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Cover2Cover | The CW Heroes on Entertainment Weekly

The CW Network’s World’s Finest were gathered to grace five special edition covers of Entertainment Weekly annual Comic-Con Issue raising expectation levels for this year’s epic crossover event!

It’s Comic-Con Season! The annual entertainment media event that started out as just a gathering for fans who love comic books and the sci-fi/fantasy genre, has evolved into an unmatched spectacle of incredible proporations. San Diego Comic-Con has grown to such an immense scale it has become the primary means by which Hollywood exploits all of its biggest franchises across all mediums whether television, film and print, and is the destination for announcing some of the coming season’s most anticipated blockbuster events.

With its primetime line-up consisting of the most colorful band of costumed adventures on network television, The CW network’s heroes based on the DC Comics characters appearing on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the newly caped and cowled Batwoman were all given the star treatment gracing 5 limited edition covers of Entertainment Weekly heralding its SDCC 2019 coverage. Fans will agree, the titular heroes have never looked better — poised and powerful and ready for the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” that’s coming their way.

Final Bow (and Arrow)

Of course all eyes will be on Stephen Amell who will be concluding his run as the lead on Arrow since premiering the Arrow-verse back in 2012. In the cover story article, the actor reflected on his time as the Emerald Archer and the phenomenon he helped to launch. Since then Arrow has given rise to a prolific narrative and combined universe of superheroes easily challenging their big screen contemporaries. Grant Gustin stars as The Flash and will now be taking the baton and running with it as that series enters its Sixth Season.

The world of Arrow was (mostly) devoid of super powers until The Flash was introduced. Spinning out of the original’s Second Season, all bets were off after CSI investigator Barry Allen was struck by lightning and the Speed Force was unleashed. Since then a Maid of Steel has soared in the skies over National City (on Earth-38) and Legends of Tomorrow have battled a Legion of Doom through time, and soon the chaotic urban jungle of Gotham City will have a new caped wonder to contend with as Batwoman starring Ruby Rose suits up to fight crime!

Amell can proudly look back at the legacy that he’s helped to manufacture, and once the events unfurl of the series final and Eighth Season this fall, it all comes to a head as the annual crossover event patterned after the epic “Crisis on Infinite Earths” maxi-series that realigned the multiverse, will perhaps hand our hero a fatefully tearful end, the unprecedented success of the Arrow-verse will continue to endure.

The magazine also unveiled a new look and feel with a stylistically unique block font and perfect binding give the reader a sturdier feel to the periodical and announced that it will be now going out as a monthly, although it’s keeping the “Weekly” in the title. Entertainment Weekly “The Comic-Con Issue” August 2019 #1570/1571 is on stands now in 5 Limited Edition collectible covers.


Coming to a Town Near You | JOHN WESLEY SHIPP

Fans from around the world continue to find inspiration when meeting JOHN WESLEY SHIPP the only actor to have traversed the Golden Age and Silver Age of THE FLASH and still keeping step with the journey of the hero!

With a career that began with a stint in Daytime Dramas (and landed him two consecutive Emmy Award wins) and morphed into roles in the most critically acclaimed primetime series of their time, actor John Wesley Shipp has traveled the world and is still most well known for originating the role of CSI investigator Barry Allen on the 1990 CBS adventure The Flashbased on the DC Comics character.

He recently traveled to Peru as a guest to celebrate Día del Comic Festival 2018, the capital city of Lima’s own version of Comic-Con and received an overwhelming rock star reception, as more than 100,000 guests attended the event all eager to meet their hero and get a selfie with John. Among the multitude of events there were several Q&A sessions, one in particular was hosted outdoors. Over the weekend, John shook hands and answered questions about his time on The Flash.

Lightning struck twice for Shipp when in 2014 he was invited to join the cast of The CW’s The Flash a proper spin-off to the network’s other hit Arrow that introduced a primetime inundation of genre shows capitalizing on the DC universe of superheroes. John has had the unique experience of res-establishing himself within the mythology in the role of Henry Allen, the father of Barry Allen opposite Grant Gustin who has assumed the title role of the Scarlet Speedster.

At the conclusion of the Second Season, in a turn of events no one (including Shipp himself) had seen coming, Henry became the latest victim of the villainous Zoom who exacts his vendetta against Barry by hurting the ones he loves most, but the prisoner held captive in Zoom’s Earth-2 retreat was another speedster and a hero from Earth-3. That earth’s “Flash” in fact — Jay Garrick, and Henry Allen’s doppelgänger!

Shipp recently recurred again as Jay Garrick for Season Four’s speedster-heavy team-up episode “Enter Flashtime” written by series writer Sterling Gates which had Flash enlist the help of both Earth-2’s Jesse Quick (guest star Violett Beane) and Jay Garrick in order to keep a nuclear device from destroying Central City. The episode introduced a new super-power for our heroes and featured another glimpse into the enduring legacy of this iconic character.

Now in the running shoes of the veteran speedster, John Wesley Shipp is in the unique position of having portrayed the Golden Age version of The Flash, and his Silver Age counterpart, as well as the modern interpretation of the hero’s father Henry, and passing the baton not only into the worthy hands of Gustin, but also tipping his hat to the cinematic Flash played by Ezra Miller in the Justice League motion picture. It’s a legacy that Shipp is very proud to be a part of.

John Wesley Shipp will be making additional appearances through the summer and will be appearing Birmingham, UK for Showmasters Film & Comic ConJune 2 – 3 (filmandcomicconbirmingham.com) and the Greater Austin Comic-Conin Cedar Park, Texas, June 16 – 17 (greateraustincomiccon.com). Visit website for convention and ticket information.

