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Trailer | The CW’s BATWOMAN

Gotham City’s newest caped avenger is already leaving an impression on her fans! In the latest trailer released to promote the inaugural season of The CW’s new BATWOMAN everyone wants to wear her mark.

The anticipation surrounding the launch of the newest DC superhero joining The CW’s primetime line-up hit a fever pitch at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend with the sneak peek at the pilot of Batwoman drawing much praise from the audience. The series will star Ruby Rose who will be reprising her role first introduced in last season’s “Elseworlds” crossover event. Rose plays Kate Kane, the cousin of billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne who stalks the shadows of Gotham City as the Caped Crusader, Batman.

But when the series opens up, the Dark Knight has been missing in action for 3 years, leaving the crime and corruption that plague his city to overrun the status quo. Kate has no other option but to put her military special ops training to the test to protect the innocent, especially when the notorious criminal Alice (played by Rachel Skartsten) threatens to take over the underworld. Batwoman is produced by Greg Berlanti and its show-runner Caroline Dries is promising that will be faithful to the comics, giving a cinematic platform to DC’s first out LGBTQ heroine headliner.

Bat…Looks Good On You

When she first meets with her contemporaries including the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) in the “Elseworlds” 3-part storyline, although she’s at first a bit apprehensive to lend the heroes a hand, when their mission runs afoul and the inmates at Arkham Asylum all nearly escape, Batwoman has no choice but to join the fight! One of the prisoners incarcerated within Arkham’s “special” unit will have a very distinct role to play in this year’s 5-part crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

Even without superpowers, Kate Kane’s alter ego is already racking up a fan base of followers as seen in the latest trailer promoting the new series making it’s debut in the fall…

Batwoman starring Rudy Rose premieres Sunday, Oct 6 on The CW Network


Trailer | The CW’s BATWOMAN

The fate of Gotham City is in her hands! BATWOMAN is moving in and stepping into the spotlight in the very first Teaser Trailer for the upcoming premiere season of The CW’s newest primetime superhero!

After a stunning debut in this season’s “Elseworlds” CW crossover event, the ever-expanding “Arrowverse” entered into new territory and visited Gotham City excitingly bringing Batwoman out of the shadows. While following a lead into the depths of Arkham Asylum, the Green Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl found themselves in over their heads in inmates, until the Caped Crusader showed up — but with Batman gone missing for some time, the city has been under the watchful eye of another masked vigilante.

Now Kate Kane is going to have her hands full, and Batwoman will be suiting up to keep the denizens of Gotham City safe. Ruby Rose will be starring in the series, which has been confirmed will be premiering a full first season. The pilot had been green lit shortly after, the heroine’s startling appearance in “Elseworlds” and The CW has every faith that Batwoman will fill the void left when Arrow signs off next season after its 10-episode finale. Joining the cast are Dougray Scott as Kate Kane’s military father, Colonel Jacob Kane.

Additional casting notices have included Camrus Johnson (Marvel’s Luke Cage) who will play Luke Fox, the son of Wayne Industry’s leading technologies director Lucious Fox. In the comic books, Luke eventually assumes the role of the high-flying Batwing. Also on board is Nicole Kang who will be cast in the role of Mary Hamilton, Kate Kane’s step-sister, and is rumored may be joining Batwoman in action as a potential sidekick alter-ego. Batwoman marks the first appearance of an openly gay lead character played by an openly gay actor to headline a series in primetime.

Dedicated to inspiring diversity in contemporary narratives, Greg Berlanti the executive producer of The CW’s primetime “Arrowverse” line-up was recently recognized for his work by the International Emmys® with the prestigious Founders Award. Batwoman will be the fifth spin-off of the expanding primetime universe of DC Comics characters appearing on The CW.

Here’s a look at the show’s official Teaser Trailer:

Batwoman stars Ruby Rose and Dougray Scott with Meagan Tandy, Camrus Johnson and Nicole Kang and will premiere on The CW.

ICYMI | It’s Official! BATWOMAN Pilot is On!

The streets of Gotham City are about to shudder as the Batwoman starring Ruby Rose gets picked up for a pilot with very high probability that a full-series order is not far away!

With a more than smashing introduction onto the primetime landscape on this season’s Arrowverse crossover event, The CW is preparing to spin-off its latest hero as Batwoman gets green lit and prepped into production. The series would star Ruby Rose in the title role of Kate Kane, a reluctant hero destined to follow in the footsteps of the Dark Knight Detective. The pilot has already been placed in the very capable hands of Emmy Winning director David Nutter who has helmed the premiere launches of Smallville, Arrow and The Flash.

Given the early announcement that the heroine would be joining the line-up of this season’s annually anticipated crossover network stunt, many speculated at the potential for Batwoman to spin-off and whether her introduction was an attempt to take the temperature of fans reaction to welcoming another property into the DC dominated CW primetime schedule. After facing a prison breakout at Arkham Asylum set off by a series events that will lead to a larger crisis, it appears that Kate Kane may have her hands fall when her own show premieres in the spring of 2019.

