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UnBoxing | Mattel’s DC Multiverse THE FLASH (1990) Action Figure

Mattel toys realizes fan’s dreams and delivers on one of the most sought after collectibles just released…THE FLASH action figure based on the 1990 Television Series!

It could be considered the Holy Grail of all collectibles! In 1990 CBS premiered The Flash in primetime based on the DC Comics superhero and starring John Wesley Shipp. The one-hour action adventure series was propelled by the theatrical success of Tim Burton’s Batman which is largely responsible for igniting the genre phenomenon, but the series produced by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo was the first of its kind on a major network — a comic adaptation practically budgeted as a blockbuster motion picture on a weekly basis.

A critical hit, The Flash ran into several scheduling snafus in its premiere season (not exclusively among them going up against ratings mountains The Simpsons and The Cosby Show) and it ended up lasting only the one season with 22-episodes that would feature appearances by Star Wars icon Mark Hamill as the rascally rogue Trickster and co-starred Amanda Pays and Alex Désert. Double-Emmy Winner John Wesley Shipp inevitably emerged a fan-favorite and portrayed a very different Barry Allen, and would return in the 2014 contemporary reimagining on The CW.

In a cooperative with Mattel Toys, the legendary toy manufacturer has been very successful with its line of DC Multiverse Action Figures that are based on DC Comics characters from any and every iteration of the 80 year history of comic publication. A new specialty line has just been introduced and leading the charge of the newly embossed “Signature Collection” is The Flash based on the 1990 television series. It’s the first “official” action figure based on the suit built for Shipp by Stan Winston Studios and designed by Robert Short.

Cast in an impressive 6.5” height and strikingly resembling John Wesley Shipp in his hooded cowl the action figure sports the very distinct solid red boots, and features at least 32-points of articulation and interchangeable hands to help pose The Flash. The action figure is also packaged with a display stand and blister card with a graphic of Shipp in full costume perfect for displaying, especially alongside the just released 2-pack with “The New 52” version and Ezra Miller’s “The Flash” from the feature film Justice League.

Although not available widely in retail markets, the DC Multiverse “The Flash” Signature Collection action figure is open to pre-orders online, and with John Wesley Shipp making the rounds on the convention circuit this season, fans are gobbling up the collectible in the hopes of getting their’s autographed. The “Signature Collection” will include first-time action figures of Batman based on actor Val Kilmer as he appeared in the feature film Batman Forever and Wonder Woman as portrayed by Lynda Carter during her own 1970s television series.


“THE FLASH” Gets An Action Figure!

One lucky fan gets his 1990 “The Flash” action figure autographed by The OG Flash himself JOHN WESLEY SHIPP! Get yours now!

It’s been a long time coming! Though it ran for only a single season The Flash which aired on CBS in 1990 and starred John Wesley Shipp has inspired an unbelievable fandom and a phenomenon that has led to The CW’s primetime take over of The CW. The series based on the DC Comics character took a page from the success of Tim Burton’s Batman feature film and introduced a Barry Allen who battled crime in a decidedly darker Central City.

The television series was considered the most expensive one-hour adventure/drama in production on a major network at the time, and demanded blockbuster production value on a weekly basis. Among one of the most defining and stylized features was the actual costume worn by the two-time Emmy Winner, which was patterned and molded around Shipp himself and gave the actor a particularly impressive super-hero look.


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Though fans have been eagerly anticipating collectible memorabilia based on the series, very little has been authorized or made available. The wait is over though for collectors of Mattel’s DC Multiverse line of action figures; as part of the high-end “Signature” series a “Flash” based on the 1990 TV series is finally available. John Wesley Shipp got to sign his first one for a lucky fan appearing this weekend in Comic-Con Toronto.

Shipp has since returned to the world of the Scarlet Speedster with dual roles in the contemporary Arrow-verse spin-off starring Grant Gustin. He joined the cast in Season One appropriately cast as the much beloved “Henry Allen”. The heart surgeon was murdered by the villainous Zoom at the conclusion of Season Two, and in an elaborate plot twist was reintroduced as “Jay Garrick/The Flash” of the parallel Earth-3.


TuneIN | THE FLASH “Enter Flashtime”

It’s going to take more than one Flash to stop a nuclear device from turning Central City into a crater! The latest episode of The CW hit series reinforces the importance of The Flash’s legacy with guest appearances from the Flashes of two worlds!

