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iReview | KYLIE MINOGUE Step Back In Time – The Definitive Collection

Delivering “Pop Precision” since 1987 it’s impossible to imagine a world without the musical contributions of the Pop Goddess of Love KYLIE MINOGUE back with a definitive Greatest Hits collection!

You just can’t get her out of your head. Since gate crashing her way into the popular vernacular with her cover of the 1962 classic “The Loco-Motion” (originally performed by Little Eva) Kylie Minogue profoundly made her claim on the dance music scene and commanded the charts, setting the tone for songs of the summer in 1987. The Melbourne born, soap opera actress established herself a triple threat, as a singer, songwriter and actress that would emerge as an iconic performer and international phenom.

Though her early works outside of “The Loco-Motion” and “I Should Be So Lucky” didn’t made the impact that her music label may have hoped, it was inevitable that Kylie Minogue would eventually set the trend of the Euro-Dance Pop sound, aligning herself with Matt Aitken, Mike Stock and Pete Waterman, Minogue would go on to garner success and international fame, comparatively achieving the status of another “gay icon” Madonna; the two have often been compared to one another and even shown much reverence and affection for one another.

It wasn’t until 2001 that Minogue finally cracked the glass ceiling and crossed the pond, synching her place as a stateside pop-star with her hit single “I Can’t Get You Out of My Head” from her eighth full-length studio album Fever. Since then, Kylie Minogue has enjoyed mainstream success that has teamed her up with Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams and Stuart Price (who co-produced Madonna’s hit Confessions on a Dance Floor) and crossed genres of appeal.

Feeling really nostalgic? The album is also available in vinyl.

Definitive Collection

Minogue is no stranger to the “Greatest Hits” format. Over the course of her three decades in the music industry, she’s released several compilations but her latest Step Back in Time – The Definitive Collection is determined to illustrate just how significant an influence Minogue has made with her music. Each of the 42 singles, including the brand new “New York City” elaborates on the artist’s evolution as a performer and influencer of the myriad dimensions of the dance\pop music genre.

From her most distinct early hits, to career-defining confections like “Shocked” and “Confide in Me” before capitalizing on her newfound popularity, Minogue continued to express herself with a sound all on her own as experienced on the mainstays “Spinning Around” and “Love at First Sight”. Her more contemporary chart toppers including “Timebomb” and “Get Outta My Way” also sit comfortably amid the rock-infused “2 Hearts” and hip-hop/funk of “Red Blooded Woman”. The only obvious omissions are tracks from Minogue’s 2014 album Kiss Me Once.

The album was the only release crafted on her short-lived collaboration with Warner Music Group, a multi-million deal that didn’t live up to the expectations of the label. Minogue was released early from that deal and returned to form on her latest, 2018’s concept piece Golden which featured a contemporary country-inspired smoothness. “Dancing” and “Stop Me From Falling” are more than suitable companions for her latest and newest “New York City”. The valentine to her fans in the thriving metropolis perfectly completes this definitive collection.

The only new single is the dance hit homage to “New York City”.

Kylie Minogue | Step Back in Time – The Definitive Collection available in CD, Digital Download, and various Special Edition formats including Vinyl and Cassette on her website.


iTunedIN | KYLIE MINOGUE “New York City”

The Pop Goddess has made a definitive impression on dance music and returns with a new single — “New York City” an anthem that is sure to mean a lot to Minogue’s stateside fanbase. 

Her career has been among one of the most coveted in pop-music, Kylie Minogue has achieved international stardom that is enviable and unmatched by many of her contemporaries. Since staking her claim to the pop charts in the late 80s with her stateside hit track “The Loco-Motion”, Minogue has kept pace with the biggest dance divas, including achieving as iconic a status as Madonna; by the new millennium it appeared the US had come around as the dance anthem “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” sealed her celebrity.

Kylie Minogue continued to enjoy a renaissance with a string of catchy dance tracks and pop confections that lead to a series of live smaller-venue performances in the states. To promote her next round of full-length albums, Minogue brought her show to New York City in 2008 and opened Pandora’s Box! Although she wouldn’t attempt an arena tour of the scale to which she was so well known across Europe and the UK, she scaled down her shows including her “Les Foiles” Tour to continue her dance floor dominance.

She’s since remained a relevant component of the pop-music lexicon ever since many of her early career hits haven’t transcended or performed as well as the mainstream success of 2001s Fever. Once her again her newest fans will have an opportunity to get reacquainted with Kylie with the release of her latest greatest hits package Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection which promises to collect the most prominent tracks of her career up to her most recent hits from Golden. The first single, an original track, is already available and pays homage to her US fans.

“New York City” is classic Kylie Minogue. Pure dance and joyfully electrifying; commandeering the best elements of her indicative dance sound, but feeling fresh and contemporary. The track will easily appeal to her stateside fanbase, while still drawing in the most faithful followers of the Pop Goddess of Love, while easily making itself accessible to a whole new audience ready to step back in time with one of popular music’s greatest entertainers.

