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The CW’s “The Flash” Races Toward a Reboot?

After facing perhaps his most dangerous adversary, opening up the world to the multiverse, it looks like when The CW hit series The Flash returns in the fall Barry’s world will be dramatically different…

It certainly felt like Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) had no other choice but to confront the evil ZOOM! in a battle to save the multiverse as the second season of The CW’s hit show The Flash spiraled toward a relentless climax. The closing arc had left our hero with very little to lean on, especially after having lost his ability to tap into the Speed Force, then regained his powers after gaining a better understanding of the energies that now course through him ever since the particle accelerator experiment that turned him into the fastest man alive.

But with every action, there’s a reaction, and even though Barry and his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs had every good intention especially of bringing down the tyranny of ZOOM! in the end the villain made haste in a final escape that ultimately cost Barry dearly. His only living parent Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) was fatally struck down by his enemy, and ultimately lead The Flash to one final race — the race of his life — to stop ZOOM! from putting in play a plan that would ultimately destroy the multiverse. The Flash and his friends were able to stop ZOOM! and even freed his prisoner on Earth-2…

In the race of his life, The Flash (Grunt Gustin) takes on the menace of ZOOM! for the fate of the multiverse in the Season 2 Finale of The Flash.

It was revealed that “the man in the iron mask” was another speedster, one whose identity ZOOM! had assumed, and whose powers he had stolen — Jay Garrick! To long time DC Comics readers, the name is synonymous with the legacy of “The Flash”. Garrick is the original Golden Age version of the hero, where the more commercially popular Silver Age version (Barry Allen) is more widely known. For the #DCTVU in an even more brilliant twist, the true Jay Garrick bares a striking resemblance to Barry’s father Henry.

Jay Garrick, the “original” Flash is now played The CW show by actor John Wesley Shipp, the “original” Barry Allen/Flash from the 90’s CBS show The Flash. The strange twist of fate, as anyone can imagine, comes at a great shock to Barry having just recently lost his father so violently to ZOOM! and now seemingly found a kindred spirit in his parallel-earth doppelgänger, but before the two Flashes have time to bond, Garrick decides to resume course to his own world — Earth-3 — and leaps through a breach.

Feeling alone and abandoned, although his future may be the brightest its ever been… Barry saves his friends, rescues the multiverse, and even gets the girl. He and Iris (Candice Patton) finally profess their love to one another and decide the time is ripe for them to follow their hearts. Unfortunately Barry’s heart — and mind — are at present unaligned and all he can think about is the one fatal mistake he made once before. He had the perfect opportunity to prevent the Reverse-Flash from murdering his mother.

Now all Barry can think about is making things right! At least by himself! He decides that he has no other alternative but to travel back to that very moment, some 14 years ago, and save Nora (Michelle Harrison) from death, but in doing so, The Flash irrevocably alters the entire timeline, initiating a “FlashPoint” effect that will have as yet unexplored consequences for our hero. Today, Grant Gustin has been teasing fans via social networking. Slipping back into “Barry Allen’s skin” and preparing for Season 3’s new arc.

The Flash — “Escape From Earth-2” Pictured: Grant Gustin as The Flash — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

In the comic series FlashPoint was the catalyst event that ultimately lead to the DC Comics publishing reboot that launched The New 52. The storyline revealed the consequences of Barry’s actions after saving his mother’s life. The Flash unleashed a “butterfly effect” that plunged the planet into a world war between super-powers, revealed a dangerously tortured Batman let loose on Gotham along a fatal trajectory towards annihilation! Yes…it’s a bleak future indeed. In the end Barry has no choice but to make things right.

Even without the benefits of an expansive DC Comics Universe, the television landscape that has evolved over the course of the last several seasons on The CW largely in part to the efforts of Greg BerlantiMarc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg has exceeded fans expectations and created a serialized narrative that spans four network television series (although the latest to join the fold Supergirl has yet to address its place in the convergence to The CW) that have captured our imaginations in primetime.

