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iFeature | The CW’s In Full “CRISIS” Control

It’s all been leading up to this moment! The CW’s DC primetime universe is about to get a full-on reboot as the countdown to “Crisis on Infinite Earths” begins and an anti-matter wave comes closer to erasing the “Arrowverse”.

And then all of a sudden…there was one! One primetime universe that is! If you watched last night’s episode of The CW series Batwoman into the final act, similarly to last year’s “Elseworlds” stinger, it was revealed that Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) interpreted the mysterious hieroglyphs uncovered in the tunnels beneath Central City and has unleashed something sinister upon the multiverse! We’re not exactly sure what that might be — at least not yet (but we have an idea)! The intrepid adventurer disappeared in a blast of intense white light!

Heroes united! The cast are gathered to challenge the fate of the multiverse.

If you’ve read DC Comic’s 12-part epic maxi-series Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez published in 1985, and carefully deciphered the teaser trailers that have been promoting this season’s crossover event then you have an idea what role Nash has assumed in our still developing melodrama. “Some worlds will live, and some worlds will die…but nothing will ever be the same again,” was the tag line promoting the comic book run of “Crisis” and ultimately it made good on its promise. The series altered the fabric of the publishing imprint’s 50 year history.

Unless you were a Marvel Comic devotee at the time, readership was very low across the industry and new audiences coming into the genre were finding that DC’s extensive and very convoluted history was turning readers off. In order to make sense of its “Golden Age” heroes versus their contemporary “Silver Age” counterparts, DC introduced very early on the concept of a “multiverse” of earths separated by unique vibrations where its heroes like Barry Allen, The Flash of Earth-1 could join in adventures with Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth-2.

The heroes of the DC primetime universe are preparing to meet their fate in the epic crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths” based on the DC comics of the same name.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Somewhere along the way it became too much for anyone to follow (or even care about) and the brass at DC was eager to find a way to simplify the continuity. Enter Wolfman and Pérez who came up with the story that would solve the issue of why there were two Supermen, Batmen, etc. and streamlined the natural narrative of the DC Universe into a much more cohesive chronology that enhanced the legacy of our heroes through the ages. The idea of the multiverse came into play early on The CW network with The Flash starring Grant Gustin in Season 2.

When The Flash returned for its sophomore season in 2015 it immediately went to work to expand the worlds of the “Arrowverse” (the title given to The CW primetime series that featured DC comics properties, launched with Arrow in 2013 and produced by Greg Berlanti). By then the primetime spectrum incorporated the team ensemble series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist as the Maid of Steel. The urban vigilantism of Arrow starring Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow gave way to a world of metas, magic and more!

While the intrepid cadre of “losers” on DC’s Legends (made up of several featured players that had appeared on Arrow and The Flash) navigated the time-stream, Supergirl firmly established that its storyline existed outside of The CW’s “Earth-1” — and thus a multiverse was born. Gustin and Benoist on the virtue of their personal and professional history (both were featured on FOX’s Glee) immediately engaged in teaming up. The Flash appeared in Supergirl’s National City (on “Earth-38”) during the show’s First Season.

Crossover Event Spectacular!

Since then and on an annual basis (when the series schedules work themselves into the winter hiatus) the series have found a way of crossing over in much the same fashion that the superheroes would team-up in the comic books they’re based on. For “Crisis” the latest crossover epic, a similar expectation is being lump onto it’s televised adaptation as was envisioned by the imprint when the 12-issue maxi series was released — in a dramatic 5-part televised event that at its conclusion will in some way have a lasting effect on the mythology of its characters.

Taking advantage of the primetime multiverse The CW network has benefited from since the debut of Arrow eight seasons ago Marc Guggenheim, one of the architects behind the success of that series and many of the “Arrowverse” spin-offs that followed, has been the executive producer pulling the strings behind the curtain to bring “Crisis” to primetime. The groundwork had been laid down since last season’s “Elseworlds” event, which had been scaled down to 3-parts and centered mostly around the TV Trinity of heroes: Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl.

That crossover event immediately established the significance of a perpetually long-established “multiverse” and was illustrated with the appearance of John Wesley Shipp (a series recurring guest star on The Flash) reprising his titular role as The Flash as the hero appeared in the CBS 1990 series, facing off against the mysterious “Monitor” (guest star LaMonica Garrett) an omnipotent character warning the heroes of an impending “Crisis”. The “Elseworlds” crossover also introduced Ruby Rose as Batwoman and Gotham City, which has since gone to series.

Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer from “Arrow”.