This season of The Flash may well test the metal of its titular hero in a way that previous seasons wouldn’t have dared to tread. After successfully traversing the multiverse and sifting through space-time itself, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has come face-to-face with an adversary that is as quick with his wit than the Scarlet Speedster is on his feet. When it was announced that The Thinker, Clifford DeVoe (guest star Neil Sandilands) would enter into the picture many “Flash” fans were ready for a new kind of Battle Royale!

Season 4 of The Flash hasn’t disappointed in tripping things up very differently for the protectors of Central City. Previous years had audiences walking into this world of super-powered metahumans alongside a largely untested hero who found himself at the center of the impossible. Barry Allen has come a long way since going to the mat with the likes of evil speedsters like the Reverse-Flash and Zoom, and faced his worst nightmare when confronted with his evil twin in the godlike Savitar.

With The Thinker setting off fires all over the city, The Flash has found himself in the line of sight of an evil mastermind with only one goal in mind, and that’s to bring down Barry Allen’s alter-ego. In the latest episode of the season “Enter Flashtime” while DeVoe’s plans continue to unravel in the background, Team Flash find themselves at the mercy of terrorist organization that has set off a nuclear device that will decimate all of Central City, unless The Flash can find a way to stop it. Fortunately for him — he doesn’t have to do it alone!

Barry (Grant Gustin) and Jay Garrick John Wesley Shipp) work together to prevent the destruction of Central City, a criminal plot that requires the speedsters to “Enter Flashtime” to save the day.

Joining the team in their efforts this episode will be Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) the Flash of Earth-2 and Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) the Flash of Earth-3. This will be the first episode actually this season since the departure of Kid Flash that will be bringing together the comic book’s legacy characters, proving that when all else fails — this is a job for the Flash Family! Jesse Quick’s return has been hinted at for sometime, since her father Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) has been conflicted with how he and his daughter parted ways recently.

Certainly the pair will be able to resolve their issues, but also popping in to lend a hand in “Enter Flashtime” will be the much-beloved character of Jay Garrick (Shipp) who has been absent for most of Season 4. Garrick who is played by veteran actor John Wesley Shipp (who also portrayed The Flash in the 1990 CBS original series) will be proving how powerful The Flashes of all-worlds can be especially when they work together. Fans had been expecting, Shipp’s Garrick to have a more prominent role since his introduction as the Golden Age hero.

Perhaps the series’ writers and producers are preparing to tease the show’s fans and introduce an arc that will get back to the important legacy attribute that sets The Flash apart from his DC Comics contemporaries. The Flash has been around for generations and the Speed Force has been passed from one speedster to another through the Silver Age and into the Modern Age; with the series having hinted at a potential adaptation of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” story arc, the significance of exploring The Flash legacy of heroes will never be more important than it is now!

Since Barry and Iris West (Candice Patton) tied the knot this year, it has been hinted that their future may be catching up with them. There’s a mysterious interloper that’s been hanging around — a “mystery girl” — who knows an awful lot about our heroes, and although she doesn’t appear to pose any kind of threat, she has an indelible connection to Barry and Iris that is yet to be defined!

The Flash “Enter Flashtime” airs on The CW Tuesday, March 6 @ 8pm EST.

iReview | DC Comics THE FLASH #39 Celebrates 700 Issues

The Scarlet Speedster moves toward a publishing milestone with its Issue #39 celebrating 700 issues ever! And the very dramatic return of one of greatest villains in THE FLASH mythology!

Welcome to the new Modern Age of Comics! Where comics embrace and actually celebrate their publishing legacies by reverting back to or embracing their original numeric issues. With everyone eagerly counting down to the return of the “classic” Superman in the historic Action Comics #1000 most recently DC Comics released another milestone with The Flash #39 the 700th published issue of The Flash.

The arrival of the Scarlet Speedster signified the arrival of the “Silver Age” of comics, a modern publishing renaissance that invigorated DC’s line and reinvented many of its classic heroes introducing their contemporary counterparts. Among the heroes that always stood apart from the rest was Barry Allen, The Flash — who after getting struck by lightning, is inspired by the “Golden Age” comics character of Jay Garrick to don a red suit and fight crime in Central City.

In the latest issue of the “Rebirth” line written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Carmine Di Giandomenico Barry is taking a very harsh look at the decisions he’s made and how they’ve impacted the lives around him, and most significantly compromised his relationship with Iris West. After being kidnapped by the evil Reverse-Flash and hurled into the future, Iris has finally learned the man behind the mask is actually Barry Allen.

