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UnBoxing | Star Trek Discovery USS EDISON from Eaglemoss

Among the ships in the Starfleet armada that answered the USS Shenzhou’s distress message at the Battle of the Binary Stars the USS Edison was lost with all hands onboard after valiantly pushing against the Klingon forces.

Designed as a troop transporter intended to move soldiers and small range fighters into the thick of hostile confrontations, the USS Edison NCC-1683 was introduced at the beginning of Season One of STAR TREK DISCOVERY and was part of a series of background ships that would help illustrate the depth of the Federation’s initial confrontation with the Klingon Empire at infamous Battle of the Binary Stars. The ship’s designer John Eaves attacked this latest assignment in the same fashion as any of the hero ships he’d approached in the past.


Though a lot more compact in size by comparison to the larger USS Discovery the USS Edison NCC-1683 is a Hoover-class ship with an unusually diamond-shaped aft station that appeared crafted as a landing bay where small one-person fighters could be loaded and deployed in mass and into combat situations. The engineering hull was housed beneath the main saucer section of the ship and was uncharacteristically swept forward instead of a naturally aerodynamically back with the nacelles nestled on either side in a catamaran style.

When Eaves submitted the various design options for the fleet ships that inhabited the 23rd Century of STAR TREK DISCOVERY the similarities in the silhouette of certain ship designs encouraged the design team to make minor adjustments and modifications once Eaves initial pitches made the cut. The USS Edison quickly moved up the ranks and although it had relatively little screen time, the Hoover-class may eventually return in another iteration in an upcoming episode of the new series. Its triangular aft area has a design appeal that is evocative of the USS Reliant.


Ship In The Line

Delivering on its promise of quality collectible items Eaglemoss Collections release of the USS Edison NCC-1683 marks the sixteenth release in the line of models based off of designs appearing in STAR TREK DISCOVERY and is a larger offering than their standard models, excluding the “XL Editions” which are their latest more elite line of collectibles. The USS Edison remains interesting in that it continues to push the envelope of starship designs, but still has a way of remaining faithful to canon and fan’s expectations.

The model itself is beautifully detailed and captures the spirit of the starship, with amazing sculpted parts in both a high-end plastic and die-cast metal.

USS Edison NCC-1683 | Issue 15 | Star Trek Discovery The Official Starships Collections from Eaglemoss Collections | $54.95 available on the Eaglemoss Collections website or as part of the subscription service.


UnBoxing | Star Trek Discovery USS ENTERPRISE

The most renowned vessel in Starfleet gets redux and steals some of the thunder from the hero ship in the latest spin-off series Star Trek Discovery is now available as a model available from Eaglemoss Collections.

In this season of Star Trek Discovery the crew of the 23rd Century Crossfield-class ship found themselves on a unique mission, and in order to fulfill their directive they were led across the galaxy by a new captain. Captain Christopher Pike was brought onboard after his own ship, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 intercepted the USS Discovery while en route to Vulcan. The Constitution-class ship is part of a venerable lineage, its name dating back to a proud history, including the first warp-5 ships that pioneered Starfleet’s inaugural voyages.


Pike’s ship was not among those that intercepted the Klingon armada at the Battle of the Binary Stars; on the instruction of the Federation’s senior admirals the captain was ordered to take the Enterprise as far away from the battle as possible. When one of his crew was compromised, Pike sought out Starfleet officer Michael Bernham, the brother of Enterprise science-officer Spock, who had gone missing while chasing down a mysterious series of signals that were appearing throughout the quadrant.

While Pike served as the Discovery’s provisional commanding officer during the course of its mission to find Spock, the USS Enterprise under the command of its first officer Number One, provided auxiliary support in the field until it became imperative to engage in tandem in order to complete the mission. The crew of the USS Enterprise worked heroically to help the USS Discovery in its final plan — a plan that would ultimately lead to the disappearance of the USS Discovery and its entire crew.

The Model in the Series

This is the second model of this version of the USS Enterprise reproduced by Eaglemoss Collections. The 8.5” model crafted in high-quality plastic and die-cast metal is Issue 12 in the series dedicated to covering the vessels from Star Trek Discovery The Official Starships Collection. The first model was slightly larger in scale and premiered as a Special Issue from the XL Edition of ships. Both are beautifully detailed and capture the spirit of the ship that continues to capture the imaginations of fans of one of the most enduring sci-fi franchises in entertainment.

