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And Now…STAR WARS REBELS Season 4 Trailer

The celebration continues! With ROGUE ONE now out on Blu-ray, the stand-alone STAR WARS Story has linked with the popular animated adventures STAR WARS REBELS and the latest sneak peek at the upcoming new Season 4 trailer is setting things up for a final battle! The STAR WARS animated adventures including Clone Wars and its follow-up Star Wars Rebels have

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Star Wars Rebels: Bridging the Battle

The animated adventure sets up the connectivity between the prequel saga and the events leading up to “A New Hope”. The animated Cartoon Network series Star Wars: The Clone Wars which ran for several award-winning seasons, elaborated upon the escalation of the darkest times within the Republic. The time between Episode II and Episode III needed its own platform in which to evolve the story that

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Star Wars: From Rebelion to Resistance

A small band of freedom fighter begin to push back against the oppression of the Empire and soon the Rebellion is born! Star Wars Rebels follows those freedom fighter as they forge alliances across the galaxy and resist the evil of the Empire. Their story continues and is further explored by the time that we join our established heroes in Episode IV – A New Hope but in the meantime, not that Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels is fully in play and the threat of Darth Vader is being felt all across space, we’ll take a look at the series and how it impacts the mythology certainly playing into the expanded universe.

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