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Unboxing :: USS FRANKLIN from Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection

Literally making a splash of an introduction in Star Trek Beyond the hero ship the USS Franklin was considered lost in deep space, but now has come home as the latest Special Issue in the line of Star Trek Starships Collection from Eaglemoss

Who could have seen that coming! In its first act of the last franchise installment of the space epic Star Trek Beyond directed by Justin Lin, Captain Kirk (Wonder Woman’s Chris Pine) leads his crew of the USS Starship Enterprise into the heart of uncharted territory where suddenly their legendary vessel (in the midst of its first five-year mission) is spreading to bits by an unknown assailant. Leaving Kirk and company no other choice but to launch in their escape pods onto the surface of a nearby planet.

There they learn the truth: the crew was lured in an attempt to launch a genocidal attack upon the Federation by one of their own! A one-time major in the Earth’s military MACO army, Balthazar Edison (Idris Elba) has festered in hate and is seeking a vendetta that will — he hopes — bring down Starfleet once and for all. Fortunately, the ever resourceful crew of the Enterprise have uncovered a means to manage their escape and prevent Edison from exacting his revenge. Their salvation is delivered to them in the form of the USS Franklin NX-326 Edison’s original command.

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It’s ironic that Edison’s own ship, unbridledly powerful, is used against him in the climax of Star Trek Beyond. The vessel’s background is meant to evoke the grand history of Starfleet and its bid to push mankind into uncharted space. An early 22nd Century vessel of the “Starship Class” the USS Franklin is among the first ships in space to reach Warp 4 and predates Captain Jonathon Archer’s own NX-01 by a decade. Originally designed and designated as a “scout vessel” in the script, its designer Sean Hargreaves had the unique experience of creating the hero ship.

The Eaglemoss model, its latest in the line of “Special Issue” releases which stand apart from the regularly sized and packaged subscription offerings, is perhaps the best in the recent models to be produced and delivers on its promise to provide Star Trek collectors with a unprecedented collecting experience. The very well-crafted and sturdy model measures approximately 8 inches long, and is accurately detailed. From the heft of the model, most of its die-cast parts are properly weighed on the saucer section which is intricately detailed with the ship’s registry engraved.

From holding the model, it’s clear to imagine that such a ship would have withstood the rigors of planetary reentry and launching back into space to prevent the invasion of the nearby Yorktown space station. The magazine included with the model lends great detail to the artist’s design approach, which was well-rooted in the original designs of Matt Jeffries who designed the first USS Enterprise featured in the Original Series. The USS Franklin gives a whole new meaning to “tough little ship” and undoubtedly make a handsome piece to any starship collection.

USS Frankin NX-326 is part of The Official Starships Collection from Eaglemoss Collections. For more details goto


In Collectibles :: Eaglemoss Collections USS ENTERPRISE “Oversized” Edition

The Star Trek universe gets a “super-size” with Eaglemoss Collections new line of ships that give you more Enterprise to love!

Eaglemoss Collections is adding to their already expansive and much celebrated line of high-end models with a new, limited edition variant of the legendary Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 from the Original Star Trek television series. This latest die-cast model for the Star Trek Starships Collection measures a stunning 11″ and is beautifully detailed, recapturing the look of the shooting model recently restored to her full glory and hanging in the Smithsonian.

Take a look at the video gallery and order your own!

iReview :: Star Trek Starships Collection – SPOCK’S JELLYFISH

Eaglemoss Collections releases its latest “special issue” model in their Star Trek Starships line of perhaps one of the more obscure designs to ever be featured in the extensive cinematic mythology.

When film director J.J. Abrams was given the duty of rebooting one of the longest-running science fiction franchises in popular culture, fans were more than a little nervous about how the visionary filmmaker would approach Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry’s “wagon train to the stars” inspired generations, and 50 years later it’s thriving beyond anyone’s expectations. Abrams then elevated the brand by creating an “alternate timeline”.

In his 2009 film Star Trek a Romulan ship from the future travels back to the 22nd Century and effectively shifts reality with its incursion. Another vessel from the future is also caught in the temporal wake, that craft is piloted by a legend and is among one of the most unusual designs ever seen in the Trek universe. Spock’s Jellyfish Ship is recreated by the folks at Eaglemoss Collection as part of their “Special Issue” releases of the Star Trek Starships Collections.

Solidly constructed and slightly larger than the regular line of starships Spock’s Jellyfish measures nearly 6” in length and diameter. Highly detailed and well-textured to evoke the vessel’s uniquely organic looking design. The gyroscopic spokes are on full display, but are not articulated to mimic the movement as seen in the film, but that hardly diminishes the overall attractiveness of this model. The coloring does dull its shine, though amplifies its authenticity.

In the script for the film the vessel is literally described as a “jellyfish” (as revealed in Mark Cotta Vaz’s book Star Trek: The Art of the Film) and was further developed from an original idea by comic book artist/illustrator Bryan Hitch, so it should come as no surprise that the ship itself is one of the most peculiar in recent cinematic mythology, but still maintains a continuity of Vulcan ships. Hitch insists that he wanted “something not like conventional Federation ships,” and with its gyroscopic design, the “Jellyfish” certainly lives up to that dictum.

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Of all the recent releases from Eaglemoss Collections this “special issue” is a bit lackluster. The model builders have been dedicated to producing a high-end subscription line with their Star Trek Starships Collections, but “Spock’s Jellyfish” is simply just a large-sized mock up. Perhaps it would have been asking too much to construct a model that also featured the gyroscope components — which could have been accomplished with just three parts — the Jellyfish is just not as interesting as a solid, non-moving, prop.