With Arrow coming to a close this season, and its star Stephen Amell accepting the fate of Oliver Queen’s Emerald Archer (whom it has been established would be meeting his demise at the end of the “Crisis” event) The Flash will inherit the mantle as the lead series, with Supergirl running closely alongside, helping to shepherd in the returning DC’s Legends (entering into its Fifth Season) and welcoming Black Lightning starring Cress Williams into the mix, while Batwoman carves her own path across the primetime fabric of DCTV storyline.

Setting an extremely high bar for itself, the writing staff for each of these series have the unsurmountable task of defying expectations for literally a story narrative that was so expertly crafted more than 30 years ago and is still held up as the benchmark of epic comic book storytelling. In any event, it’s an incredible feat in of itself and undoubtedly fans will have their own take on “Crisis” — Some will tune-in, others will tune-out, but the DCTV universe…

…well you get where this is going.

Crisis on Infinite Earths the 5-part crossover event begins Sunday, Dec 8 on The CW and concludes on Tuesday, January 14.


The CW’s PrimeTime Line-Up Remains SUPER!

The CW keeps its DC shows as primetime headliners though Supergirl and Arrow will be moving to the time slots next fall, and the announcement of yet another potential Arrow-verse spin-off may be in the works!

Though the spring season may be just be blossoming its first buds, in New York City at the annual network Upfronts event many of the Fall Shows are being announced as primetime begins to take shape, even as the current season finales are just winding down. Among the more notable mentions coming from The CW president Mark Pedowitz are the shifts being made to the network’s stable of DC superhero series. Sunday nights are going to be “super”!

After leaving CBS and giving Supergirl a new home on The CW alongside her other DC Comics based contemporaries, the action series will be vacating her usual Monday night time slot and moving to Sunday night at 8/7c. The Maid of Might will be leading charge and hoping to raise the stakes for a bustling night of highly competitive genre-entertainment usually lead by pay-network hits like Westworld, Game of Thrones or AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Along with headlining the new night Supergirl will also be the lead-in for the crafty reboot of Charmed which will premiere in the 9/8c slot. On Monday night DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be settling into 8/7c after warming the spot while the Girl of Steel went on her midseason hiatus. The team series returning for its fourth season will be the lead-in for the long-running Arrow moving to Mondays at 9/8c after ending its most recent sixth season on Thursdays. 

On Tuesdays The Flash holds on to its 8/7c time slot as lightning strikes twice for Black Lightning returning for Season Two in the 9/8c hour. The hit Riverdale based on the Archie Comics characters will remain in its Wednesday night 8/7c time slot as well. Among the more exciting announcement at Upfronts was the unexpected news from Arrow star Stephen Amell himself that another DC hero, Batwoman would be introduced in the new season’s epic crossover stunt!

Apparently Amell had kept his word, though teasing fans that he had some big news to share at a recent convention that he was sworn to secrecy until the Upfronts; the addition of Batwoman to the Arrow-verse suggests that Gotham City (the home of another DC property, Batman) exists, though it does not allude to a potential crossover with the prequel series Gotham currently airing on FOX which is also returning for a new season.

This is very good news for The CW, as the annual crossover event has proven a ratings hit and if the opportunity for Black Lightning to potentially add to the mix which introducing another superhero into the mythology, then the Fall TV Season couldn’t come sooner!

The CW Renews its DC COMICS Primetime Line-Up

Next fall there will be more Arrow, more of The Flash and still more DC’s Legends dominating the primetime landscape on The CW. So might some other heroes join the line-up?

And exhale! DC Comics fans have a lot to be grateful for, as The CW announced that its entire primetime line-up, inspired by the DC heroes will be returning for another new season! That means that Oliver Queen played by Stephen Amell will continue on his mission to save Star City in Season 7 of Arrow the series that launched the DC TV Extended Multiverse produced by Berlanti Productions. This sets Arrow on a trajectory to match the previous network superhero leader Smallville which ran for a very successful 10 seasons.

Joining the Emerald Archer on his crusade will be The Flash starring Grant Gustin as CSI investigator Barry Allen, the Fastest Man Alive in Season 5 of the hit spin-off. With hints that a “Mystery Girl” appearing this season has ties to both Barry and his wife Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) the new season may bring about a “Flash War” of unparalleled proportions. Team Flash continues to expand its line-up which now counts a full-fledge Vibe and Killer Frost among its ranks, but will the recently introduced Elongated Man survive The Thinker’s mad scheme?

Also, each returning for a fourth season will be the companion series Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which respectfully continue the daring adventures of the Maid of Steel of Earth-38 and the inter-dimensional time travelers who will be adding to their ranks with the recently announced recruitment of John Constantine (Matt Ryan). The CW’s Mark Pedowitz the network’s president also announced that Black Lightning will be back for another season. Riverdale based on the Archie Comics will also be coming back for a new Season 3.