Barry still has great affection for Iris, but whether or not their love affair will survive the latest turbulence in their calamitous relationship is yet to be seen, but he’s opened up his world as a superhero to Iris, and even brought her aboard the Justice League’s Watchtower headquarters. Just as it appeared that the ice between them had begun to crack, Iris became trapped in “Flash Time” as Central City came to a standstill around The Flash revealing an attack from Multiplex?!

Negative-Flash has brought about a Speed Force revolution and sides with the million-man mob squad and the recently introduced Master of Lightning, Raijin, but this evil threesome is only the first wave and the true mastermind behind the Scarlet Speedster’s recent woes is revealed — Gorilla Grodd is back and he’s hungry for some Speed Force! The latest arc of The Flash “Perfect Storm” Part 1 is available digitally and at your favorite comic specialty shop now.

The issue successfully capitalizes on the nostalgic popularity of the character of The Flash especially the Barry Allen iteration of the hero, which has soared in popularity (surely) with a little bit of support from his live-action CW counterpart played by actor Grant Gustin which (also) continues the spirit of celebrating the hero’s legacy featuring John Wesley Shipp (the actor who originated the role in the CBS series in 1990) who now embodies the “Golden Age” Flash.

Just recently the television series adapted “The Trial of The Flash” storyline and also paid homage to the 1990 series by reintroducing the villainous “Prank” played by Corrine Bohrer, who many consider the template for The Joker’s sidekick Harley Quinn. Mark Hamill, who voiced The Joker on the now classic Batman: The Animated Series also played The Trickster on both iterations of The Flash.

Mark the occasion by sharing your favorite moment in 700 Issues Celebration The Flash!


Come Together as the most anticipated blockbuster of the season finally arrives in theaters! This weekend, Saturday, Nov. 18th celebrate JUSTICE LEAGUE DAY with fans from all over the world!

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are pulling out all the stops as the Justice League comes together in theaters and debuts this weekend. The film will unite for the first time on the big screen DC Comics greatest pantheon of heroes and to mark the occasion Saturday, November 18th is being heralded as “Justice League Day”! With more than one thousand comic retailers, bookstores and libraries, along with Six Flag Theme Parks and additional partners around the globe hosting special events!

Directed by Zack Snyder (Man of Steel and Watchmen) with an assist from Joss Whedon (Marvel Studio’s Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Justice League will continue the momentum of its predecessors and continue to establish the cinematic DC Extended Universe which was launched by Snyder’s Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill and was most recently perpetuated in the blockbusters Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice which featured Ben Affleck as Batman and Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot.

Justice League will introduce additional team members The Flash played by Ezra Miller, Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. After the apparent loss of Superman to the killing machine Doomsday , the world finds itself hopeless and vulnerable to an unspeakable threat. The group of metahumans is brought together under one banner by Affleck’s Batman to stop an alien invasion that is only the first wave in an epic struggle to overthrow the planet! The Justice League stand together as the Earth’s first and final line of defense.

A Day to Unite

For comic book fans everywhere the Justice League feature-length film has been a long-time coming. Finally uniting these most favored heroes in one film will deliver on the swelling demand for more DC Comics heroes come to life. With the film opening on the weekend to an international audience, WB and DC have announced that Saturday, November 18th will be celebrated as “Justice League Day” and several exclusives will be made available to fans via participating retailers at comic shops including Special Edition releases of Justice League #1.

Additionally several deals are being offered online and in bookstores with over 50% off on ebooks and specially priced book deals in the DC Comics line that feature the Justice League. Purchasing advanced tickets will also entitle the consumer to free digital downloads as well as exclusive movie posters. DC Collectibles is also releasing the entire line of 12” statues based on the cast of the film in their already classic superhero alter egos and posed ready for action. This is just the beginning as additional exclusive items will also be available through retailers.

Download the “Justice League Day” activity kit here and stay connected with the DC All Access for all the ongoing action as Justice League comes to theaters this weekend.

Will DC’s LEGENDS Get a Spin-Off?

The tweet heard round the world has fans wondering if The CW series is preparing to introduce some more changes, and more heroes, this season that might lead to a spin-off!

Though it’s only just entered into its Third Season DC’s Legend of Tomorrow which just premiered  four weeks ago on The CW, is apparently going through some changes — and some may have a significant affect on the series’ cast as the adventure progresses. Accused of having “broken” the timeline, the Legends returned to 2017 at the beginning of their new season and learned that there were some very serious ramifications to all their time-traveling last year. No matter how careful they had been throughout their journey, they returned to a present that was hardly recognizable.