Producer Greg Berlanti strikes his most heroic pose alongside his premiere team of heroes Grant Gustin as The Flash and Melissa Benoist as Supergirl.

If Barry’s actions have a relevance beyond his own Tuesday night 8pm EST time slot, or if his “FlashPoint” affect will transcend to the companion series Arrow (returning in the fall to its Wednesday night slot) or the third spin-off  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Thursday night’s lead-in) and whether The Flash — which has journeyed over to CBS to visit Supergirl — has affected that series’ continuity are all questions, audiences of the show are eager to have explained. We can only speculate — and what fun is that!

What are some things we might want to see happen as a result of The Flash “FlashPoint” that could happen on the primetime series? Well…for starters:

  1. Nora Allen is alive! How great would it be especially for Barry if his mother played by Michelle Harrison has an opportunity to interact with her son? Having prevented her murder Barry’s family would remain intact. His father Henry played by John Wesley Shipp wouldn’t have gone to jail and been there for Barry’s formative years. In the comic Barry rescues Nora, but at a great cost, including his superpowers. Having the Allens back would also resonate with their next door neighbors…
  2. The West Family! Although he’s pined after Iris West (Candice Patton) the daughter of his surrogate father Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) for most of his life, how will not being raised by Joe affect Barry’s development? In the comics, Iris has moved on, gotten married and has a daughter of her own. Perhaps this would give the writers an opportunity to bring Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) back.
  3. The Father Figure! Sure Henry Allen may be alive as well seeing as Barry completely altered the timeline, but a heart surgeon isn’t going to necessary be able to make things right when his “super hero” son starts to realize that things aren’t as clear and present as they should be. In the comic series, Batman (Thomas Wayne) helps Barry recreate the accident that turns him into a speedster in the first place. Batman (at present) doesn’t play a part in the #DCTVCW Universe (not yet) but there’s a character from the 1990’s original series, based on a classic Golden Age hero that could be fashioned into an alter-ego for a detective turned vigilante! Introduce Joe West as the Deadly Nightshade which is based on the DC Comic’s character of Sandman a member of the Justice Society of America.
  4. The Flash of Two Worlds! And speaking of the Golden Age of heroes, it was of course revealed in the season finale that ZOOM! was impersonating Jay Garrick (also played by John Wesley Shipp). At the end of that episode Garrick resumes his name and title of “The Flash” and whisks back to his own parallel-earth, but what if he returns to help Barry set things right, after all as we’re learning in the current “Rebirth” series, the consequences of that butterfly effect left the world dramatically changed and the preservation of its heroes legacies must be maintained.
  5. What about that particle explosion? With The Flash no longer in the picture, Reverse-Flash doesn’t have a reason to threaten the past and murder Harrison Wells. The particle experiment can go as is and not bring Barry together with his eventual colleagues at S.T.A.R. Labs leaving Cisco, Caitlin and even Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm) unaffected.

Just a few things to think about, as we all contemplate over the summer and wait for the announcements that are sure to come with San Diego Comic-Con 2016 starts to roll around. In the meantime start counting down to Tuesday, Oct. 4 with The Flash returns to The CW for its premiere of Season 3 “FlashPoint” emminent!


DC’s (Next?) Legends of Tomorrow

With The CW series returning for a Second Season, the path is laid out for a “legacy” to take explode onto the primetime landscape!


At the close of the final act — the “stinger” if you would — in the climax of Season One of The CW hit show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (the second spin-off from Greg Berlanti’s production house inspired by DC Comics properties) the remaining members of revolutionary time-tripper Rip Hunter’s (Arthur Darvill) rag tag team of “legends” are about to board their time ship, when another “Waverider” appears out of no where and delivers an unexpected interloper into their midst…

When Rex Tyler (guest star Patrick J. Adams) introduces himself to the group, who stand aghast at his arrival, he declares himself “a friend” — a member of the Justice Society of America, and he’s here in the present to stop them from killing themselves! And scene! What Tyler’s very cryptic message might mean is going to be rattling around the inside of fans’ heads at least until San Diego Comic-Con, where the cast will gather in Hall, for the first time to tease exactly what is in store for Season Two.