Though the fall season is still several months away, and the current seasons of the shows are all heading into their climatic cliffhanger season finales, this is very good news — at least for most of the DC Comics primetime line-up. The fate of iZombie currently in its fourth season has not been confirmed as yet, but fans will undoubtedly have an opportunity to plead their case to save the show, as they hear about all the new plot details for upcoming new series, as The CW primetime line-up will certainly be highlighted at this years San Diego Comic-Con.

Will DC’s LEGENDS Get a Spin-Off?

The tweet heard round the world has fans wondering if The CW series is preparing to introduce some more changes, and more heroes, this season that might lead to a spin-off!

Though it’s only just entered into its Third Season DC’s Legend of Tomorrow which just premiered  four weeks ago on The CW, is apparently going through some changes — and some may have a significant affect on the series’ cast as the adventure progresses. Accused of having “broken” the timeline, the Legends returned to 2017 at the beginning of their new season and learned that there were some very serious ramifications to all their time-traveling last year. No matter how careful they had been throughout their journey, they returned to a present that was hardly recognizable.

The Legends one-time captain Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) was forced to establish a new organization, sanctioned as the Time Bureau, the group is responsible for fixing time aberrations and tasks itself with correcting the damage created by the Legends. Rip effectively disbands the group and confiscates their time-ship The Waverider and casts the team of adventures to the wind. No longer deemed necessary, but more of a liability, the group disbands and returns (unsuccessfully) to mostly normal civilian lives, with the exception of a Nate Heywood (Nick Zano).

As Steel, Nate is the most inexperienced costumed crime-fighter. He emerges on the scene in Central City and immediately draws the attention of one of the city’s own speedsters Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale). Though it may suggest that the Legends have effectively disbanded, before the end of the Season 3 premiere episode, the group is reunited and find themselves once again onboard their time-ship, with the exception of Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) who has returned to her own time period. Amaya Jiwe would eventually reunite with the group by Episode 2.

A Changing Roster

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had always been intended to have an evolving — or rather revolving — roster. Early on in the inception of the television series, it had been rumored that the executive producers were considering a different format entirely from the serialized time-traveling bandits that took over the feel of the narrative. Imagine Legends as an anthology series with a changing cast of DC Comics characters starring in 2-3 episode arcs, teaming up and crossing over with the other CW series Arrow, The Flash and even Supergirl to inhabit an entire televised continuity.

We now know that not to be case, but Legends cast has already gone to several changes since its debut. It’s been confirmed that original series regular Victor Garber who was first introduced in The Flash as one-half of the Nuclear Man Firestorm would be leaving the show this season. The actor will be returning to Broadway taking over the role of Horace Vandergelder in the successful revival of Hello, Dolly! opposite Bernadette Peters. What it will ultimately mean for the presence of Firestorm, who is also played by Franz Drameh, has yet to be developed.

Recently Legends introduced a new series regular in the form of Zari Tomaz (new series regular Tala Ashe) the inheritor of the power of Isis the paramour to the DC Comics villain Black Adam. Only having just interjected herself into the line-up, Zari is already proving a very interesting addition to the team dynamic. How her story will evolve over the season has yet to be written, but the computer hacker from a dystopian future-tense with the power of a weather goddess will more than likely have a profound affect on the story arc.

Twitter Me This

So when the DC’s Legends Writers Room (@LotWritersRoom) went on Twitter only two episodes into the season and asked its followers “Who would you like to see spin-off from Legends?” fans had some choice ideas of their own to share. Clearly over the course of its last two seasons, there have been several secondary characters guest starring that have made a significant contribution to the overall continuity that is the televised and expanded DC Universe, most notably in Season 2 the “Golden Age” heroes of the Justice Society of America made their debut.

With the JSA’s inclusion into the expanded storyline and the recruitment of one of their own (Vixen) into their ranks, audiences are aware that the Legends along with their friends in Star City and Central City are actually part of a far-reaching legacy of heroics. Though Hourman was suggested as part of a longer subplot in Season 2, it was the additional members of the JSA including Commander Steel, Stargirl, and Obsidian that played major parts in that season’s arc. Consequentially fans have asked that more about the JSA be revealed, perhaps in a spin-off!

During the First Season of Legends the roster also included among their roster Hawkman and Hawkgirl the lovers resurrected through time to confront that season’s “big bad” Vandal Savage. Both of the winged wonders served at one time or another as core members of the JSA themselves. Their backstory even played significantly into their time-traveling that season, and it might not have been improbable that the pair were among the unseen members of the JSA, and could turn up again in a JSA centric spin-off!

