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DC Comic’s “Convergence” Re-Converged!


It was a crisis to end all crisis, DC Comics revisited its past while unraveling its multiverse with a mighty “Convergence”.

Thirty Years Ago the universe came undone. Creators Marv Wolfman and George Pérez looked on the expansive DC Comics history and realized that after nearly five decades the DC Universe was in complete disarray. For one thing, the “Golden Age” of heroes had given way to the “Modern Age” without so much as a bat of an eyelash — the preverbal baton had never been properly handed off.

And although there was an incredible legacy to behold, there was very little connectivity and just way too many inexplicable redundancies that were just mucking up the works. For example, without having to explain how the Man of Steel was able to survive from his humble beginnings, into becoming a living legend and the inspiration for every marvel that followed.

After all, superheroes should be ageless and an inspiration to each and every generation that adopts them. During the milestone events of the now classic Crisis on Infinite Earths the 12-part limited series and one of the crowning achievements of the aforementioned creative team of Wolfman and Pérez, the duo did what no one in comic book publishing had been able to do before, and streamlined years of comic book history.

Where there was once a multiverse, there emerged a single linear universe where the “Golden Age” inspired the “Modern Age” of heroes, and where once there were two Last Sons of Krypton — now there was one. There existed, for a very long time, a cohesion that established a legacy, but as time went by, there were elements of the DC Universe that didn’t coalesce — fractures and inconsistent instances that couldn’t be easily explained.

Over the years, several other “crisis” events took place, but in 2011 DC Comics entered into its most dramatic reboot ever, and every major character in the universe was reinvigorated — reimagined for today’s more contemporary audiences. The centrifugal pantheon of heroes in the DC Universe are at the height of their super powered careers in the prime DC universe.


Then there’s the multiverse…

In 2015 DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio promised that the imprint would pay proper homage to the 30 year anniversary of Crisis with a unique crossover experience that would only slightly exist outside of the regular scheme of comics continuity. The event was called Convergence and it would span the entirety of DC Comics continuity, suggesting that elements from every era of the publishing house’s history would be represented.

Convergence resulted in an epic confrontation between elements of DC Comics history that were basically battling for survival, and the outcome would be anyone’s guess.

Next: The story as envision by its writer Jeff King and how he incorporated more than 30 years of DC Comics. At the center…the battle between good and evil is embodied in Superman and Brainiac, and the secret of Telos!


iReview: Arrow – “Legends of Yesterday”

Arrow S4 BannerLetting the light in, “Arrow” crossover event does more than just set-up the “Legends” it establishes the legacy of Oliver Queen.

Now that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is no longer the only game in town, it’s not uncommon for Arrow to become a television event worthy of “must see TV” especially when it entails The Flash crossing over into the otherwise dismally dark world of the Green Arrow’s Star City, or Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) welcoming the Emerald Archer into Central City.

With the DC TV Universe expanding, it’s going to take Green Arrow, the Flash and their respective teammates, along with the newly introduced Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée) and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) to take on one of the most sinister villains in DC Comics. Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) is gunning for the reincarnated souls of the Hawks and will stop at nothing to destroy Central City and Star City if he doesn’t get what he wants.

In “Legends of Yesterday” the second part of this season’s first Arrow/The Flash crossover event, Kendra and Carter return to Central City in an attempt to out live Vandal Savage’s attack, but when the Staff of Horus proves more powerful than anyone could have imagined, Savage success in not only killing Hawkgirl and Hawkman and insuring his immortality, he also destroys Central City and everyone in it.

The Flash is able to escape the blast, and “flashes” back in time returning to the instant that he and Green Arrow first plot with Dark Archer (John Barrowman) to stop Savage. Now knowing the outcome of that confrontation, Barry suggests that both he and Oliver come up with another plan to keep the Hawks alive and save Central City from total annihilation.

