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Trailer | The CW’s BATWOMAN

The cape and cowl have been passed on and a new defender has emerged.
Justice will reign in red. Beware the new bat in town!


ICYMI | It’s Official! BATWOMAN Pilot is On!

The latest superhero to take flight as part of The CW’s growing “Arrowverse” will soon get her own series starring Ruby Rose.

iReview | BATMAN: Mystery of the Batwoman on Blu-ray

The Batman gets mixed up in a caper that reveals a new vigilante emerges from under the shadows of Gotham City’s skyscrapers with an agenda to take down the underworld operations whether the Caped Crusader likes it or not in the animated adventure BATMAN Mystery of the Batwoman. […]

DC Comics: Rebirth Focuses on BATWOMAN

How a Silver Age character from the extended “Bat-Family” emerges in contemporary mythology as perhaps the most influentially powerful heroine of this generation! DC Comics’ BATWOMAN gets a “Rebirth”! As the Caped Crusader enjoyed a peripheral amount of relevancy during the Silver Age of comics, that time between […]

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