Interestingly on The Flash another “Golden Age” hero was introduced in the form of Jay Garrick, the original Flash (played by “Original 1990 Flash” John Wesley Shipp) as the Crimson Comet of Earth-3, but that doesn’t insinuate that the Flash isn’t himself a member of this continuity’s JSA. Ever since making a cameo in the premiere episode, rumors have circulated that Wally West, the Kid Flash would be joining the line-up on Legends officially. Perhaps the pairing of these two heroes Jay Garrick and Wally West would prove an interesting confirmation of the heroes’ legacies.

There were several other suggestions for heroes that might spin out of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow though audiences seem to all orbit around revisiting the Golden Age of the DC Universe and insert John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick / The Flash in a series regular role to fill out the histrionics of that era. Only time will tell if the Writers Room will take any of these suggestions, but fortunately for them on Legends what they have in spades is TIME!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday nights @ 9pm EST time, following The Flash.

DC’s LEGENDS face their changing legacies in Season 3 | DC Comics News

The time-tripping LEGENDS are going to have their hands full in Season 3 of The CW hit series, but one member in particular is going to have to make a serious decision as her own legacy comes into conflict with the team — literally!


Oh the horrors of time travel! You’d think that with all the trouble Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has been causing on The Flash its other CW / DCTVU spin-off DC’s Legends of Tomorrow would know better, after all — one of the group’s mission statements is to never mess with the timeline as they correct the various existing aberrations, but as the Season 2 cliffhanger proved our team of intrepid heroes may have bitten off more than they can chew! Returning to the fold in Season 3 will be Maisie Richardson-Sellers who plays Amaya Jiwe (in theory) the “original” Vixen who jumped onto the “Waverider” at the beginning of last season to uncover a mystery that involved the members of the Justice Society of America. At the conclusion of that season-long arc, Amaya

Source: DC’s LEGENDS face their changing legacies in Season 3 | DC Comics News

The CW’s “The Flash” Races Toward a Reboot?

After facing perhaps his most dangerous adversary, opening up the world to the multiverse, it looks like when The CW hit series The Flash returns in the fall Barry’s world will be dramatically different…

It certainly felt like Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) had no other choice but to confront the evil ZOOM! in a battle to save the multiverse as the second season of The CW’s hit show The Flash spiraled toward a relentless climax. The closing arc had left our hero with very little to lean on, especially after having lost his ability to tap into the Speed Force, then regained his powers after gaining a better understanding of the energies that now course through him ever since the particle accelerator experiment that turned him into the fastest man alive.

But with every action, there’s a reaction, and even though Barry and his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs had every good intention especially of bringing down the tyranny of ZOOM! in the end the villain made haste in a final escape that ultimately cost Barry dearly. His only living parent Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) was fatally struck down by his enemy, and ultimately lead The Flash to one final race — the race of his life — to stop ZOOM! from putting in play a plan that would ultimately destroy the multiverse. The Flash and his friends were able to stop ZOOM! and even freed his prisoner on Earth-2…

In the race of his life, The Flash (Grunt Gustin) takes on the menace of ZOOM! for the fate of the multiverse in the Season 2 Finale of The Flash.

It was revealed that “the man in the iron mask” was another speedster, one whose identity ZOOM! had assumed, and whose powers he had stolen — Jay Garrick! To long time DC Comics readers, the name is synonymous with the legacy of “The Flash”. Garrick is the original Golden Age version of the hero, where the more commercially popular Silver Age version (Barry Allen) is more widely known. For the #DCTVU in an even more brilliant twist, the true Jay Garrick bares a striking resemblance to Barry’s father Henry.

Jay Garrick, the “original” Flash is now played The CW show by actor John Wesley Shipp, the “original” Barry Allen/Flash from the 90’s CBS show The Flash. The strange twist of fate, as anyone can imagine, comes at a great shock to Barry having just recently lost his father so violently to ZOOM! and now seemingly found a kindred spirit in his parallel-earth doppelgänger, but before the two Flashes have time to bond, Garrick decides to resume course to his own world — Earth-3 — and leaps through a breach.

Feeling alone and abandoned, although his future may be the brightest its ever been… Barry saves his friends, rescues the multiverse, and even gets the girl. He and Iris (Candice Patton) finally profess their love to one another and decide the time is ripe for them to follow their hearts. Unfortunately Barry’s heart — and mind — are at present unaligned and all he can think about is the one fatal mistake he made once before. He had the perfect opportunity to prevent the Reverse-Flash from murdering his mother.

