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iTunedIN | KRISTINE W – “Just a Lie” New Single

Dance Goddess Kristine W is back with a new single, more music and a new attitude! Her new single “Just a Lie” is a revelatory look inside her own experience with love and lies. She’s never been one to mince words!

The dance music landscape owes a lot to Kristine W. When her groundbreaking 1996 album Land of the Living hit the scene, it revolutionized and properly legitimized dance and house music as a formidable player in mainstream. With chart-topping hits like “Feel What You Want”, “One More Try” and the album’s title track, Kristine W inspired the club scene of the 90s and brought about the dawn of the Big Room Anthem, paving the way for super-star DJs like Junior Vasquez and Rollo to become highly sought after producers and remixers. It was an era unlike any in contemporary music, before the rapid commercialization of pop music.

Kristine W’s new single “Just a Lie” is available now.

The changing tide forced Kristine W to evolve in a way that few other artists could match. In order to remain a significant player on the field, Kristine W went the independent route which gave her more control over her music, how it was released and especially who she chose to collaborate with. It’s kept her relevant, allowed her to pursue other genres like jazz,  and reintroduced her classic dance anthems to an entire generation well into the new millennium. Her tenacity has turned Kristine W into an icon, an unflappable advocate within the LGTBQ community and she continues to break barriers with her innovative sound and visuals!

She’s Got Issues!

Never one to shy away from controversy, Kristine W has often worn her heart on her sleeve, especially when it comes to her music. She’s fully cognizant of how devoted her audience is, and how closely they hang onto every word she says — there are are some very deep themes in Kristine W’s music (and there have always been). In her latest single “Just a Lie” the first off of her upcoming album The Issues Episode 1: Love and Lies set to debut in February on her Fly Again Music label, she reveals the heartache of loves loss and deep betrayal, citing the inspiration for the track on her own divorce.

“Frankly, it has been a lot of work,” the artist said, “but I firmly believe in the power of music and it has certainly helped me through the toughest episodes of life.” The track was originally about death and loss, but quickly evolved into an examination of her marriage which lead to divorce. “I realize now how similar divorce is to a death,” Kristine W explained. “It’s mourning the loss of the relationship, the breakup of the family, the betrayal — so many things. The grieving is intense.” Like she has so many times before, she set the experience to music. Collaborating with Bob Sandee / Subgroover (aka Crossnaders) for the tracks funky, electro house vibe.

Check out the video for Kristine W’s new single “Just a Lie” here:

Kristine W | “Just a Lie” the new single from the the upcoming album The Issues Episode 1: Love and Lies is released through Kristine W’s own label Fly Again Music Production and is available for Digital Download pre-order here on iTunes for $7.99.

For upcoming tour dates and appearance goto Kristine W website kristinew.com for exclusive music and content.


iTunedIN | SISTER SLEDGE – “We Are Family” (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix)

When Disco was still turning us on, this track from Sister Sledge was pulling us all together and reminding us we really all are one!

His fingerprints are all over this surefire hit song! Nile Rodgers was burning up the airwaves and setting the beat across the dance spectrum as a core member of “CHIC” and he still found the time in 1979 to lay down the club anthem “We Are Family” with R&B sensations Sister Sledge.

The disco classic gets a fresh spin from the folks at Dirty Disco Music but there’s still only so much that can be done to improve on this gem of a dance floor favorite. Check out the video for the contemporary machination that is still getting everybody up to dance!

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iTunedIN | ELECTRICITY (Rip City Boys Remix) by Dua Lipa & Silk City

Lately it feels like dance music has been so aggressive commercialized that everything either sounds exactly the same or like a commercial. There are exceptions, but there hasn’t been much to get really excited about and unless you’re one of the most faithful followers of the party music circuit, your exposure to all new tunes can be limited. Dua Lipa has been turning pop music on its head and recently re-issued her “complete” debut album and threw in a couple additional tracks for good measure, including “Electricity” her collaboration with Silk City featuring Diplo & Mark Ronson.

The single has enjoyed a long life on the dance charts and is still getting a lot of legs on the dance floor especially with new remixes. The latest is by the American Groove House duo Rip City Boys immerses the wildly hypnotic UK Groove House beats and loops percussions, a weighty baseline as the pair bring a classic 90’s House feel with their modern synths.

Check out the track here and share:

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TunedIN | Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B “Girls Like You” Music Video (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix)

Maroon 5 share the stage with Cardi B and some of the most vibrant names and faces in popular culture to prove “Girls Like You” is a movement for the millennium!

It’s not about making a statement it’s about embracing the movement — the movement of music that is! Maroon 5 and lead singer Adam Levine have always maintained the profile that their music was meant to be influential. The band has often teamed up with some of the industry’s most talented acts to deliver on some chart topping hits. On their latest track “Girls Like You” the band and Levine especially, are inspired to spotlight some of the most daring women in recent popular culture. Teaming up with rap sensation Cardi B who lays down the tracks def rhymes, the hip-hop powerhouse is only one of the famous faces to make an appearance. Can you identify them all? Here’s a hint: there’s an olympiad, an Amazon and a Bronx bomber in the mix, just to cite a few!

Check out the video to Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B “Girls Like You” (The Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) here:

iTuneIN | BUTCH QUEEN (POSE) by Dwayne Minard

From the 80s underground and into the mainstream, thanks to a primetime hit everyone is ready to “strike a pose” and carry on to Dwayne Minard’s new single!

You can’t keep a good dance revolution down! From the ballrooms of New York City’s urban underground club scene, striking a pose on the runway was a right of passage many in the black and latino LGBTQ communities sought eagerly — their 15 minutes of fame rewarded with accolades and more importantly an undeniable sense of belonging especially among the competitive houses represented at the balls. Week after week, these dance floors were populated with any number of outcasts that had finally found a home!

The hit FX primetime series Pose starring MJ Rodriguez, Billy Porter, Evan Peters and Indya Moore and produced by Ryan Murphy reignited interest in the era defined by its indelible fashion, distinct soundtrack and inevitably legendary moves. At the core of the series, it explored the search for belonging and validation that help a community in crisis overcome prejudice and the devastation of a world that appeared to be looking the other way preferring to ignore an entire group of people.

DJ Producer and Provocateur Dwayne Minard (on Facebook @djwayneminard) celebrates the ballroom culture with the release of “Butch Queen (Pose)” the remixes of which paint a rainbow offering of contemporary sounds and harken back to the Garage-House sounds that solidified this as one of the most profound and significant moments in the dance music movement. The remix from Division 4 & Matt Consola captures the momentum of today’s dance floor crown, but still feels very much like it is derived from its House Music origins. Minard’s hard-hitting Explicit Radio track is muscly and mighty!

Don’t miss on a featured vocal from one of the ball scene’s most legendary voices when Pepper LaBeija appears to legitimize the pulse of the track anointing “Butch Queen (Pose)” like true royalty!

Take a listen to the track here on iTunes.

Thank you to SwishCraft Music for sharing.