Barry also reveals to Oliver that he is indeed the father of Samantha’s young son William, and that perhaps keeping this a secret from Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) may not be a very good idea. (In the comics, Oliver has a son named Conner that inherits the mantle of Green Arrow and even ends up a member of the Justice League.) Now that Oliver knows the truth, he decides to tread more carefully and keeps the secret that he’s a father.

The episode also establishes more backstory about Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall, including how Savage is intertwined with them throughout history. Now that Barry has altered the outcome of their unsuccessful melee with their immortal foe, Kendra is able to help devise a new plan to stop Savage and it includes the discovery of “Nth Metal” — an alien element that will help them against the power released from the Staff of Horus.

Kendra (Ciara Renée) shows off her wings as she embraces her new role as Hawkgirl soon to become a part of the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow cast.

The combined might of Green Arrow, The Flash, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, along with “Teams Arrow and Flash” are able to (this time) stop Vandal Savage — exactly just like Dark Archer hoped they would. Certainly now that the foundation has been laid out, it looks like next month’s premiere of DC’s Legend of Tomorrow is shaping up to be one of the more exciting events of the mid-season.

These heroes are ready for their close-up! The Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and The Flash (Grant Gustin) are flanked by a league of legends.

Crossover stunts are usually reserved for television shows that are in ratings peril, but we’re talking about a series of television series taking place in the DC Universe. If these universes didn’t interact as organically as Arrow and The Flash have, comic book fans wouldn’t be as interested in the upcoming Legends which will be a proper “team show” that promises to traverse the DC Multiverse.

With an ensemble cast that is rivaling that of HBO’s epic Game of Thrones so long as The CW doesn’t lose sight of continuing to develop that individual world of its main shows, and doesn’t take too many trips to the well, this could prove exactly what DC Comics fans have known along — superheroes in primetime are very cool!

iReview: DKIII – The Master Race

Now that most of the world has delved back into Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight” I can say with reverence “no spoilers ahead”!


The expectation around the third part of graphic novelist and artist Frank Miller’s latest chapter of his opus dedicated to the legend of the Caped Crusader should come as no surprise. Eager collectors have been foaming at the mouth at the revelation of the multitude of “alternate covers” accompanying Dark Knight III: The Master Race without knowing much else about the story.

There are many in poplar circles that would contest, the original Batman: The Dark Knight Returns prestige format 4-issue series didn’t need to become episodic. If anything, Miller’s set ended very solidly with a definite end game for the Bruce Wayne’s Batman, having negotiated to keep the peace with the world at large and not stir things up. He contrives a plan to fake his death and moves operations into the Batcave.

Inevitably a sequel would follow.

At the conclusion of the lukewarmly received Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again readers were left with a perrifial look at where Bruce Wayne’s legacy had lead him and his place in a world that had mostly lost its way. The 3-issue series also examined the placement of the other heroes including Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash in how they related to now living relegated to a world that regarded heroes as a threat.

A cover gallery of Frank Miller’s original Batman: The Knight Returns epic.

After all in his quest to seek justice, Batman inspired a movement and a social consciousness in his descipiles in stark construct to perhaps the Man of Steel, who truly came the closest of all the superheroes in the league pantheon to resemble a “God on Earth”. How that was validated upon by the likes of Wonder Woman, who had born Superman a daughter, and yet Bruce had accumulated more of the glory, did not sit well with her.

Especially not when Batman’s actions would directly impact the already emotionally taxed Man of Steel, who was being held ransom by his villainous arch enemies.

Batman’s legacy meanwhile was preparing to move onto the very able and capable hands of the latest “Robin” to sport the familiar tights and yellow cape, Carrie Kelley had herself stepped out of the Batman’s cave and endeavoring to adopt an identity of her own, interestingly one based on one of the Dark Knight’s most enduring and popular rogue’s Catwoman. Carrie becomes his chief lieutenant in his fight.

