches to the shape the “hero” ship would take. Sternbach went to work on Captain Kathyrn Janeway’s ship. The USS Voyager was commissioned for deep-space exploratory missions penetrating the most hostile interstellar territory and equipped with an alternative-energy source to power its drive.

It was also a multi-functional vessel with a modest sized crew; not as big as the Enterprise it was also able to make landfall on planets to resupply or take in the sights. Sternbach’s first-pass at the Voyager featured one of the most progressive designs for a Starfleet ship of its era. In the past most fleet vessels incorporated a saucer and distinguishing “neck” that connected the two parts of the ship. The Voyager was presented with a dart-like configuration that made it appear more agile. Sternbach’s original design appeared to take inspiration from a Runabout shuttle.

The engineering hull is much more compact and designed to closely fit to the primary “arrowhead” hull which supports the bridge; the nacelles are also uncommonly long on Sternbach’s early version of the Voyager and protrude similarly to the aforementioned Runabout shuttle design hanging low and aligned to enhance the more streamlined approach. The Voyager ship design would evolve further and would incorporate a “rounder” more nautical-looking body. Sternbach’s Voyager also had its own designation of NCC-73602 before the official NCC-74656.

At the time that Sternbach was hard at work finalizing the look of the USS Voyager his colleague John Eaves was assigned to give Picard’s USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E a polishing for TNG crew’s next big-screen appearance in First Contact. Without sharing any of their preliminary sketches with each other, it appeared that both conceptual artists were on a similar tangent. The each had designed the next generation of Starfleet vessels with a new approach to the saucer, changing the shape to suggest speed and also bring it in tighter to the secondary hull for heft.

Concept Collection

The model recreated for the Eaglemoss Collections line is well-crafted representation of Sternbach’s own larger-scale model which he used to present to the studio. The design was ultimately scrapped in favor of the now most-iconic look of the USS Voyager but it is undeniable to insist on the merit of the ship’s look especially now that collectors can add them to their own fleet. The “special edition” model come with a detailed magazine that profiles the evolution of the Voyager with rare photos and illustrations.

With the release of its latest model, the USS Voyager (Sternbach Concept) which is only available as a “shop exclusive” from the eaglemoss.com site, the “concept series” has expanded. Previous releases include the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C (Probert Concept) and USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Phase II Concept). The collection has also included the “Special Issue” release of the Enterprise NX-01 (Refit) which finally reveals to fans what could have been the evolution of Jonathan Archer’s revolutionary warp ship.

With Star Trek: Discovery now continuing the adventures and pushing the boundaries of the Final Frontier, the possibilities have truly become limitless. Starfleet’s “Age of Experimentation” is now at  the forefront of the mythology. 

UnBoxing | Star Trek Discovery Starships Collection

Eaglemoss Collections continues the tradition of creating for fans only the most exceptional line of starship models that now include the Federation’s all new additions with ships from Star Trek: Discovery.


We’re not giving anything away by revealing that if you’ve been watching Star Trek: Discovery long time trekkers have recently been vindicated! Their faith has paid off and the newest franchise installment has thrown a major curveball in its Season One that has had audiences — new and old — reeling with delight! The adventures of Specialist Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) may have only just begun, but the USS Discovery is destined for greatness for sure. The highly anticipated return of Star Trek to television has been met with thunderous applause.

Selectively setting themselves apart in the collectible arena Eaglemoss Collections the creators of officially sanctioned memorabilia including the expansive Star Trek Starships Collection (which includes more than 100 standard starship die-cast models, nearly a dozen “special edition” releases and now the larger XL Edition line) is expanding on its brand with the release of the Star Trek Discovery Official Starships Collection. An entirely new assortment of die-cast and resin models based on the vessels appearing in the new CBS All Access Original Series.

The premiere release is appropriately the USS Shenzhou NCC-1227a Walker-class vessel and when DSC launches it is the ship at the center of it all. Captain Philippa Georgiou’s vessel is beautifully captured in this new model that measures nearly 8” inches in length and is expertly detailed so collectors can get a good look at the hero ship designed for the series by veteran Star Trek production artist John Eaves. The model sits rightly perched on its display stand and includes a collector’s magazine with concept art and the USS Shenzhou’s mission profile.

Designs Discovered

There was a lot about Star Trek: Discovery that immediately got the attention of fans, not withstanding the starship designs especially of its two hero ships. The USS Shenzhou and the USS Discovery chronologically are meant to belong to the same fleet as the Constitution-class USS Enterprise which is sharing the same space somewhere in the Alpha-Quadrant on its initial mission under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. The starships that have been introduced in DSC appear far more sophisticated even to the predecessor NX-01 Enterprise.

Fortunately there’s an established very good reason why the ships look so dramatically differently, and it was a theory introduced by longtime Star Trek designer John Eaves— and it’s a really good one. Eaves who has been responsible for creating designs for previous franchise television spin-offs and theatrical features, and who has had a hand in the shape of several “hero” ships was tasked with spearheading the designs of DSC two premiere vessels. He drew inspiration from aviation and most specifically from the 40’s era of “X” planes.

The theory is that these series of Starfleet ships, which have gone into service 100-years after the duly noted NX-01 commandeered by Johnathan Archer, divert dramatically from architecture that may have been heavily influenced by the Vulcan cooperative that pioneered the warp-5 designs. The USS Shenzhou and the USS Discovery including other ships in the service of the Federation in 23rd Century of Star Trek: Discovery are meant to reflect a drastic departure independent of any previous design influences, inherently far more Earth-influenced — experimental and pioneering.

The CG model used in the series serves as the template to recreate each individual scaled replica which is colored and detailed to match.

Although the Constitution-class Enterprise is already setting records on its maiden voyage, the USS Shenzhou captained with distinction by Philippa Georgiou (series guest star Michelle Yeoh) is considered “past its prime” and technologically dated in comparison to the more “streamlined” Enterprise or even the experimental USS Discovery. When the ship is introduced into the show, Georgiou who has been grooming her first officer Michael Burnham for her own command, appears to almost be suggesting retiring the USS Shenzhou, that is until the reemergence of the Klingons!

Special Edition Collectible

Following the widely popular Star Trek Starships Collection XL Editions also by Eaglemoss Collections reissuing the most popular hero ships in the line cast in a more formidable scale, the Star Trek Discovery Starship Collection is taking its lead from the success of the “Special Edition” models and giving fans a larger, more detailed to scale offering to add on the shelf. Alongside the recently released XL Edition of the NX-01 Enterprise the USS Shenzhou properly assumes its place in Star Trek history and looks to confirm to continuity seamlessly.

The fan-favorite magazine that accompanies the models have also been scaled down from the Official Starships Collection fanzine size; the new 8×10 glossy presentation won’t slip easily into the established binders, but certainly provide a tighter and comprehensive look at each ship. The cover art puts the series’ CG model front and center and inside the ship’s specifications are supported by previously unreleased perspectives of the Star Trek Discovery ships that really bring them to life. In 16-pages learn everything there is to learn about the latests ships in the fleet.

The price point is also well-suited and as an introductory offer subscriptions to the line begin at $9.99 with your first order, and each vessel in the collection will be shipped at under $50 — a 15% discount from purchasing the collection at retail price, and you’re guaranteed to not miss any new arrivals. Issue 2 continues with Captain Lorca’s USS Discovery NCC 1031 and will spotlight a dozen ships from the series including a half-dozen Federation ships that are inspired by this, the “experimental” era of Starfleet, to bring down the merciless Klingons.

Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection is available to order by visiting eaglemoss.com/discovery for exclusive subscription offers.