The model is packaged with a 16-page glossy magazine that includes ship specifications and behind-the-scenes designs that inspired the show’s team to take on the legendary starship. modernizing it for an entirely new generation. The USS Enterprise was also relevantly upgraded to fit in with the era of Star Trek Discovery but also to align with Star Trek canon and its enduring legacy. It was important to the show’s creators that it still remain familiar and could suggest it evolves into the Constitution-class ship of The Original Series.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 | Issue 12 | Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek Discovery • The Official Starships Collection

Visit Eaglemoss Collections for more on the series of models.

UnBoxing | Star Trek Discovery WORKER BEE

The latest release from Eaglemoss Collections features one of the Federation’s tried and true auxiliary craft, the WORKER BEE has been seen in service throughout Star Trek incarnations.

Even in the 23rd Century, starship crewman depend on several modes of transportation to get the mission accomplished. In the future, the Federation has depended on auxiliary vessel in order to help construct and service the fleet. Worker Bees, smaller one or two-man vehicles were glimpsed helping to refit the Starship Enterprise in dry dock in Star Trek: The Motion Picture as Captain Kirk returned to reclaim the bridge of his ship in order to intercept the approaching alien threat of V’Ger.

The Worker Bee has remained a constant fixture in Star Trek continuity and has played a significant role in the latest iteration of the mythology. Eaglemoss Collections captures the spirit of the Federation auxiliary craft in its latest release; the Worker Bee is reproduced for Issue #13 part of the Star Trek Discovery The Official Starships Collection. The die-cast model combines plastic parts in incredible detailing to bring collectors a close-up look at the ship that has played a significant part throughout the two seasons of the current Star Trek franchise hit. 

The Worker Bee is immortalized in the latest model from Eaglemoss Collections.

Working Hard

The model comes in at over 6” in length and is expertly detailed. The version reproduced is the two-seater version of the auxiliary craft that is used aboard the USS Discovery to move vital components across the ship’s cargo bays. The Worker Bee has also been used in space, and as described in the enclosed magazine detailing the background of the versatile little ship. The original ship was designed by Andrew Probert for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and was redesigned for Star Trek Discovery by Ray Lai.

The designer took the basic tropes from Probert’s initial take of the Worker Bee and applied the same principles, while matching the production’s expectation of what the craft would be doing within the narrative of the script. Initially the Worker Bee was to be utilized to help Michael Burnham escape the confines of the brig at “The Battle of the Binary Stars” raged outside. The craft would be seen again throughout the season, moving crates within the USS Discovery cargo bay and is even outfitted with a laser to manage some exterior ship repairs.

The model sits about 4” high on its included display stand and is expertly detailed by the craftsmen at Eaglemoss.

Worker Bee Issue #13 | Star Trek Discovery The Official Starships Collection | Eaglemoss Collections is available through the subscription service and the Eaglemoss webiste here.

UnBoxing | Star Trek Discovery KLINGON BIRD-OF-PREY

The most feared warship in the known galaxy — like you’ve never seen it before — continues to evolve in its latest iteration from the Star Trek Discovery and brought home from Eaglemoss Collections.

When the USS Shenzhou decided to wake the bear that is the Klingon Empire at the Battle of the Binary Stars, Star Trek Discovery took the opportunity to once again (re)introduce the most formidible alien species in the galaxy. The Klingons have been a favorite fan, and within the canon of Star Trek history they are the Federation’s most fearsome adversary. With their reintegration into the 23rd century continuity establishing more details of the Klingon/Federation War, this enemy has never looked more ferocious.

The creatives behind the new series have had a distinct freedom to explore technologies and designs for Star Trek Discovery and that’s most evident in the radically more alien look at the Klingons. Even the 23rd Century Bird-Of-Prey the most notorious warship in the Klingon fleet, had a very atypical design and terrifyingly ornate aesthetic; more muscular and constructed to strike fear, the craft looks very much like its namesake implies serving to strike fear in the hearts of its enemies.