New York City is the first single from the latest greatest hits package from Kylie Minogue. The 2-disc album is set to release wide on June 28 and his called Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection.

Kylie Minogue is GOLDEN on New Album

The Princess-of-Pop, the Goddess of Love, continues a musical evolution that has matured and blossomed into something now Golden. On her new album KYLIE MINOGUE proves she’s more than glitter!

Imagine my utter dismay! When I opened up my music library and realized that some of my most prized albums had gone missing! Nearly 2 decades of carefully curated digital downloads had just been erased from my hard-drive and most were never backed up, even by my back-ups! Where had my collection of Kylie Minogue music gone and why only her? Why Kylie? 

I had recently purchased her latest album Golden and had been reveling in the latest single “Dancing”, and it was only after the full-length album became available I realized a massive collection of singles, remixes and live albums disappeared. Pourquoi Kylie? Je ne sais pas pourquoi! Yes…even the remixes to that late 80s hit went bye-bye!

Fortunately Golden the newest album had survived “the purge”, so before I drove myself insane trying to recover all of the hits that defined Minogue’s international appeal as a pop idol turned icon, I dived deep in Golden. After 2014’s Kiss Me Once which was the first album penned after a newly polished management deal that would reconnect Kylie with her stateside relevance; the expectation of which was extremely anticipated, especially since Kiss Me Once would include collaborations with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Sia.

The hopes that Kiss Me Once would recapture the popular and critical success of 2001’s Fever which raised her profile with the international hit dance track “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and made her a mainstream sensation, fizzled out. Like the title album suggests Kiss Me Once would be the only album released by Roc Nation, which is headed by rapper/businessman Jay-Z. The label and Minogue parted ways citing “artistic differences”, but that didn’t stop Kylie from taking on a tour to promote the album.

She would follow-up Kiss Me Once with several hit dance tracks including collaborations with the legendary Giorgio Moroder and Garibay, before getting back into the studio. The artists which has always proven her mettle on the live stage performed a setlist of holiday hits for a Christmas special accompanied by a pair of albums celebrating the season. Her die-hard fans wouldn’t have too long to wait before Minogue would deliver on a brand new album, though perhaps they couldn’t have imagined the direction she would take.

Her die-hard fans wouldn’t have too long to wait before Minogue would deliver on a brand new album, though perhaps they couldn’t have imagined the direction she would take.

Like her contemporaries who have enjoyed as endurable a career and a following that has been as faithful, Minogue has the luxury of exploring her creative freedom. Having dominated the Euro-pop charts and transcended musical expectations evolving dance and electronica from a clubland experiment to a radio-friendly profitability, it would have been easy for Kylie to keep to her box, but perhaps challenging that particular dictum may have lead her to the profuse diversity apparently dominant on Golden.

Diving back into writing Minogue came stateside to pen the music that would shape her latest effort. On Golden Minogue retreated to Nashville, Tennessee to co-write each track; the first time since Minogue’s 1997 release Impossible Princess that the artist has dug so deep into her musical narrative. Golden blends pop and dance music with country music sensibilities and production, as is clearly evident in the setlist’s debut single “Dancing”. The very catchy track captures the exuberance that fans have come to expect from Kylie, with an earthier production value.

Golden was also recorded in London and Los Angeles and brought Minogue together with a series of brand new producers, most of which have established their notoriety outside of the realm of dance. For the faithful, Minogue hasn’t steered too far off course; the roots of Golden were based heavily in synth-pop which is the style of music most often associated with Kylie, but on the suggestion of her label’s A&R representative who thought mixing country music into the mix might prove interesting, to which Kylie responded favorably.

Recording in Nashville, Tennessee also proved an extremely nourishing experience for Minogue, who believes it was particularly “cathartic” for her and allowed the sound of the sounds to feel more “authentic”. For a pop album in 2018 Golden is a refreshing mix and fusion. The follow-up track “Stop Me From Falling” also revels in the touch of country but still flourishes from Minogue’s dance base. Overall Golden has a uniquely divined narrative that is purely affirming and delivers sincerely from the heart.

For Kylie, an artist that has often been heralded for her dance revolution, it’s refreshing that she’s able to surprise her audience. Most recently Kylie has explored a more daring direction and still emerged viable. Since her introduction onto the pop scene with Stock, Aitken & Waterman and evolution through to contemporary dance music, Minogue has always been an innovator, certainly on a par with Madonna; both performers have collaborated with Stuart Price who produced the most prolific dance albums of each of their careers respectfully.

So perhaps it is not surprising that upon downloading Golden into my collection the new album’s introduction obliterated everything else in my Kylie collection. I’ve since been able to recover most (if not all of my collection) but it gave me some time to digest Golden and enjoy it on its own merits…dive into this new direction for Kylie Minogue who keeps on innovating and proving the diverse influence pop music has all across genres. Music after all has the universal ability to pull us all together, much like Minogue has done throughout her illustrious career.

Download Kylie Minogue’s new album Golden here.