In a final attempt to stop the tyranny of Vandal Savage the team of “legends” including White Canary (Caity Lotz), The Atom (Brandon Routh) and Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) travel back to World War II.

For the initiated audience the trajectory that is going to be explored in the upcoming fall when all the DC TV Universe series premiere on The CW, there might be a familiar thread running through (at least) two of the series coming back. Tyler’s Hourman isn’t the only well-known JSA member introduced into the #DCTVCW during the spring finales. Hourman may have saved the legends from a fate worse than death, but on The Flash finally liberated from the villainous ZOOM!’s prison on Earth-2, the “man in the iron mask” was revealed to be none-other than Jay Garrick — the Golden Age Flash!

To make matters more interesting for our hero Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) the “original” speedster bares a very striking resemblance to his recently departed father Henry Allen and in an even greater twist of fate — the actor playing the “real” Jay Garrick is John Wesley Shipp. The stunning move was very shocking to fans especially since Shipp played the role of Barry Allen in the “original” CBS series The Flash from the 1990s. At the conclusion of The Flash season finale, Garrick indicates that he’s returning to his own parallel earth, and indicates that to be Earth-3.

The Flash — “The Race of His Life” — Pictured: John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick/The Flash — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

With the DC Comics multiverse having played so predominantly this past season on the show, and Legends traversed the time-stream, when the shows return in the fall we’re not guaranteed viewers will be jumping into familiar territory. For one, Barry traveled back in time and into the Speed Force and enacted a “FlashPoint” butterfly effect that may be felt across the primetime spectrum. Barry prevented his enemy, the Reverse-Flash from murdering his mother.

Altering his own past, will no doubt affect the present, but like in the comic book version of FlashPoint will the entire #DCTVCW universe be affected? With Supergirl joining The CW next fall, is this the way in which they universes will crossover to create one cohesive TV universe? It’s too soon to say, but certainly legacies will play an important role in fall. The writers of the returning Supergirl have indicated that Superman will be appearing in an early story arc when the series launches.

On Legends with Hourman filling one of the vacancies left by departing cast members including HawkgirlHawkman and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller, who will be returning to his proper place as a recurring role on The Flash), announcements have already gone out that Vixen will be joining the series. Introduced first in animation, before appearing in the flesh on Arrow the role of the beastly beauty was inhabited by Megalyn E.K. but the producers have indicated that the Vixen joining the cast will be an “earlier version” of the contemporary Mari McCabe. In essence,  Legends will introduce a “legacy” version of the character.

Leaving many fans to wonder if the final seat on Legends might be filled by Jay Garrick. Actor John Wesley Shipp has indicated that playing the Golden Age Flash has opened the door for many story possibilities, especially on The Flash. This will undoubtedly include major crossover potential among the various primetime shows that might interject Garrick, Hourman, etc. How the JSA arc will play itself out on Legends will be as interesting as imagining how FlashPoint will evolve on The Flash, but one thing is for sure, the DC TV Universe continues to expand beyond any fans expectations! Legendary, indeed.


Supergirl…Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Looks like Supergirl is going to be getting a “super” scene-stealer moving in on her primetime appeal next fall.


As if the news that The CW had decidedly adopted Supergirl the fourth in a series of hour-long dramas produced by Greg Berlanti after CBS dropped the Maid of Metal from their 2016 fall line-up, and guaranteeing a DC Comics sweep of primetime on a single network, news has just begun to circulate that her famous cousin Superman will be joining Kara in National City next season!

Of course, this is all still rather speculative. Warner Brothers had insuniated that there was a mandate on not utilizing any members of the publishing imprint’s “big three” — including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman — concerned that the small screen appearances of these characters might impact their big screen appeal. What might have incited the change of heart? Could it have something to do with the lukewarm reception that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice pulled  in at the box office?