A close-up of the Klingon Bird-Of-Prey reveals the intricate detail and vastly more vascular look at the approach the design took to make this 23rd Century war ship different from its predecessors.

The Bird Takes Flight

Eaglemoss Collections recreates the newest Klingon Bird-Of-Prey for its Star Trek Discovery Official Starship Collection and begins to assemble the fleet of the Klingon forces that soar into battle during the Klingon/Federation War and are first glimpsed at the Battle of the Binary Stars of 2256. The model is based on the designs of Sam Michlap. The design team was tasked with giving the Klingons, especially the iconic Bird-Of-Prey a more “aggressive” look. Michlap chose a direction that gave the ship the impression that it can slice its way through space.

The high-end collectible comes in at about 6” from stem to stern, approximating the actual size of the warship which measures 188.7 meters, keeping it within the anticipated size of its predecessors. The Klingons historically dispatched the Bird-Of-Prey as escort ships or as wing defenders; they’ve also served as the introductory arsenal heralding a Klingon invasion. Featuring the recognizable wing-swept design of the line, the vessel was also impressively armed with multiple phaser banks and photon torpedos.

Michlap explains the radical new approach to the ship’s design in the 16-page magazine that accompanies the model (along with a display stand) and admits that much of the Gothic design and texture of the ship was inspired by ornamental details found in cathedrals and especially Islamic architecture. This undoubtedly marries the 23rd Century Klingons very closely to their cultural connection of a more ceremonial people. The Bird-Of-Prey is seen protecting the fleet and is called upon with the enormous Sarcophagus Ship is in peril.

First of the Fleet

Besides the introduction of the unique Klingon Bird-Of-Prey to the line, Eaglemoss has also issued the Klingon destroyer Qugh Class (Issue #8) and the much more elegant Qoj Class (Issue #10). Both ships and their respective models give fans an alternative insight into this formidable force, which is still developing and playing a significant role in the evolution of the narrative storyline of Star Trek Discovery in its Second Season. The ship models are available for purchase individually or as part of Eaglemoss Collections subscription service.

Klingon Bird-Of-Prey | Star Trek Discovery Official Starships Collection Issue #4 is available now from Eaglemoss Collections. Click on the link here!

UnBoxing | USS ENTERPRISE (Star Trek: Discovery)

The classic hero ship gets a “refit” for its appearance in the Second Season of Star Trek: Discovery and is captured in a beautifully crafted XL Edition for fans to covet and add to their own fleet courtesy of Eaglemoss Collections.

With the anticipation over the premiere of the Second Season of the CBS All Access Original Series Star Trek: Discovery has certainly drummed up expectations of fans who are looking forward to returning to Federation space and travel the interstellar spaceways with the crew of the USS Discovery. The inaugural season of the newest Star Trek spin-off, the first since Enterprise went off the air a decade ago, featured more twists and turns and did more for expanding the universe of Gene Roddenberry’s final frontier than even the big screen reboot by J.J. Abrams.

At the conclusion of a surprising turn of events that included an incursion into the alternate “mirror” universe, before the Starship Discovery returned to normal space and the continuing engagements between the Klingon Empire and Starfleet, the crew intercepted a message from a ship in the fleet — that vessel designated NCC-1701 — the USS Enterprise. With Star Trek: Discovery chronologically spaced 10 years before Captain Kirk’s famous five-year mission, the commanding officer on the bridge of the Enterprise would most likely be Captain Pike.

The latest trailers for Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery have confirmed that Pike will indeed be joining the adventure this season aboard the Discovery; in fact, he’ll be stepping into the center seat and will be played by Anson Mount. The last actor to portray Pike was Bruce Greenwood who played the decorated captain on the big screen for J.J. Abrams reboot Star Trek set in the alternate “Kelvin” timeline after Jeffrey Hunter originated the role for the pilot episode “The Cage” of The Original Series.

In the cliffhanger final moments of Season Two, the USS Enterprise comes into view and aligns itself against the USS Discovery. Although she’s strikingly familiar in her classic configuration, it’s very obvious that this version of the Constitution-class starship has been modified to sync with the look and feel of the current Star Trek universe. Though only glimpsed on screen for a few seconds, the new Enterprise was captured in greater detail by longtime production artist John Eaves who featured the two hero ships alongside one another in recently released production art.