Series show-runner Caroline Dries has suggested that the solo run of Gotham’s other caped crusader will feature a fiercely challenged Kate Kane, who assumes the costumed identity of Batwoman in the absence of the city’s own infamous Caped Crusader. As audiences learned during the “Elseworlds” episode, Batman has been missing from the scene now for a significant amount of time, leaving Kate with the burden of protecting the city. At the conclusion of their body-swapping escapade, Batwoman reaches out to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) announcing she’s on the job!

The Flash recurring guest star John Wesley Shipp took to social media immediately after Rose’s introduction as Batwoman on the second part of the “Elseworlds” crossover event and proclaimed: “A star is born!” It should also be relevantly noted that Shipp was also featured in the same episode, enlisted to reprise his role as Barry Allen, “The Flash” of Earth-90 which first appeared in the original 1990 CBS series. The internet has since been on fire especially given the stinger at the conclusion of “Elseworlds” announcing the title of next year’s crossover…

In the fall of 2019 audiences will be gearing up for “Crisis on Infinite Earths”!

Although no other casting announcements have been revealed, Rose is confirmed to reprise her title role in Batwoman and given the reception the actress has received from fans, it looks like popular culture and primetime are ready to follow the adventures of DC’s newest leading lady, who is an out and proud member of the LGBTQ community. Batwoman will undoubtedly continue in the tradition of its contemporary series giving voices to gay, lesbian and transgender characters and expanding the narrative of these individuals across the spectrum of entertainment.

Batwoman is expected to premiere on The CW in spring of 2019 and will be written and produced by Caroline Dries known for her work on The Vampire Diaries and Smallville who will also be show-running the launch of the new series.

On The Set | ELSEWORLDS New Dynamic Duo

Behind the scenes of The CW epic crossover event hits a fever pitch when a supergirl reveals a caped crusader that is braver and bolder than anything fans have seen!

As if this week couldn’t get anymore exciting for fans of The CW hit shows The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl with the revelations that the cast of this season’s epic CW crossover event “Elseworlds” added recurring guest star John Wesley Shipp into the mix wearing a very familiar costume suggesting a “Flash” from the past will be suiting-up for the adventure, Supergirl headliner Melissa Benoist took to social networking to introduce what looks a braver and bolder pairing, guest star Ruby Rose in fall Batwoman gear!

Though the audience has known since it was announced late this summer at San Diego Comic-Con that the DC TV trinity would be heading out of the comfort zones of their respective home turfs and visiting neighboring Gotham City to introduce the newest caped wonder, little else has been exposed of the “Elseworlds” theme surrounding this year’s event. Along with the pics of John Wesley Shipp apparently in his classic 1990 Flash suit, fans have also glimpsed Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin wearing each other’s battle fatigues, and a black-clad Superman!

The anticipation surrounding this year’s crossover has never been more exciting, and given that it appears to have scaled down the story arc by excluding the crew from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and perhaps even avoided working in the cast of the newest series Black Lightning it appears the showrunners are taking this opportunity to introduce through the proverbial “backdoor” the continuing adventures of Batwoman especially since FOX announced this would be the final season for their Batman prequel Gotham.

Check out the image of this World’s Finest pairing from behind the scenes here:

iReview | BATMAN: Mystery of the Batwoman on Blu-ray

The Batman gets mixed up in a caper that reveals a new vigilante emerges from under the shadows of Gotham City’s skyscrapers with an agenda to take down the underworld operations whether the Caped Crusader likes it or not in the animated adventure BATMAN Mystery of the Batwoman.

Before she gets formally inducted into the Arrowverse during the upcoming new season of The CW hit live-action series’ much anticipated annual crossover event, Batwoman has had a storied existence that is almost as enduring as that of the Caped Crusaders. The character was introduced during the Silver Age of comics and brought into the Batman Family as an indicator to readers that Batman and his ward Robin, the Boy Wonder were not engaged in a homosexual relationship. Her active crime-fighting career was short lived.

Eventually she would be replaced by the resoundingly more popular Batgirl / Barbara Gordon who would continue with a significantly important role in DC Comics mythology through to the modern era, but it was in 2006 that the newest iteration of the character appeared on the scene and sent epic shockwaves throughout the fandom. Before Kate Kane’s reimagining in 2003, the celebrated Animated Adventures of The Batman continued a traditional of producing full-length episodes indulging audience demands.

Available in a hi-def presentation Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman reunites the talents from the Emmy®-Winning “Animated Adventures” including Kevin Conroy voicing the Dark Knight and leading an all-star cast that includes Hector Elizondo, Kyra Sedgwick, Kelly Ripa and David Ogden Stiers. Released in conjunction with the final episodes of The Animated Series run, the feature takes its lead and tone from that season’s much darker and more streamlined designs, though much of the art deco cityscapes are still extremely prevalent.

Who Is the Batwoman?