The film that finally introduced the DC Comics Trinity wasn’t all that well received by reviewers, who have deemed the cinematic world created by its director Zack Snyder is desolate and bleak in comparison to the television universe that Berlanti and his team have continued to evolve. Now that Supergirl is joining her other super-siblings on the more properly situated CW network, with The FlashArrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow next winter’s crossover event is sure to power-up in the ratings.

Producer Greg Berlanti carries the battle for truth, justice and primetime dominance with his television adaptations of the DC Comics properties The Flash starring Grant Gustin and Supergirl featuring Melissa Benoist.

When Supergirl which stars Melissa Benoist as the Last Daughter of Krypton, featured a guest-starring turn from Grunt Gustin who portrays the lead Scarlet Speedter on The Flash the joint-network stunt, landed Supergirl her biggest ratings since her series debut. With her move to The CW imminent, it’s only fitting that when Kara returns this fall, after a heart-stopping cliffhanger (exactly who is inside that rocket that crash lands on earth?) the Girl of Steel is joined by the Man of Steel!

Casting notices have gone out for an actor to play Superman, a role that is currently in the hands of Henry Cavill on the big screen, and was last vacated by Tom Welling who played Clark Kent as a young man growing up into the legend on Smallville. Fans are hoping that the producers will bring Welling in to (once again) fill the boots and fly the cape as Superman. Another former TV “Superman” Dean Cain, actually plays Kara Danvers Earth-born father on Supergirl.

Historically, Berlanti and his fellow producers including Andrew Kreisberg have cast actors in roles on their shows whom have a connectivity to DC Comics or have played pivotal roles in previous superhero incarnations. Namely, The Flash guest-star John Wesley Shipp who played the role of Barry Allen in the “original” CBS series The Flash, returned to the reboot as Henry Allen — Barry father. After a fatal confrontation with the villain ZOOM! this season, Henry was murdered — but it appears perhaps has been “reincarnated” as none-other than Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash!

Now that the stakes are so high, and that DC Entertainment has a lot to prove — no pressure having to dominate an entire network’s primetime line-up next fall — bringing in the big guy back to the television landsape may be exactly what Supergirl needs to make an impact next season. Superman’s storyline is expected to have the character appear over the course of the two premiere episodes of the show’s second season. And who’s to say that the occupant of the space ship that crashes isn’t maybe a young Kal-El…

With the multiverse having played such a significant part of The Flash story arc this last season, the possibilities are (dare I say) infinite!

iReview: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot: Pt.1”

The latest spin-off from the growing DC TV Universe is moving the story in inspired ways. Here is my review of “Pilot: Pt.1”.


Spoiler Alert: This is your last warning! If you haven’t seen the premiere episode of the latest DC TV Universe spin-off DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Pilot: Pt.1 than perhaps you might not want to read any further, but if you haven’t been tuning into this season’s Arrow or its sister series The Flash than you’re missing out on a truly unique television experience and one that millions of die-hard comic book fans have been waiting a very long time for.

If it wasn’t enough that almost out the gate The CW’s action-adventure series Arrow based on the often secondarily popular hero the Green Arrow immediately went to work on establishing a foothold on introducing the most number of DC Comics heroes and villains into primetime, when it helped launch The Flash — suddenly the superhero world in live-action exploded! The Flash which is more “powers” based than the street-fighting feel of its predecessor became an instant hit with fans.

The particle explosion that helped create that series hero Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has always been a staple in the mythology and The Flash one of the top-tier characters in the DC Universe. When the multiverse was ignited in the Second Season of The Flash all bets were off, and having already introduced super-powered allies like Firestorm, the Atom, and even Vixen (in a companion animated series) it wouldn’t be long before these heroic individuals came together and formed a proper team.


