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This Week | THE FLASH Runs Full-Speed into a Season Finale!

THINK FAST! The Flash is going to have to if he plans to finally defeat an enemy that has proven ten steps ahead of the Fastest Man Alive!

It’s been an extraordinary season for all the DC inspired television series! Defying expectations show-runners dug deeper into their main characters backgrounds and brought out adversaries that were far more inclined to push the boundaries of the directions that long-running series had established! On FOX’s Gotham the prequel series tackled the decisively complicated origins of one of the Dark Knight’s most nefarious villains, while the SYFY’s new series Krypton revealed the complicities of the Man of Steel’s home world as a conspiracy takes shape to rewrite history.

On The CW, the network that dominate’s the primetime landscape with the most DC TV series this season journeyed into the multiverse for the most exciting crossover event with the epic “Crisis on Earth X” that brought together all the heroes from all four super powered series while introducing a new freedom fighter with The Ray. The CW also welcomed a new hero into its ranks with Black Lightning which follows the journey of a veteran vigilante who has come out of retirement to take down the urban corruption in his city and defend his family.

Arguably Arrow has had its most narratively complex storyline as it begun Season Six in the aftermath of a seismic explosion shaking up the world of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his allies as their city fell to an underworld gang leader. The recent season finale ended with the heart-stopping moment as Oliver after saying goodbye to one of his oldest friends, was taken off to prison after revealing his identity as the Green Arrow. Fans now have an entire summer to wonder just how he’ll get out of this latest predicament and what it means for the future of Star City.

Decidedly taking the approach to ground Oliver’s story is a much more “real world” situation, the street-fighting warfare that was most prevalent when the series premiered six years ago resonated with audiences and benefitted from not revisiting the “flashback” trope that was a vital component of its previous storylines. With the exception of the crossover event which brought metahumans, enhanced warriors and technological wonders together for the first time on the bridge of a time-travel starship, Arrow remained true to its baseline reality.

The villainy of The Thinker as portrayed by Neil Sandilands has proven himself among one The Flash’s most diabolical adversaries. This enemy has left a trail of bodies that no one could trace, because he assumes the identity of his victims!

The Fastest Mind Alive

Over in Central City, the home of The Flash Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was rescued from a self-imposed exile into the Speed Force but not without consequence. After defeating the Speed God, Savitar at the end of conclusion of Season Three, Barry’s world was torn up sunder and he was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to restore the natural balance or watch Central City get decimated by the Speed Force. His allies in S.T.A.R. Labs devised a plan to get Barry out of the Speed Force but unwittingly set in motion a series of events that would set up a new threat!

With the rise of The Thinker (played by guest star Neil Sandilands) this season, The Flash has seen his metal tested in a way most unfamiliar to him. In the past, the Scarlet Speedster and his friends were mostly challenged by adversarial speedsters which included the Reverse-Flash, Zoom and an arsenal from his classic Rogues Gallery. The Thinker presented our hero with a counterpart who was prepared to out-wit, not out race, The Flash and trip him up at every corner, engaging him in a dangerous plot to “enlighten” the world’s population.

This week’s Season Finale of The Flash finds our heroes in a startling predicament as The Thinker enacts his endgame, launching a series of satellites into orbit that will nullify the population and de-evolve them into a more docile state leaving everyone to the mercy of The Thinker’s superior intellect. With time running out “Team Flash” will have to pull-out all the stops to bring their enemy to his knees, though at what cost? Series show-runner Todd Helbing is promising that this final act of The Thinker’s will be full of surprises and perhaps might give viewers an idea of what’s to come! 

The Flash Season Finale “We Are the Flash” airs Tuesday, May 22 @ 8pm on The CW. Tune-in for my Season Four “Wrap-Up” Reporting coming this week!


THE WALKING DEAD Season Finale! “The First Day…”

It’s come to this! After one of the most dangerous and dark seasons of its entire run, the Seventh Season of THE WALKING DEAD leads to a climatic end in “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”.

(Warning! Spoilers Ahead:) Is Sasha experiencing her entire life as it nears its final moments? The ominous open to the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead is already making things terribly uneasy for fans. Negan still has her prisoner and is trying to convince her to turn against her friends — all she has to do is choose one. One of them has to die!

Meanwhile Dwight, one of Negan’s top guys,  has turned traitor — or so he says — and has presented Rick and his allies a plan to finally take down the Saviors. So it begins! The beginning of the end! The most tense story arc ever to take hold of a popular series in primetime and plunge its audience into an unmitigated death spiral that would last this long.

It’s been unprecedented indeed, but this is the world of The Walking Dead and in the zombie apocalypse when expectations should be really, the AMC Original Series has proven that it can still surprise. Rick had apparently rallied plenty of support to take on the Saviors, including some help from the shifty looking Scavengers.

Having ended up borrowing a weapons cache from Oceanside, and arming the Scavengers may have ultimately not been the smartest move after all. The confrontation between Negan and Rick was all season building to this moment; the two leaders have completely different ideas of how to survive, and living under Negan’s boot is just not living.