The model is also mostly constructed of plastic. Though it feels like it sports some heft, the die-cast may be relegated to a portion at the forefront of the model, which pulls it slightly down on its stand. A seam along the front hull is slightly off and should be something that Eaglemoss should carefully monitor in their quality control. This is often than not an issue with their models.

Given that the modelers have kept the price of their “Special Issues” at about $40 – $45 on the mainland (mostly because of the limited factory release of these larger-sized offerings) it is a bit pricey especially for those of us that mostly display these finds. Eaglemoss Collections can be depended upon for a unique collectible experience, but the sculptors need to be delivering a more sophisticated product, especially with competitors appearing on the market.

Recently they’ve announced the production of larger scale releases, an 11” Classic Series Enterprise NCC 1701 is the first in this new line, fetching nearly $80 for the avid collector. I would suggest that if they are looking to keep or court more fans to their subscription based products, they need to be more less careless. A little precision goes a long way.

Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek The Official Starships Collection – Spock’s Jellyfish Ship “Special Issue”  is available now stateside or by visiting Eaglemoss Collections online.

Star Trek 50 Years Later…More to Discovery

As one of the greatest science fiction franchises celebrates a landmark, more details surface about the latest installment.


That’s one small step… The words are legendary. Spoken by astronaut Neil Armstrong upon his famous lunar march across the landscape of our very own moon. It was one of America’s and our space programs proudest moments and would herald in the “Space Age”. The Apollo 11 mission would inspire generations of us to look to the stars and imagine all sorts of possibilities. Among them most — what more is out there.

That spirit of exploration was the clear foundation for an aspiring and ambition screenplay writer Gene Roddenberry envisioned a future — a wagon train to the stars — where mankind has taken to the stars to seek out new life, and new civilizations. Roddenberry gave birth to a new kind of television series, a phenomenon really and 50 years later Star Trek would still endure.

After the syndication success of The Original Series the franchise would continue in films, before returning to television for The Next Generation and so on. The original cast was reimagined in 2009 continuing the voyages of perhaps the most famous starship in popular culture. The Starship Enterprise would become one of the most iconic images in television history.

50 years later the franchise welcomes a new motion picture. Star Trek Beyond the third to feature the rebooted crew patterned after The Original Series and soon Star Trek will return to television when CBS prepares to launch an entirely new adventure and fans eagerly anticipate the launch of Star Trek Discovery the fifth spin-off series and the first in more than a decade.

The project is in the capable hands of Bryan Fuller who was handed the reigns to head the new Star Trek for CBS and will be exclusively airing on the network’s “All Access” pay service (as well as Netflix) after the first episode premieres on the network in 2017. An enticing “first look” teaser trailer was unveiled at SDCC this year, and just recently Fuller has given out some additional details about Discovery and its mission.

The series will be set chronologically 10 years before The Original Series which would insinuate that the events of Star Trek (2009) the reboot may not “obviously” play into the plot, although it has been suggested that original cast characters may appear on Discovery. The show will also have a 13 episode first season run and the stories will be serialized, and not necessarily stand alone episodes.


Fuller has said that the entire series will play a novel and each episode an encapsulated chapter, with a beginning, middle and an end, that connects to the overall thread. The main character of the show will be female, but not the captain of the ship. The story will focus on her journey and growth, supported from her perspective and not the captain’s seat.

Elements of the established Trek mythology will weave their way into Discovery including Section 31, the clandestine shadow organization that is part of the Federation. There will be a centrifugal event from Trek history that will be revisited and will serve as the backdrop for the drama. Expect for some other familiar faces from Trek lore to show their faces and be a significant part of the story.

The ship herself is based on a design by legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie who had introduced designs when Paramount first decided to resurrect Star Trek for its Phase II which eventually evolved into Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Fuller describes the ship’s design as something that is still in development, so the version seen in the teaser may not be the final that will eventually appear when the show premieres in January 2017.

The cast is currently being cast and will also feature a gay regular character, as well as more dramatic alien races than ever seen before, although some established favorites will be integrated into the story.

We’ll be closely following more details about Star Trek Discovery as they come to light.

Eaglemoss Delivers on the Starship Enterprise


Never a more decorated vessel in Starfleet’s history…and now just in time for its 50th Anniversary, the “USS Enterprise” comes home.

Perhaps it couldn’t be anymore appropriate that this week’s shipment from Eaglemoss Collections of Star Trek The Official Starships Collection featured the one that started it all. Issue 50 in the line of vessels from the longline of spacefaring ships to map out Federation space and beyond, is none other than the one that started it all: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.

Beautifully die cast an measuring approximately 5 inches in length, Captain Kirk’s fabled Constitution class ship has been expertly reproduced; all her delicate lines captured in great detail. Considering the size of the model, the weigh it significantly ideal and hefty along the saucer section of the ship, which holds the nerve-center of the ship.

Eaglemoss Collections’ USS Enterprise is one of the best releases yet from the die-cast series of collectibles.

The nacelles and lower engineering hull appear to be in perfect proportions to the original designs inspired by the tv ship’s designer Matt Jeffries. This model of the Enterprise also matches many of the details that were introduced when the ship was upgraded for the high-resolution BLu-ray release of Star Trek: The Original Series Remastered.

Of all the ships that have been released by Eaglemoss and carry the name Enterprise (including the larger scale “special issue” from the reboot) this is by far one of the best models, and is sure to please any starship collector. It wouldn’t be a fleet without one of the Federation’s finest! The model also comes with a 20-page magazine with background info.