The element of crossing over the storylines on the series also introduced a much appreciated dynamic that hadn’t been seen before in superhero series in syndication or primetime. When the serialized adventures brought together all our heroes it had the same impact as when heroes came together in the pages of the books. Audiences were now privy to getting more bang for their buck and this season’s crossover team-up was nothing short of legendary!

A Time Master named Rip Hunter (Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill) is determined to put an end to the conquering might of Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). The tyrant has all-but laid waste to the future with his armies. In order to stop Savage once and for all, Hunter requests that he be allowed to travel back in time and recruit some very powerful allies, but the Time Masters are convinced that Hunter will cause more damage than good traversing through history. Rip Hunter steals a time ship, the “Waverider”, anyway and gathers his forces.

Moving quickly and simultaneously Hunter systematically “kidnaps” Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) The Atom, the Nuclear Man Firestorm (Victor Garber and Franz Drameh), the resurrected White Canary (Caity Lotz) and the long-lived winged warriors Hawkgirl and Hawkman (Ciara Renée and Falk Hentschel). Hunter also employs the dangerously unpredictable rogues Captain Cold and his partner in crime Heatwave (Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell). Hunter warns them of his mission and shows them a hopeless future where Savage rules.

The newly minted Firestorm (Franz Drameh) introduced this season on The Flash gets to really start a fire as a member of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Having only recently faced off against Savage, the Hawks are confused to learn that Vandal Savage still exists. After their last battle they teamed up with Green Arrow and the Flash and it appeared they had indeed destroyed Savage, but apparently the ancient evil has survived. Hunter hopes to convince the eight that he heroes (and villains) are needed, and that in the future history will come to know them as “legends”. That they have a legacy to live up to is attractive to them but most of all to Palmer and Prof. Stein.

The rest of the team will require a little convincing and so travel with Hunter back to the 1970’s to uncover a piece of the puzzle to help alter the grim future from coming to past. There they enlist the help of a historian Dr. Aldus Boardman (Peter Francis James) who reveals himself to be the son of both Hawkgirl and Hawkman, but a time-traveling mercenary named Chronus has followed Hunter and his intrepid team of heroes on their journey!

The group are able to outrace the mercenary’s attack but inadvertently get Boardman killed and learn the truth of why they were chosen by Rip Hunter for this mission. Hunter is himself a determined renegade out to prevent Savage from destroying anymore lives the way he destroyed his own family’s, but as for the heroes Hunter has collected…though he’s seen men of steel fall and dark knights shaken, these “legends” he’s assembled are lost to the ages.

In effect these “legends of tomorrow” are far from that; they are inconsequential and their lives — their heroics — won’t matter at all. Hunter brings them together in an effort to give them all a fighting chance to be remembered as more than just “secondary characters” in a plot line. In effect, these legends will themselves be endeavor to be the templates for all those to come! Convinced that unless the stop Vandal Savage the future will be lost!

From the moment that the group is assembled on the bridge of the time ship, their chemistry is almost immediate. In the DC Comics mythology Ray Palmer and Carter Hall are very good friends and team-up often to fight crime, so it’ll be interesting to see if that dynamic will also developed among the series’ characters. Victor Garber as the elder statesman and one-half of the powerhouse Firestorm is also wonderful invigorating, though fans may wish that Robbie Amell had been recruited instead of Jefferson “Jax” Jackson who is still developing.

It’s an offer they can’t refuse, the “legends” gather to embark on their first adventure through time and space in the premiere episode of the series.

The anti-heroes of Captain Cold, Heatwave and White Canary make for an interestingly dynamic mix that is both volatile and sexy, and give off some kick-ass sparks. Though charmingly entertaining Heatwave and Cold just don’t have the gravitas that audiences might prefer to see take on the Scarlet Speedster from time to time, but perhaps when these two have exhausted their appeal it will open the door for two more proper heroes to take their place…maybe Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

One thing for certain, after proving that Arrow had great dramatic potential in serialized television and that The Flash can make superpowers interesting, DC’s Legend of Tomorrow is set to plead the case for ensemble casts that work in team shows. Feeling a little bit like Firefly and throwing in plenty of Quantum Leap and Doctor Who DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are the primetime heroes we’ve been hoping for today!

