iReview ◦ BATMAN: Mask of the Phantasm in Hi-Def!

Available now on Blu-ray the very first full-length animated theatrical adventure starring the Caped Crusader! Batman – Mask of the Phantasm may be a classic, but it stands the test of time especially in Hi-Def!


Though there have been many cartoon interpretations of the Batman. From his Saturday morning days, to his time as a member of the Super Friends. The Dynamic Duo have even on several occasions teamed-up with Scooby Doo and the gang to solve a ghoulish mystery or two, but after his blockbuster makeover by Tim Burton in the 1989 big screen Batman, the next time audiences got a whim of the Dark Knight detective Batman – The Animated Series had reimagined the hero in a stunning new way!

Using the film as a template, the Batman’s new animated adventures would more broadly appeal to a new audience. Gotham City was modeled in an art deco darkness and decadence that translated beautifully, it’s arched spires reaching into a limitless sky and providing the caped wonder with endless avenues to impose his brand of justice. Produced by Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett and Eric Radomski the Animated Series would be awarded for its originality and groundbreaking storytelling!

Behind the Mask

Riding on the success of the Batman on the big screen, the DC Comics hero was enjoying a new wave of popularity, and The Animated Series was a hit in syndication! In 1993, the show’s producers readied themselves for the most ambitious story yet, but in order to tell it, they would require a larger canvas. Batman – Mask of the Phantasm (The Animated Movie) was released in theaters at Christmas time and it provided the necessary canvas to tell a story of this scope and scale.

So much of the Dark Knight’s origin story has itself become the stuff of legends. The publishing imprint, after its best-selling prestige release of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns in 1986 reignited an interest in Batman that was nearly unprecedented in the genre. After the 12-issue maxi series Crisis on Infinite Earths rebooted much of the DC Comics continuity, creatives had great license to explore and reinvent many of the classic characters backgrounds. Batman and his menagerie of villains proved a fertile garden in which to play.

With Tim Burton’s feature film drawing from so many of these sources and the syndicated animated cartoon expanding the mythos even further, the creators brilliantly decided to add an entire new layer elaborating on the Batman’s earliest days as a crimefighter and mixing in a potentially new adversary that is as merciless as any he’s ever faced. Largely adapted from Batman: Year Two a multi-issue narrative that appeared in the comics and was written by Mike W. Barr, Mask of the Phantasm carves a very special place in the lengthy animated storyline.

Presented In Hi-Definition

Now in its latest hi-definition release Batman – Mask of the Phantasm the film proves the test of time and surpasses any expectations. It is still one of the most dramatically provocative tales in the legend of the Dark Knight, and is expertly directed by Eric Radomski. The feature’s screenwriters have created a genuinely captivating villain in Phantasm (similar styled after the comic book character Barr introduced named The Reaper), a vigilante on a vendetta to destroy Gotham City’s underworld.

There’s a deeply seeded connection to the Batman himself as well as one to his arch-nemesis, the maniacal Joker. Both are voiced by veteran actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill who became infamously known for his portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime, with Dana Delany voicing a love interest from Bruce Wayne’s past before she took on the role of Lois Lane in the spin-off series Superman: The Animated Series.

If you’ve been missing the classic feel of the Animated Series fear not, we’ll all be nostalgically walking back down that road when the new full-length feature Batman and Harley Quinn is released later this month. The new film reunites many of the creatives behind the animated series, but in the meantime, go hi-def and get reacquainted with Mask of the Phantasm — get a glimpse of how it all began, including our fandom for the Dark Knight’s animated adventures.

Batman – Mask of the Phantasm (The Animated Movie) directed by Eric Radomski and starring the voice talents of Kevin Conroy, Dana Delany, Hart Bochner and Mark Hamill and is now available on Blu-ray and Digital HD in its full widescreen presentation as well as the original “made for TV” format with bonus features.


Unboxing :: STAR TREK Starships Collection – DAEDALUS CLASS

Eaglemoss Collections marks a milestone with the release of a class starship design for its 100th issue! The USS Horizon comes to life in this die-cast model with full details about the Daedalus Class ship often featured in The Original Series.

For the ardent Star Trek collector there is nothing more fascinating than the various ships in the fleet that provide an unwavering optimism that leads to fanciful expectations about the future of space travel and man’s potential to traverse the final frontiers beyond our own milky way. Gene Roddenberry imagined a 22nd Century and beyond with Star Trek and built upon the imaginations of many to world build a Federation that included many intrepid explorers before and after the legendary voyages of the famous first five-year mission of the Starship Enterprise.

Its captain James T. Kirk was only one of the many explorers to take those first steps into the unknown, and although we know of the adventures of Capt. Jonathan Archer that predated Kirk’s own mission, and captains Picard, Sisko and Janeway that would make their own contributions further into the 24th Century, there is still so many more missions that we’ve yet to mine. With each release in Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek Starships Collection we get a greater scope of the mythology of space travel within the realm of Star Trek.


A (Daedalus) Class All Of Its Own!

Launched in the latter half of the 22nd Century, the Daedalus Class (Issue #100) is an explorer vessel that would replace the more compact and sportier-corvette look of the NX class ships that pioneered Earth’s ventures into uncharted territory. By 2161 the Federation of Planets was constituted and this brought the planet Earth closer to its space-faring neighbors. In accordance with Starfleet’s aspiring directives to seek out new life and civilizations, ships like the USS Horizon (a Daedalus Class explorer) were commissioned.

Approximately 140 meters in length, the Daedalus Class was right fitted to carry a crew compliment of about 230 individuals, and could achieve a speed of warp 7, far superseding the NX class which was limited to warp 5. Configured similarly to other Starfleet vessels, the design featured a primary hull connected to a secondary engineering section, with two nacelles placed in close proximity to the ship’s midsection. The Daedalus Class was uniquely identified by its spherically shaped primary hull, which at the time was felt a shape that would best withstand the vacuum of space.

An Original Concept

The Daedalus Class was based on an initial design by Original Series designer Matt Jefferies who when charged with realizing Roddenberry’s vision for the Enterprise avoided using a saucer because it might have felt cliche, so the artist chose a sphere for the ship’s main characteristic. A lot of the concepts first explored by Jefferies were also based in functional reality and physics, and the idea of a spherical primary hull made perfect sense. On the model it makes for a very dramatic appearance and very utilitarian approach.

The die-cast model is based on a model that was commissioned by Michael Okuda and built by Greg Jein. The Daedalus Class would become a popular design within the Star Trek mythology, and definitely does suggest the evolution of space travel between Archer’s NX ship and Kirk’s own Constitution-class that would become legendary. Eaglemoss’ approximately 5.5 inch replica may be the first time that collectors have had a chance to hold this classic ship and examine it from every perspective.

Eaglemoss Collections Star Trek Starships Collection Issue #100 DAEDALUS CLASS is available now at most retail collector stores or through the website at

“Out Loud & Live!” with JC Alvarez

Episode: #304: “Let’s Get Reacquainted…”

On this episode…let’s get things rolling in the aftermath of San Diego Comic-Con 2017! Lightning strikes again on a new series coming to The CW and some news about returning favorites! What you should be reading now in DC Comics featuring the voice talents of a special guest, and there’s a new Star Trek to discover! (Original Airdate – 7/31/2017)