Unique in that Batwoman hadn’t yet been canonized for the new millennium and many fans were unaware of her origins, the mystery surrounding this silver-clad agent of vengeance is shrouded in secrecy. As Batman (Conroy) soon discovers there’s more to the Batwoman than meets the eye, and it’s up to him to learn the truth before she gets to her next target, or the Penguin cuts her down for good! With a story by Alan Burnett, Mystery of the Batwoman truly captures the endearing spirit of the much beloved Animated Series.

The third feature-length narrative inspired by The Animated Series, the film paved the way for the Dark Knight’s entry into the Justice League animated adventures that would soon follow. The Blu-ray itself comes with some engaging behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film, including in-depth character bios and the dissection of a scene. Though it won’t give audiences insight into the upcoming player on the Gotham City rooftops that will be joining the Green Arrow and The Flash, it’s still a great introduction for the uninitiated.

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman in available now on Blu-ray and Digital Download from Warner Bros. Animation and is directed by Curt Geda with a story from Alan Burnett.


DC Comics: Rebirth Focuses on BATWOMAN

How a Silver Age character from the extended “Bat-Family” emerges in contemporary mythology as perhaps the most influentially powerful heroine of this generation! DC Comics’ BATWOMAN gets a “Rebirth”!

As the Caped Crusader enjoyed a peripheral amount of relevancy during the Silver Age of comics, that time between the 1950s and late 1960s when the Golden Age characters were mostly being revitalized due the advances of the Atomic Age, Batman and his ward, the Boy Wonder, Robin would find themselves often sharing their colorful exploits with a pair of female crime fighters setting trends of their own and taking down evil-doers.

Cast in an uncharacteristically bright golden suit with vamp red accents the original Batwoman and her sidekick, the original Bat-girl created a formidable force of their own, and helped tame the hallowed halls of Wayne Manor with their presence. According to Wikipedia the characters were created by writer Edmond Hamilton and artist Sheldon Moldoff and were introduced in Detective Comics #233 released in 1956.

When the company-wide reboot that took effect with the Crisis on Infinite Earths during the 80s, secondary supporting characters like Batwoman were folded into history, retroactively erased from history. Although their alter egos still existed, and the original Bat-Girl, Bette Kane, was reintegrated into the revamped continuity as the Teen Titan “Flamebird” post-Crisis the caped heroic escapades of the Batwoman were effectively hung out.

After the events of Infinite Crisis (2005) the proper sequel to the Crisis on Infinite Earths there were “52 Weeks” without heroes and Batwoman was revisited. Well-to-do Gotham City socialite Katherine “Kate” Kane is raised as a military brat, and when her mother and twin sister are murdered, it appears that her life begins to spiral out of control. She follows her father, Colonel Jacob Kane and pursues a career in the military, but is discharged when she reveals she is gay.

Interestingly when the Batwoman character was written into Silver Age mythology, it was as a potential love interest to Bruce Wayne, in an effort to divert attention from what had become popularly gossiped culturally that Batman was perhaps homosexual. The billionaire playboy sharing a home with a teenage ward and both men physically fit as they were…well, you can see where this is going. The introduction of Kate Kane was intended to change that perspective in readers.

Batwoman gets a “Rebirth”.

The Modern Era Kate Kane is alongside Midnighter perhaps the most high-profile LGBTQ character appearing in their own title and published by DC Comics. After the events of the recent New 52 reboot, Batwoman survived the FlashPoint aftermath and as the publication entered into its “Rebirth” arc Batwoman: Rebirth #1 has ensured that this heroine’s story continues to expand. Recently Kane was recruited by the Batman to train an army to protect Gotham City.

Batman has placed a lot of faith in Batwoman, and not only because unlike some of his other acolytes and sidekicks, Kane is actually related to the Dark Knight by blood. Bruce Wayne and Kate Kane are cousins, which makes her a unique accomplice in his fight to rid Gotham City of crime and corruption. Now under the helm of writers Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV with art by Steve Epting the Batwoman is rising no longer in the shadow of Batman!


After the recent attack on Gotham City by the Monster Men, Kate is taking the fight on a global scale. On a mission set upon by Batman, Batwoman will use all of her skills and wits to prevent the sale of the lethal “Monster Venom” on the Black Market. If any unfriendly forces got their hands on this mixture, they could introduce a terrible menace — an army of uncontrollable monsters — on an enemy.

With her life — and loves — still sorting themselves out, one thing that Batwoman can be counted on is that she is a dependable soldier and ready to undertake any challenge! With the release of the new series Batwoman #1 has Kane globetrotting in exotic locations and guided in her fight by Julia Pennyworth code-named “Tuxedo One”. There adventures may have only (technically) just begun, but Batwoman will undoubtedly emerge as one of the most relevant reads of the “Rebirth”.

Significantly raising the profile of LGBTQ characters within the DC Comics universe is not a stunt the publishers are pursuing to enhance readership, but more importantly create substantive characters that resonate with readers and also allow for broader storytelling. With Batwoman leading the charge in her own title, she will most likely establish herself as the benchmark by which all other LGBTQ heroes and heroines are metered, but Bennett and Tynion are proving themselves in spades!

Batwoman: Rebirth and Batwoman #1 written by Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV with art by Steve Epting is on sale now from DC Comics.