Bonus Features: The iTunes bonus feature when you purchase a Season Pass includes the nearly half-hour documentary “The Time is Now” which sets up the world of the Legends from their origins and into primetime.

Care to check out more?! Go deeper into The HQ and goto for a look at episode data and additional features including “Legends: Who’s Who”.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Have Arrived!

The CW rides the wave of success mining another hit from the DC Comics universe and giving Berlanti Productions more reasons to mine for gold!


In the second season of The Flash the Scarlet Speedster played by Grant Gustin continues to gain momentum and is heralded as Central City’s guardian angel! After surviving the cliffhanging singularity that threatened to annihilate most of existence, it’s no surprise that the world regard the fastest man alive with such revelry — the Flash is certainly on his way to carving out quite a legacy for himself and has begun to inspire other super powered individuals to follow in his fast-footed steps.

There was of course the introduction of Firestorm in season one. The Nuclear Man quickly became a fan-favorite as realized by actors Robbie Amell and Victor Garber respectfully as the sum parts of the hero as Ronnie Raymond and Prof. Martin Stein, but at the conclusion of last year’s major dramatic arc, Raymond selflessly acts to help the Flash stop the growing singularity from swallowing up Central City. In the end Ronnie is lost, and Prof. Stein is left half-the-man he was before.

In order to survive a new host is found in Jefferson “Jax” Jackson a high school football star player played by Franz Drameh whose dreams of going pro are squashed by the advent explosion that unleashes all sorts of dark matter and energy giving rise to a generation of metahumans — humans with extra-ordinary super powers — like the Flash’s super speed. Fortunately for Stein and Jackson the two are a perfect fit and Firestorm is once again reborn with a new purpose.

After great coaxing from Caitlin Snow (played by Danielle Panabaker) the able S.T.A.R. Labs physician and scientist (and the Raymond’s widow) is able to convince Jackson that he has a greater purpose – a destiny to embrace – as the hero he was meant to be. Under the tutelage of Stein the two embark on a new adventure and leave Central City, but not before another mystery unfolds around a seemingly unassuming young woman named Kendra Saunders.

Having already won the heart of Barry Allen’s colleague Cisco Ramon (played by Carlos Valdes) the lovely Ciara Renée embodies the mythic elegance of another DC Comics icon and brings to life Hawkgirl. When a dangerous interloper comes looking for her, Vandal Savage (played by Casper Crump) proves more powerful for anyone metahuman to handle. The Flash calls in some powerful friends and heads to Star City and asks Green Arrow (the Emerald Archer originated by Stephen Amell) to join the fight.

During the course of this season’s first crossover event, Hakwman (played by Falk Hentschel) reveals himself to his soulmate Kendra, and together along with the Flash and Green Arrow take down Savage, but perhaps our heroes celebrated way too soon. As the newest spin-off from the DC TV Universe is suggesting Savage is alive and well and conquers the world nearly enslaving our future. One man, a Time Master named Rip Hunter (Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill) travels back to today to assemble…

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow …the title itself appeals as a call to action, no doubt. For fans of the publishing imprint’s more than 75 year continuity it’s a momentous occasion. For the first time in primetime and presented in the form of a serialized hour-long format, the entirety of that history is about to be explored and brought to life! It started with Arrow when Berlanti Productions decided to take on the unlikeliest of heroes and evolve the texturized backstory of Oliver Queen on his journey to greatness.

As he embraced his purpose as his city’s silent avenger, a hooded vigilante that used otherwise primitive weapons – the bow and arrow – in his arsenal against the criminal underworld that plague the innocent. As Oliver’s legend grew and extended beyond the radius of his own Starling City (as it was known before assuming the current Star City moniker) and attracted the attention of an impressionable CSI investigator named Barry Allen from the neighboring Central City.