The CW Renews its DC COMICS Primetime Line-Up

Next fall there will be more Arrow, more of The Flash and still more DC’s Legends dominating the primetime landscape on The CW. So might some other heroes join the line-up?

And exhale! DC Comics fans have a lot to be grateful for, as The CW announced that its entire primetime line-up, inspired by the DC heroes will be returning for another new season! That means that Oliver Queen played by Stephen Amell will continue on his mission to save Star City in Season 7 of Arrow the series that launched the DC TV Extended Multiverse produced by Berlanti Productions. This sets Arrow on a trajectory to match the previous network superhero leader Smallville which ran for a very successful 10 seasons.

Joining the Emerald Archer on his crusade will be The Flash starring Grant Gustin as CSI investigator Barry Allen, the Fastest Man Alive in Season 5 of the hit spin-off. With hints that a “Mystery Girl” appearing this season has ties to both Barry and his wife Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) the new season may bring about a “Flash War” of unparalleled proportions. Team Flash continues to expand its line-up which now counts a full-fledge Vibe and Killer Frost among its ranks, but will the recently introduced Elongated Man survive The Thinker’s mad scheme?

Also, each returning for a fourth season will be the companion series Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which respectfully continue the daring adventures of the Maid of Steel of Earth-38 and the inter-dimensional time travelers who will be adding to their ranks with the recently announced recruitment of John Constantine (Matt Ryan). The CW’s Mark Pedowitz the network’s president also announced that Black Lightning will be back for another season. Riverdale based on the Archie Comics will also be coming back for a new Season 3.

Though the fall season is still several months away, and the current seasons of the shows are all heading into their climatic cliffhanger season finales, this is very good news — at least for most of the DC Comics primetime line-up. The fate of iZombie currently in its fourth season has not been confirmed as yet, but fans will undoubtedly have an opportunity to plead their case to save the show, as they hear about all the new plot details for upcoming new series, as The CW primetime line-up will certainly be highlighted at this years San Diego Comic-Con.


Still one of the nation’s biggest gatherings for genre-fans, sci-fi aficionados and cosplayers galore DRAGON CON boasts one of the largest crowds taking over downtown Atlanta!

Arriving into the Atlanta Airport almost immediately you get the sense that something special is going on. The foot traffic leading to the baggage claim area is often decorated with hanging banners featuring colorfully crafted cosplayers as their favorite comic book characters. The dragon inspired logo reminiscent of one of the more popular houses on Game of Thrones can be seen emblemized across many of the most popular brands indicative of sponsorship opportunities, increasing the credibility of Dragon Con now in its 30th year.

Every year around this time, the last week of August into Labor Day Weekend, Atlanta’s sprawling downtown area (often the backdrop for the first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead) is turned into the region’s largest mecca for sci-fi fans and genre enthusiasts looking to meet the likeminded and cozy up to their favorite television and movie stars! Dragon Con easily shapes up as one of the country’s most popular gatherings and its grown to a spectacular degree since it was initialized in the fall of 1987.

Something for Everyone

While Comic-Cons were springing up all over the country, the progenitors of the latest fan-gathering felt that there existed a vacuum among convention experiences. While most specifically targeted comic book fans and/or science-fiction enthusiasts like trekkers, their was a lack in the market of conventions that nurtured all appetites, including fantasy followers and gamers. Soon cosplayers would emerge on the scene and this uniquely eccentric audience was also in search of an audience.

Dragon Con blended the best of all worlds and was the first to put front-and-center the many creatives that launched the success of life-long brands like Dungeons & Dragons as well as role-playing copycats, while including sci-fi celebrity writers and comic book artists. It wouldn’t be long before celebrities began to gravitate to the con, and before long the convention itself became a hub for unique interactions like when it was selected to be the home of the Origins Games Fair in 1990.

3 Decades Later

Cut to today as the crosswalks across the downtown city streets become lined with the various and colorful interpretations of gaming favorites like the forces of Halo or Gears of War and the latest Hollywood blockbusters inspire incredibly accurate recreations of the heroes from the upcoming Justice League or Marvel Film’s Infinity War and you can’t have too many Wonder Women now can you? All will be on parade Saturday morning and covered by the local news which will also feature some of the con’s celebrity guests including The Flash John Wesley Shipp.

The guest-list of featured celebrities attending Dragon Con has expanded to one of the circuit’s most varied and abundant and include current favorites from The CW DC Comics adaptations including Danielle Panabaker who stars on The Flash as “Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost” and Michelle Harrison joining Shipp as the other half of the Allen Family. They will also be joined by Arrow favorites Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman and Willa Holland as well as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow own “Rip Hunter” and Doctor Who alum Athur Darvill.

The con will also bring together the stars of Star Trek The Next Generation including Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner who will also be joined by the legendary William Shatner. With the Star Trek franchise preparing to embark on a new discovery, this gathering of some of its biggest stars will no doubt excite the dedicated to support the new venture. And that’s only a few off the top! A galaxy of guests really will be on hand to meet with their biggest fans, as well as interact in many of the star-studded panels scheduled throughout the weekend.

Thought Dragon Con is only beginning it’s already generating a lot of energy as hundreds descend upon downtown Atlanta hopeful that this time the zombie apocalypse is only a cosplay fantasy and not an inevitability, but with so many superheroes also on hand, guests can rest assured — justice will prevail!

Dragon Con schedule of events and ticket information are available at www.dragoncon.org.