It’s no surprise that the battle goes the way that it does (ultimately) and that in a crafty twist utilizing story editing that juxtaposes Sasha’s relevancy during this entire final act — she becomes the secret weapon that turns the tide, and proves just how big a coward Negan is. The citizens of Alexandria are joined by the Hilltop and The Kingdom — in the nick of time.

And oh…there’s also a tiger. Eugene seems to have turned on his friends, though it appears that he may have been instrumental in synching Sasha’s Trojan attack at the last minute, so do we rule him out?

The final monologue, the “eulogy” that Maggie delivers explains it all, and also vindicates the audience’s depth and dedication to this show, that isn’t about zombies. It’s about the human condition, what inspires it survive despite the circumstances. To survive you accumulate a family along the way, and Maggie knows that especially since the fallen Glenn served best at exemplifying that ideal.

So Negan is repelled from Alexandria, with the combined help of a new family that’s emerged — together now Rick along with The Kingdom and the Hilltop will have to stand together, for the battle has only begun. With the climax of Season 7 reach its apex, now we have months to anticipate Season 8, and the 100th episode of The Walking Dead.

Thanks for bringing the tiger.

Last NITE ON :: THE WALKING DEAD “The Other Side”

A mission to take down Negan materializes as two unlikely allies put aside their differences to bring down THE WALKING DEAD’s most dangerous threat yet!

(No Spoilers Necessarily Ahead) Beginning almost in a quiet ballet of sorts, the latest episode of the AMC hit series The Walking Dead is entering into the final episodes of its eight season, and undoubtedly the most traumatic and trying of the show’s incredible run. This season one of the graphic novel’s most dastardly villains was realized and introduced into the television narrative. It’s definitely proven the statement that it is “Negan’s World”. At the onset the bat-swinging tyrant and leader of the Saviors took out two of our most valuable players. Even as the credits rolled, audiences had to say good-bye to two of its most loved and favorite characters.

Since then, the horror of Negan and his savagery has been a constant threat, now after what felt like a very long winter, it looks like our heroes, lead by Rick Grimes are ready to fight! And so are we! The Walking Dead has thrived from its ability to create a viscerally dangerous reality, a zombie apocalypse where it isn’t only the infected that are out to devour each other. Those working to survive this uninhibatiable future have more to fear from other survivors among the pockets of humanity looking to edge out an existence.

After taking their time, recouping their loses and licking their wounds, Rick and the rest of his group surviving within the community of Alexandria have decided, the time has come to unite with the other members of the local settlements and bring the battle to Negan’s doorstep. None are more determined to take down this big bad than Rosita and Sasha, who witnessed Abraham’s demise first hand. The two women had shared separately — at different times — an intimate relationship with the fallen soldier. The began their mission to single-handedly take on the Saviors.

Rosita recruits Sasha with the understanding that she needs her expert marksmanship to perhaps sniper Negan from a distance. As the Saviors converge on the Hilltop, one of the other surviving communities, the two make haste on their plan. In the meantime, the Saviors converge on the Hilltop and take with them the doctor that has been treating Maggie who is pregnant. Perhaps one of the best moments was watching the still suffering Daryl who has escaped the clutches of the Saviors, is handed a plate of food by Maggie. Daryl still feeling guilty about inciting Negan and leading to the murder of her husband Glenn, shrinks ever slightly at her approach and consoling touch.

After all that these two characters have experienced, it was significantly poignant to see them still working on what makes them a family. Daryl finally confronted with having to face Maggie breaks down. It’s a moment much needed to be seen and experienced by Daryl. Maggie accepts Daryl’s apology and asks him to help them win! Meanwhile Rosita and Sasha find themselves a used car dealership and after creating a distraction are able to get themselves mobile and on the fast track to taking their shot at Negan!

“I fell in with him cause he saw I could handle my shit. I never looked back.” —  Rosita discussing her feelings about Abraham with Sasha on The Walking Dead

Arriving at their destination, the two warriors stake out a location — a bird’s eye view — to pick off Negan. After spending some time together, the two finally open up about their feelings and realize the truth about their feelings, reestablishing their friendship in the process. Though Negan makes an appearance, Sasha is unable to get a clear shot. Immediately they decide to change their tactics — they may need to go inside of Negan’s stronghold,

Though the pair find Eugene, he immediately betrays them. Convinced that the groups still needs Rosita, Sasha tricks her and locks her outside of the gate, running in after Eugene. It isn’t long before more of Negan’s minions appear and run Rosita off. Finding some cover, she catches a glimpse of a familiar silhouette, Daryl has followed them back!

The Walking Dead is the most successful when it has its quitter moments and the characters have time to reflect on their situations. Given the high-intensity action is greatly appreciated and as the year’s pass, the danger becomes more calamitous, as an ardent viewer it’s a gift when the action matches a heartbeat — perhaps the impending climax will be well earned indeed especially after so bleak a season.

It’s been a very difficult season for the show; it’s optimism approach to surviving the wasteland that has become of the world was practically (if not literally) cut at the knees with the introduction of the Saviors, but the ugliness these characters represent – convinced that in their greed and oppression – are actually doing a service, instilling an order amidst the mad chaos, that perhaps is something that resonates with the sensibility of audiences right now.

There are only 2 more episodes left this season. This episode of The Walking Dead was followed with the premiere of Into The Badlands now in its Second Season.