The Green Arrow, the mighty Atom and the Flash – members of DC Comic’s premiere team of super heroes, the Justice League – were brought to life in primetime in a way unlike any other previous incarnation of their like before commanding the 8pm time slot on The CW.

These two aspiring heroes, their fates intertwined; the producers of Arrow soon introduced their initial spin-off and rebooted The Flash a series that had already coasted onto the small screen with its original 1990’s incarnation. With that show’s full-on fan appreciation and the crossover events that united the primetime universes, the ground work had been laid for what inevitable came next: a team-up show to rival the popularity of the competitors, who wasted no time dominating on the big screen.

Traveling to contemporary times from a fractured and not-so-distant future, Rip Hunter brings together an unlikely group of adventures including Firestorm, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, whom are also joined by the Atom (industrialist Ray Palmer) who joined the cast of Arrow in Season 3, and the mercurial White Canary (Caity Lotz portrayed Arrow’s original “Canary”) Sara Lance before passing the mantle to her sister Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) who is now the vigilante Black Canary.

Hunter also recruits the criminal malcontents Captain Cold and Heatwave (the actors who were cast to play the Flash’s two lead rogues Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell played brothers on the popular hit series Prison Break) and recruited with their own agenda to plunder the most prized artifacts history has to offer. Together, these legends will confront the insidious evil of Vandal Savage as they journey through time in an attempt to stop the tyrant from planting his seeds.

The legends of today and tomorrow first gathered to defend the newly introduced Hawkgirl against the immortal villainy of Vandal Savage.

What Hunter does not reveal to his intrepid team of adventures is that unlike some of their more colorful costumed counterparts, these individuals that he has brought together will bare little remembrance in times to come. In other words, these legends of tomorrow are hardly that at all. Rip Hunter is giving these heroes an opportunity to change their fates, in effect inspiring them to be greater as a whole, effectively preventing a hopeless future from ever transpiring.

Next: Now that the Legends have been gathered, we’ll take a look at their first adventure together in a review of “The Pilot: Part 1”.



Supergirl: The Mighty Maid of Steel

No longer just “Superman’s Cousin” the Last Daughter of Krypton is once again casting her own legendary status as one of DC Comic’s brightest stars.

Upon making her first appearance (as “Super-Girl”) in Superman #123 in 1958 and then again rightfully as “Supergirl” in Action Comics #252 Kara Zor-El, the Kryptonian descendent of undoubtedly comicdom’s biggest name, Superman — Supergirl was immediately destined for stardom. The character was introduced to appeal to a new demographic reader, young women had for the most part steered away from the mostly muscle-bound, science-fiction and fantasy antics of superhero comics. Publishers, including DC Comics wanted a way of attracting new readers and still appeal to a diverse audience.

When the adolescent Kara Zor-El arrives on Earth, in much the same way that her cousin Kal-El does — in a rocket spirited away from their doomed home planet of Krypton — she instantly changed the way that Superman had up to that moment lived his life. The Last Son of Krypton had accepted that he was the only survivor sent to Earth to serve as this planet’s protector and as his superpowers developed he swore to use them to protect the innocent and above all keep the planet safe from any impending danger. Superman’s isolation was a major component of the hero’s character. Now that he had family, it threw him into a new role and also expanded the hero’s universe.

Alone and without a home to call her own, Kara Zor-El feels like more of an alien than her famous cousin Superman even and is slowly learning of the importance of her role as Supergirl. The Last Daughter of Krypton searches for a way to fit in.

Up until the introduction of Supergirl, there weren’t very many other heroes in comics circulation that could best the Man of Steel, besides of course the Amazon Warrior Wonder Woman who has been in contemporary times been more properly established as an equal to Superman. In many ways Supergirl is more powerful than Superman, though many would concede that’s just not possible, but as Kara is younger and still developing her abilities, when she fully matures it is expected that she will be able to best her cousin on her sheer strength, fortunately they have a loving admiration for one another…at least for the moment.