Now all Barry can think about is making things right! At least by himself! He decides that he has no other alternative but to travel back to that very moment, some 14 years ago, and save Nora (Michelle Harrison) from death, but in doing so, The Flash irrevocably alters the entire timeline, initiating a “FlashPoint” effect that will have as yet unexplored consequences for our hero. Today, Grant Gustin has been teasing fans via social networking. Slipping back into “Barry Allen’s skin” and preparing for Season 3’s new arc.

The Flash — “Escape From Earth-2” Pictured: Grant Gustin as The Flash — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

In the comic series FlashPoint was the catalyst event that ultimately lead to the DC Comics publishing reboot that launched The New 52. The storyline revealed the consequences of Barry’s actions after saving his mother’s life. The Flash unleashed a “butterfly effect” that plunged the planet into a world war between super-powers, revealed a dangerously tortured Batman let loose on Gotham along a fatal trajectory towards annihilation! Yes…it’s a bleak future indeed. In the end Barry has no choice but to make things right.

Even without the benefits of an expansive DC Comics Universe, the television landscape that has evolved over the course of the last several seasons on The CW largely in part to the efforts of Greg BerlantiMarc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg has exceeded fans expectations and created a serialized narrative that spans four network television series (although the latest to join the fold Supergirl has yet to address its place in the convergence to The CW) that have captured our imaginations in primetime.

Producer Greg Berlanti strikes his most heroic pose alongside his premiere team of heroes Grant Gustin as The Flash and Melissa Benoist as Supergirl.

If Barry’s actions have a relevance beyond his own Tuesday night 8pm EST time slot, or if his “FlashPoint” affect will transcend to the companion series Arrow (returning in the fall to its Wednesday night slot) or the third spin-off  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Thursday night’s lead-in) and whether The Flash — which has journeyed over to CBS to visit Supergirl — has affected that series’ continuity are all questions, audiences of the show are eager to have explained. We can only speculate — and what fun is that!

What are some things we might want to see happen as a result of The Flash “FlashPoint” that could happen on the primetime series? Well…for starters:

  1. Nora Allen is alive! How great would it be especially for Barry if his mother played by Michelle Harrison has an opportunity to interact with her son? Having prevented her murder Barry’s family would remain intact. His father Henry played by John Wesley Shipp wouldn’t have gone to jail and been there for Barry’s formative years. In the comic Barry rescues Nora, but at a great cost, including his superpowers. Having the Allens back would also resonate with their next door neighbors…
  2. The West Family! Although he’s pined after Iris West (Candice Patton) the daughter of his surrogate father Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) for most of his life, how will not being raised by Joe affect Barry’s development? In the comics, Iris has moved on, gotten married and has a daughter of her own. Perhaps this would give the writers an opportunity to bring Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) back.
  3. The Father Figure! Sure Henry Allen may be alive as well seeing as Barry completely altered the timeline, but a heart surgeon isn’t going to necessary be able to make things right when his “super hero” son starts to realize that things aren’t as clear and present as they should be. In the comic series, Batman (Thomas Wayne) helps Barry recreate the accident that turns him into a speedster in the first place. Batman (at present) doesn’t play a part in the #DCTVCW Universe (not yet) but there’s a character from the 1990’s original series, based on a classic Golden Age hero that could be fashioned into an alter-ego for a detective turned vigilante! Introduce Joe West as the Deadly Nightshade which is based on the DC Comic’s character of Sandman a member of the Justice Society of America.
  4. The Flash of Two Worlds! And speaking of the Golden Age of heroes, it was of course revealed in the season finale that ZOOM! was impersonating Jay Garrick (also played by John Wesley Shipp). At the end of that episode Garrick resumes his name and title of “The Flash” and whisks back to his own parallel-earth, but what if he returns to help Barry set things right, after all as we’re learning in the current “Rebirth” series, the consequences of that butterfly effect left the world dramatically changed and the preservation of its heroes legacies must be maintained.
  5. What about that particle explosion? With The Flash no longer in the picture, Reverse-Flash doesn’t have a reason to threaten the past and murder Harrison Wells. The particle experiment can go as is and not bring Barry together with his eventual colleagues at S.T.A.R. Labs leaving Cisco, Caitlin and even Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm) unaffected.

Just a few things to think about, as we all contemplate over the summer and wait for the announcements that are sure to come with San Diego Comic-Con 2016 starts to roll around. In the meantime start counting down to Tuesday, Oct. 4 with The Flash returns to The CW for its premiere of Season 3 “FlashPoint” emminent!