Freeing Ray Palmer/the Atom and Barry Allen/the Flash from imposed captivity and giving them a new mission, Batman along with his soldiers, including the Green Arrow are poised to save a planet that is beyond corrupted, but in effect face not only some of the most dangerous villains, there is also a society that doesn’t want to be rescued.

At mission’s end DK2 appeared pretty cut and dry and the Batman was “dead” — for good, this time, but enter the third chapter like any good trilogy and it looks like the stakes are much higher this time. When DKIII: The Master Race opens up the streets of Gotham City are still facing corruption, but emerging from the darkness is a familiar avenger — the Batman is once again on the hunt!

An unfinished page from DKIII: The Master Race captures the drama in play in one of the more intense moments in the first issue.

Many still perceive of him as a myth, and he’s been out of commission for a significant enough time that his return is being questioned, when Commissioner Yindel learns her GCPD is giving chase to the caped and cowled assailant, when she arrives on the scene, after the “Batman” has taken out several of her officers, Yindel unmasks the vigilante and reveals the true identity of…Carrie Kelly!

In a brilliant move, Miller’s prologue to this new chapter, reveals very much a world that still needs its caped avenger, but to what end. This is the first time in the lineage of the story that an entire universe is being elaborated, which is leading audiences to believe that Miller plans a story of epic proportions in DKIII and will hopefully explain he eludes to in the subtitle and reveal who exactly are the Master Race.

DK III: Masterful Indeed


Frank Miller adds another chapter in his “Dark Knight Saga” as “The Master Race” begins the legend of the Bat reigns!

It wasn’t as if anyone expected Frank Miller to follow up Batman: The Dark Knight Returns with a continuing adventure, but the graphic novelist returned to the darkly cynical Gotham City he introduced, and the battle-worn Bruce Wayne of this dystopian future with the 2002 sequel The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Instantly our imaginations were reignited!

After the catastrophic real-life events that occurred on Sept. 11, Miller’s opus seemed closer to reality and far more resonated than when he first brought Batman out of retirement. Though he battled many of his own demons in his obsessive dedication to finding justice, when his mission was complete he changed the world.

In the wake of what followed many of the heroes that fought alongside the Batman had an entirely new mess to clean up…and even after what it would appear was the Batman’s final moment, the Dark Knight has risen. From his ashes it seems we have a master race among us. Miller’s storytelling picks up right where the last remnants of his last opus end.

What is the final fate of the Batman? Is Bruce Wayne dead? If he is, who has taken up the mantle and is wearing the cape and cowl?

It looks as if the Batman is back in business about the streets of Gotham, taking out wildly gun-totting coppers ready to strike down defenseless innocents, but when Commissioner Yindel is forced to give the word to bring in the Bat, it seems that her police force is on it! Giving chase to the Bat, they’re surprised by what they find when they take down the caped crusader.

It isn’t Bruce Wayne under the cape and cowl that’s been stalking the shadows, but someone very close to the Dark Knight…someone who has dedicated herself to following in his footsteps! The action is kinetic and although Miller didn’t provide the art himself for the premiere chapter, passing the task onto Andy Kubert, the sense of style is still the same.

In a back page interview, “A Conversation With” the artists appearing in current issues of DC Comics this month, Frank Miller comments on how he chose to collaborate with Brian Azzarello on this chapter of The Dark Knight Saga. “I set up a realm in which Batman would operate,” said Miller, “and Brian is now expanding on the storyline that I introduced. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Components necessary to evolving DKIII involve setting up in context the other heroes in the DC Universe including supporting characters like Wonder Woman and Superman in uniquely developed chapters entitled the Dark Knight Universe Presents:. The first such episode reintroduces Ray Palmer The Atom in his own set-up adventure.

What in the world is The Atom up to haunting the Dark Knight? Find out.