Still learning the full potential of her superpowers, many suspect that in many ways Supergirl is as much an equal of the Man of Steel and would someday eventually be able to best him in battle.



Throughout Supergirl’s incredible comic book history, the Maid of Might has always worked to establish her own path and not follow the one of her much more revered older cousin. The living legacy that Superman has created for himself is a difficult act to follow, but Supergirl has always performed as heroically and in keeping with the tradition established by Kal-El, or Clark Kent as he’s known on Earth. Kara has very much lived up to Superman’s expectations and often exceeded them. Supergirl has made the greatest sacrifices for the purpose of the greater good as was most evidenced in the 80’s when she was killed in the classic Crisis on Infinite Earths maxi-series.

Supergirl was effectively written out of DC Comic’s continuity following those events and upon the rebooting of the Superman comic. The series editors decided early on that in the new more streamlined continuity, Superman would indeed be the only survivor from his planet and so Kara Zor-El was lost to the ages. The character would resurface in other interpretations: as a failed experiment of Superman’s arch enemy Lex Luthor called “Matrix” and in animation Supergirl emerged as a popular supporting character on The Adventures of Superman and its follow-up series Justice League Unlimited.

It wasn’t until 2005 when comic book greats Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner decided that it was time that Kara make a proper reintroduction into mythology. The DC Universe was growing much more complex and character driven. Within the pages of the Superman/Batman anthology series Supergirl would reemerge — crash landing in of all places Gotham City Harbor! Effectively the Caped Crusader is cautious about the strange new visitor with powers very similar to those of his fellow Justice League member, but when the evil Darkseid decides to lure the stranger all hell breaks loose!

Supergirl was back! More powerful than ever, Kara was as formidable a presence as she was the heir apparent to Superman’s legacy, but this time around she had a very hard lesson to learn, and that was with great power, comes greater responsibility and Kara had a long road ahead of her before proving herself worthy of the “S” shield she wears. After the multiverse exploded open during the events of Infinite Crisis another version of Supergirl, that had become the “Golden Age” equivalent and grown up to become Power Girl played a major role in the resetting of continuity, but at the conclusion of “FlashPoint” all bets were off and the DC Comics Universe reset itself again.

This time around Supergirl was created as an integral component of the contemporary heroic mythology, and launch in her own title Supergirl set in “The New 52” universe. Our Supergirl is now a little more defiant and much closer in age to Superman. She’s finding her way in the universe and even expanded her reach beyond Earth. Kara became a member of the Red Lanterns (though that alliance was short-lived) and has spent a great deal of time finding herself across the cosmos. With Earth’s protection in the hands of her big cousin, Kara has the luxury to seek out new life and explore strange new worlds.


The character of Supergirl continues to excel in her popularity, as is most evidence by the huge numbers the heroine made when her new weekly 1-hour drama premiered on CBS. Supergirl is from the same minds that developed the smash hits Arrow and The Flash for sister network The CW, and positions actress Melissa Benoist as its leading lady in the title role. Kara Danvers lives in National City and works for media mogul Catherine “Cat” Grant; all the while she protects the world from a series of alien attacks with the assistance of her earthbound sister and the Martian Manhunter.

Fans are keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that perhaps these two “real life” heroes will meet in what many imagine will be the ratings-maker of the season if The Flash meets Supergirl on the small screen.

Continuing to explore many of the themes that were popular in the comic books, Supergirl is proving herself a hit with fans, although many are anxiously awaiting the character to crossover and into the worlds of her counterparts on The CW. Rumors are once again surfacing that The Flash will be making the leap to National City and give Supergirl a dose of metahuman might, much in the same way that the speedster has been able to mix things up with the Green Arrow on his own hit series Arrow. The producers are focused on the upcoming team-up series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow so perhaps the meeting between these two titans may have to wait until next season!

Stay tuned!

Supergirl airs on CBS Monday nights at 8pm EST.