The Legends one-time captain Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) was forced to establish a new organization, sanctioned as the Time Bureau, the group is responsible for fixing time aberrations and tasks itself with correcting the damage created by the Legends. Rip effectively disbands the group and confiscates their time-ship The Waverider and casts the team of adventures to the wind. No longer deemed necessary, but more of a liability, the group disbands and returns (unsuccessfully) to mostly normal civilian lives, with the exception of a Nate Heywood (Nick Zano).

As Steel, Nate is the most inexperienced costumed crime-fighter. He emerges on the scene in Central City and immediately draws the attention of one of the city’s own speedsters Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale). Though it may suggest that the Legends have effectively disbanded, before the end of the Season 3 premiere episode, the group is reunited and find themselves once again onboard their time-ship, with the exception of Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) who has returned to her own time period. Amaya Jiwe would eventually reunite with the group by Episode 2.

A Changing Roster

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had always been intended to have an evolving — or rather revolving — roster. Early on in the inception of the television series, it had been rumored that the executive producers were considering a different format entirely from the serialized time-traveling bandits that took over the feel of the narrative. Imagine Legends as an anthology series with a changing cast of DC Comics characters starring in 2-3 episode arcs, teaming up and crossing over with the other CW series Arrow, The Flash and even Supergirl to inhabit an entire televised continuity.

We now know that not to be case, but Legends cast has already gone to several changes since its debut. It’s been confirmed that original series regular Victor Garber who was first introduced in The Flash as one-half of the Nuclear Man Firestorm would be leaving the show this season. The actor will be returning to Broadway taking over the role of Horace Vandergelder in the successful revival of Hello, Dolly! opposite Bernadette Peters. What it will ultimately mean for the presence of Firestorm, who is also played by Franz Drameh, has yet to be developed.

Recently Legends introduced a new series regular in the form of Zari Tomaz (new series regular Tala Ashe) the inheritor of the power of Isis the paramour to the DC Comics villain Black Adam. Only having just interjected herself into the line-up, Zari is already proving a very interesting addition to the team dynamic. How her story will evolve over the season has yet to be written, but the computer hacker from a dystopian future-tense with the power of a weather goddess will more than likely have a profound affect on the story arc.

Twitter Me This

So when the DC’s Legends Writers Room (@LotWritersRoom) went on Twitter only two episodes into the season and asked its followers “Who would you like to see spin-off from Legends?” fans had some choice ideas of their own to share. Clearly over the course of its last two seasons, there have been several secondary characters guest starring that have made a significant contribution to the overall continuity that is the televised and expanded DC Universe, most notably in Season 2 the “Golden Age” heroes of the Justice Society of America made their debut.

With the JSA’s inclusion into the expanded storyline and the recruitment of one of their own (Vixen) into their ranks, audiences are aware that the Legends along with their friends in Star City and Central City are actually part of a far-reaching legacy of heroics. Though Hourman was suggested as part of a longer subplot in Season 2, it was the additional members of the JSA including Commander Steel, Stargirl, and Obsidian that played major parts in that season’s arc. Consequentially fans have asked that more about the JSA be revealed, perhaps in a spin-off!

During the First Season of Legends the roster also included among their roster Hawkman and Hawkgirl the lovers resurrected through time to confront that season’s “big bad” Vandal Savage. Both of the winged wonders served at one time or another as core members of the JSA themselves. Their backstory even played significantly into their time-traveling that season, and it might not have been improbable that the pair were among the unseen members of the JSA, and could turn up again in a JSA centric spin-off!

Interestingly on The Flash another “Golden Age” hero was introduced in the form of Jay Garrick, the original Flash (played by “Original 1990 Flash” John Wesley Shipp) as the Crimson Comet of Earth-3, but that doesn’t insinuate that the Flash isn’t himself a member of this continuity’s JSA. Ever since making a cameo in the premiere episode, rumors have circulated that Wally West, the Kid Flash would be joining the line-up on Legends officially. Perhaps the pairing of these two heroes Jay Garrick and Wally West would prove an interesting confirmation of the heroes’ legacies.

There were several other suggestions for heroes that might spin out of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow though audiences seem to all orbit around revisiting the Golden Age of the DC Universe and insert John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick / The Flash in a series regular role to fill out the histrionics of that era. Only time will tell if the Writers Room will take any of these suggestions, but fortunately for them on Legends what they have in spades is TIME!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday nights @ 9pm EST time, following The Flash.