DKIII: The Master Race has certainly delivered in its promise to readers that it will provide a continuing evolution of Miller’s saga, and also incorporate the taste and style of artists that have become popular in the wake of his groundbreaking artistry, brining much of the Dark Knight’s tale full circle.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race Book 1 by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Klaus Janson and Andy Kubert is available now in print and digital form from DC Comics.

DC Comics ICONS Get Articulated!


Just in time for the holidays DC Comics releases the most ambitious line of action figures worthy of the multiverse that they hail from. These are ICONS!

The action figure collectible has become huge for fans in the market to not only partake of their favorite adventures whether they be television favorites or comic book hero, now DC Collectibles adds to their increasing line of variants with the DC Comics ICONS Action Figure line.

Crossing all spectrums of the multiverse and celebrating the near centennial history of the comics publisher the ICONS line will feature the most highly detailed sculpts, multiple points of articulation and accessorized features of any previously released model.

The DC Comics ICONS line of collectible action figures will feature the most articulation of any line competitively on the market for a 6″ figure line.

The premiere set of the line just launched and features Batman from “Last Rites”Deadman from “Brightest Day”Green Arrow from “The Long Bow Hunters”, and Mister Miracle from “Earth 2” with a deluxe version of Green Lantern with Emerald Armor and coming up soon The Flash with Cosmic Treadmill.

Several other figures will be released in future lines including a classic take on Superman, his arch nemesis Lex Luthor and the villainous Joker. With the current focus of creatives at DC taking readers through all points and parts and of the multiverse and the publishing house’s history, the ICONS line will certainly feature prominently on fan’s holiday lists.

The DC Comics ICONS is meant to appeal not only to the die-hard collector but also those that enjoy a design with a degree of playability, which the multi-jointed and accessorized 6″ figures have in spades. The proportions of each are also quite realistic and the detail is much more accurate as compared perhaps to Hasbro’s line of Marvel LEGENDS.

Similar to that line of figures, ICONS will transcend to include versions of characters from post “The New 52” continuity as well. Additionally DC Collectibles will also be expanding on its line of television based action figures, as it adds Black Canary from “Arrow” and the highly anticipated release of the Reverse-Flash from “The Flash”.

The DC Comics ICONS line of collectible action figures will feature the most articulation of any line competitively on the market for a 6″ figure line.
Superman and from “Forever Evil” Atomic with a legacy of Atoms.

Sieze the Knight – The Dark Knight on Sale!


DC Comics celebrates the next installment of Frank Miller’s epic “Dark Knight Saga” with a digital comics sale of the original episodes in the series just in time for the holiday!

It was the seminal moment in comic book history… the minute that graphic novelist and artist Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns hit specialty shops the prestige format release revolutionized the industry, and impacted the way creatives would tell stories from that moment on.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was first published in 1986 as a four-part, prestige format graphic novel directed towards the more sophisticated reader. The series deeply enriched the Batman mythology and put the character back on top of the list of DC Comic’s more popular imprints.

That a sequel was designed to follow in 2001 came as a surprise to fans, but nonetheless Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again was a success and the 3-issue graphic novel would join its predecessor as one of the best-selling series ever.

The Dark Knight will once again rise! Frank Miller’s epic take on the Batman mythology will go on sale on digital platforms next week in time to ring in the highly anticipated third part of the saga DKIII: The Master Race.

Miller is promising that the next part of the saga DKIII: The Master Race will be just as incredible, certainly the “pre-buzz” has already motivated collectors to search out the variant covers of Issue #1 set to go on sale in November 25th. But to wet the appetite DC has a surprise for its fans!

On Tuesday, November 24th, the DC Comic’s Digital Store will celebrate the release of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight III: The Master Race with a masterful sale of the premiere series, its sequel and several titles in the Frank Miller collection.

Collectors can add digital copies of the first series for only $0.99 including its sequel, and All-Star Batman and Robin #1-10, and several full-volume versions including Batman: Year One. Check out the new Dark Knight adventure, and stock up next week!