Strikingly familiar but modernized with only a few slight details the USS Enterprise as it will appear this season on “Star Trek: Discovery”.


It didn’t take very long for Eaglemoss Collections to bring this latest iteration of the Enterprise to fans. Partnering with CBS to recreate the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 as part of its Star Trek Official Starship Collection of models for its XL Edition line which reproduces high-end collectible versions of its popular ship models in larger scale allowing for more detail and accurate styling, the model of the new USS Enterprise is spectacularly recreated as an 8 inch replica with striking surface detail, and is based on the John Eaves design.

The model, which stands superbly upon its display, is both subtly redesigned while still maintaining the look of the starship first introduced in the 1960s series, and suggests that it fits between Matt Jeffries original look while borrowing some particulars from the refit Enterprise that appeared in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Most obviously are the backswept struts that support the warp nacelles immediately giving this version of the starship are swifter looking appeal. The nacelles themselves have only been slightly modified by adhering to the Discovery sensibility and design.

The saucer section is far more elaborately detailed and suggests a few more “open” viewing areas and more obvious weapon systems, matching the look of the “refit” Enterprise that appeared in the motion picture, making for a more formidable ship. The model’s color also is in-line with the theme that audiences have become familiar with thanks to Discovery. At a whopping 8” this model sits handsomely right next to its sister ships also part of the XL Edition and will leave fans wanting more. It feels like an old friend dusted and polished off for a whole new generation.

Eaglemoss Collections | USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (2256) | Star Trek: Discovery part of the Star Trek Official Starships Collections XL Editions is available now from the Eaglemoss Collections website here: Shop Eaglemoss.com

UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery Starship USS BURAN from Eaglemoss Collections

The USS Buran has already achieved a legendary status in the era of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY especially since all hands onboard were lost in a Klingon attack with only its captain to tell the tale!

In the world of Star Trek its starships are just as significant as the crews that inhabit them. Only a handful will achieve the near-mythic level of recognition in the annals of Starfleet history. Certainly the USS Enterprise from its NX designation through each generation, has held one of the most storied reputations in the known galaxy, especially because of its captains. In the era of Star Trek: Discovery and in the midst of the Klingon war with the Federation, the USS Buran NCC-1422 played a pivotal role in the early months of the conflict.

The Cardenas-class vessel was approximately the same size as the explorer ship USS Shenzhou but with its distinct quad warp nacelle design, the class appeared immediately more formidable and agile in comparison to other Federation ships in service during the 2250s. The USS Buran was captained by Gabriel Lorca and was engaged by an adversarial Klingon force at the onset of hostility between the two super-powers, and following the events of the Battle at the Binary Stars. Rather than be taken hostage, Lorca destroyed the USS Buran — but he himself escaped.

The USS Buran was lost with all hands onboard, with the exception of its captain and first officer, both of which would be reassigned to the USS Discovery with Lorca placed at the center seat of the experimental science vessel, quickly modified to serve as a Federation warship. Another Cardenas-class ship that was famously lost in battle was the USS Yeager NCC-1437 which was among the initial casualties of the aforementioned Battle at the Binary Stars. That interstellar scrimmage is charged with beginning the decade-long Klingon-Federation War.

Highly Collectible

Issue #7 in the Eaglemoss Collections of models for Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection the USS Buran NCC-1422 is among the most beautifully crafted of the ships featured i the line. The starship model itself measures over 8” in length and is expertly detailed. The striking black and gray color markings on the hull give the Cardenas-class starship a unique flair, and highlight its muscularly impressive profile. The quad warp nacelles also suggest the ship was particularly fast and agile.

Though there have only been a handful of similarly styled ships in the line, the quad warp nacelle has often been deemed redundant since in order for a ship to produce a warp field it only needs to have two fully engaged warp nacelles to propel it forward. The additional two nacelles would serve as a backup in the case that the ship experienced engine failure, or needed to distribute its power more efficiently. Though particularly well-structured the Cardenas-class would not endure past the latter half of the 23rd Century.

USS Buran NCC-1422 | Issue #7 | Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection from Eaglemoss Collections available now and includes a detailed magazine.